44 Beautiful and Unique Stair Design Ideas For Home

Bifurcated Stair, Front Door, Living and Bedroom

There is no scarcity of stair design facts to make your stairway a delightful part of your home. From luxurious staircases and warm traditional styles to modern and industrial, the stairs are the important part of the house that needs to look after while renovating your house. The most imperative thing to remember is that stairs are not just conduits between unlike areas of the house. They also play a significant role in setting the look and feel of your home. A well-designed stairway can convey a contemporary living room back to the Victorian era or develop a warm welcome at the entryway.

So, as you spotlight on the functional parts, do not overlook the décor and aesthetics. We have a several stairway design ideas. Learn how to utilize railings, carpeting, lighting, and color to produce a unique style. As some of the tips: Don’t forget to utilize the space below the staircase, for small spaces use thin metal spindles or small light fixation under or beside the stairs that can add an offer a nice distraction from the ardors journey up.

It may be little and narrow but that doesn’t mean your stairway can’t get the similar decorating treatment as the rest of your house. These 44 stair design ideas will give your entryway a step up. Check out these styles and make your boring stairway come to life.

{ 1 } Elegant Cement Staircase Design

Elegant Cement Staircase Design
Warm Architects adds a cast concrete staircase to Garcia’s House in Cancún
This elegant Cement staircase was dyed to look a bit grey shade for an exquisite look. It is well-designed, as well as perfect for a home when the owner prefers a traditional yet elegant cement staircase to the look of the place. And this interior home decor staircase design is for those who don’t have much space; these stairs is perfect for your home.

{ 2 } Colorful Stair Risers

Colorful Stair Risers
Stairs Lead up to The New Loft Office Space | M-G Residence Toluca Lake By JWT | Photo By Lee Manning
An enormous idea is to beautify the risers to make staircases look more colorful and unique. However, it’s not a new impression if we look back and analyze several ancient cultures. These days, the design concepts are based on strong multi-colors that outshine and highlight your staircase to people. Try this colorful stripes pattern that looks bit neutral yet stands outs and which is versatile.

{ 3 } Cool Space Saving Staircase Design

Space Saving Plywood Staircase Storage Design
Wooden Furniture Element By Buj + Colon
Equipped with plywood and a cool, imaginative concept, the structural design firm incorporated a reservoir of cabinets in what is usually a wasted space – underneath the stairs. They not only have placed the area to good use, but they did it with a real artistic appeal. The staircase and integrated storage system are ended in pale toned plywood that harmonizes the hardwood floors throughout the home.

{ 4 } Creative Painted Giant Dots Stairs Decals Ideas

Creative Painted Giant Dots Stairs Decals Ideas
Making tremendous optical illusions with an interior paint add an exceptional feel to your staircase design and fetch an appealing decorating subject matter into interior design. These incredible artistic Painted Stairs 3D Circles staircases are wonderful inspirations for making one-of-a-kind staircase design. Just make the stairs for painting by roughing up the surface with a sanding paper of any color or outdoor paint that can endure the wear.

{ 5 } LED Stairs Lighting Inside Your House

Elegant Wooden Style LED Lighting Stair Inside Your House
Wren Residence Elegant Wooden Style LED Lighting By Chris Pardo Design | Photo By Steven H Begleiter
How often do you stopover someone’s home and make out their staircase lit up with fitted lighting? It absolutely helps make a staircase seem more attractive and safe in the dark! These chunkier stairs make it simpler to create more of a soft shine than a bright inkling with lighting strips. Simply attach a very long LED light strip underneath each step in order to make it a stunning look.

{ 6 } Modular Staircase Design

Modular Modern Staircase Design
Modular Home By Group Architect
The modern – modular staircase will make simpler getting around your new home. It works economically to connect areas of the house, while retaining lightness, due to the neat scale incline construction. Also, it won’t block the light and can be installed even in stretched spaces. Shown here in the picture is a wonderful analysis of the modular concept its elegance combines with contemporary tastes.

{ 7 } Attractive Marble Stair Design

Attractive White Marble Stair Design
Marble staircase is an ideal way to improve the quality of your property while also making a home. Marble has been a well-liked choice for flooring and stairs! Every slab of stone is individually cut at and shaped, which means that you’ll get a staircase precisely designed to fit your home. And so this White Marble Design with Railing Glass and rusty steel handrails make it look more attractive!

{ 8 } Staircase Slide Combo

Colonial Bungalow Staircase Slide Combo
Colonial Bungalow Staircase Slide Combo By CHR Dauer
Everyone who is so inspired by the old houses has a soft spot for the Bungalow and the Colonial. Of course, while talking about the home the staircase should also be captivating. Don’t you think so? Colonial Bungalow Staircase design looks like a traditional staircase, but yet creates a modern look nowadays.

{ 9 } Magnificent Wood Glass Stairs Design

Magnificent Wood Glass Stairs Design Climbing Man Wall Sculpture
Climbing Man Wall Sculpture By SHM Architects | Interior By Robyn Menter Design
While looking for staircase design, you would be wondering what should be placed as a supplement like on the plain side wall? As a trend, you can fill up that space with climbing man Wall Sculpture that is seen more present in the Modern Look of Interior Home Design Decor. Have a look at the picture of Magnificent Wood Glass Stairs Design Climbing Man Wall Sculpture which makes the home more fascinating!

{ 10 } Stunning Staircase Bookshelves

Innovative Way Stunning Staircase Bookshelves
Innovative Way Stunning Staircase Bookshelves By Elmueble
Is that you’re fond of Books or Novels but have no place as where to place that? Don’t bother much as one of the Innovative ways of staircase designs is Bookshelf ideas on the Bookshelf stairs. Create the Bookshelves made of wood on the Sidewall and place as many as books you want. These books are so effortless to find; you might end up reading right on the stairs.

{ 11 } American Staircase Design

American Preston Cut-stringer Curved Stair Design
Cut-stringer Curved Stair Design By Stock Well Staircase Solution
This Cut-stringer curved stair Preston staircase in American white oak with polished nickel spindles is finished with an Osmo oil that makes your home looks more alluring! Wooden staircases can be designed into many crafts here you can see a staircase design that has string railings with the Wooden Hand Rails. Just go for this decor design if you’re looking for an ultimate staircase!

{ 12 } Sculptural Staircase Design Idea

Sculptural Wavy Wooden Staircase Design Idea
Photo By Bharath Ramamrutham
These Staircases of engineered walnut has formed the staircase swoop up as nonstop elements to also make the steps at the top. In the picture, you can see that first three treads assemble independently from each other and the other part of the structure positioned like a set of benches with curled corners. The fourth number step touches the ground on one side and then sprints horizontally before bending up. Try out this unique Sculptural Wavy Wooden Staircase Design.

{ 13 } Vivid Neon Yellow Staircase Design

Vivid Neon Yellow Staircase Design
Vivid Neon Yellow Staircase Design By Mark + Vivi | Photo By Adrien Williams
This Vivid Neon Yellow Staircase Design persist the bright sunny that color up the wall to the next floor. Simple metal rods assist to support the buoyant stairs offering minimal interruption. As eye catchy as the neon yellow used on the inside of this staircase and balustrade is, it’s the fun oversized that really jazz up this design with the White Wooden Staircase Railings.

{ 14 } Ultra Modern Staircase Design

Ultra Modern Staircase Design
Ultra Modern Staircase By Storage Associati
These Ultra Modern indoor stair design ideas are unique peace supplement in your home and it will entirely transform the outlook of your home as soon as you install them. With this Image as above, you can find out as how it gives a smoky bold look to your staircase with a mouth opening kind of polished black stair railings.

{ 15 } Traditional Curved Wooden Staircase

Traditional Classic Wooden Curved Staircase
Traditional Classic Wooden Curved Staircase By Vogue Kitchens
Curved wooden stairs make an assertion with stylishness and smooth lines. Every design can be tailored with carved balusters and handrails for an eye-appealing grand focal point in your home. Also, try to fill up the side white wall space with the lighting lamps and showpiece in between that make your staircase looks brighter and shine at your home!

{ 16 } Hanging Art in the Stairwell

Hanging Art in the Scandinavian Stairwell
Brooklyn Brownstone By Jessica Helgerson Interior Design | Photo By Andrew Cammarano
Ever required to hang art wonderfully on your Scandinavian staircase wall, but don’t know how? It’s not simple to hang art frames on a stair wall. Hanging art on stairway requires skill — the skills to know its inclining angle, varying viewable heights and many other things. If you have these skills, it’s quite easy to hang art on stair walls and to be matched with the White Staircase Railings.

{ 17 } Steel Handrail For Modern Stairs Designs

Steel Handrail For Modern Wood Stairs Designs with Shelves
Modern Barn By F.A.D. Inc.
This stunning contemporary Wood stair design with modern stair railings and bookshelves has a dramatic look. The rails made up of steel provide an open and clean look. The small light under the Modern Wood Book Shelves illuminates the Staircases. The sharp, crisp lines of the stairs and the straight handrail complement and contrast each other beautifully offering a modern, creative look.

{ 18 } Entrance Stairs Design

Charming Entrance Stairs Design
Residential Cardiff By Grounded Modern Landscape Architecture
The front entrance being an essential part of a house’s facade has to be designed keeping in mind the image one wants to create. What’s say? So let’s give a charming look to your Entrance Stairs. Nothing adds grandeur like large plants and rusty smoky stairs. Such appealing designs really grab the attention of the users! Additionally making a front garden on both sides of the staircases really adds a life!

{ 19 } Beach Style Stair Design

Beach Style U Shaped Staircase
Beach Style U Shaped Staircase By Dennis Moffitt Painting
This seems a Relaxed Beachside Home like the idea of the stair window seat. Also like the U shaped case, L is also fine, in order to minimize long straight runs of stairs. No carpet runner on the first run would like stairs to be unlocked basement at later date. This home by the beach has a beautiful entryway with carpeted floors and a calm light cream stripped paint on the walls.

{ 20 } Stair Design Models For Minimalist Home

Concrete Stair Design Models For Minimalist Home
Concrete Stair Design By Archello
This concrete Stair design looks amazing along with the string staircase railings and shady grey on the side walls. Illuminate the staircase with the chandelier and circle shaped led lights.

On the side of the stairs in straight contact with the walls give a small decoration to make it look good-looking and modern. Use the appliances for the Minimalist design for this concrete staircase design ideas.

{ 21 } Exterior Stair Accessing Roof Terrace

Exterior Stair Accessing Roof Terrace
Stair Accessing Roof Terrace By ESA Architect

Dominant horizontal elements – the terrace shelters, the home’s flat roof itself and curved shaped staircase – give the home a fresh, modern aesthetic. If you want to take pleasure of your surroundings at their best on an atmospheric roof terrace offers an appropriate solution. This metallic color takes up minimal space and there is no longer any requirement to install a rooftop unit.

{ 22 } Creative Ways to Maximize Under Stairs Space

Creative Ways to Maximize Under Stairs Space
West Loop Loft Residence By Scrafano Architects
This Mediterranean Vintage Staircase design idea looks more appealing with the stainless steel Staircase railings and straight string railings. While creating such types of staircases is that you’re finding space under stairs? So, try out this Staircase Design Idea to Maximize under Stairs Space. Create a multi-shelves and cupboard where you can put anything you want like Books, Clothes and Modern Sculptural pieces that will attract more to the people.

{ 23 } Traditional Sculptural Staircase Design Idea

Traditional Sculptural Staircase Design Idea
Historic Design By ASI Interiors
A stairwell is often an embarrassing space that is hard to decorate around. A sculpture makes full use of a tight corner by ramping it into a focal point that offers the viewer pause. You can see those sculpture patterns and ancient yet modern dark colored carpet along with the chandeliers on the side wall. Try out this traditional sculptural design!

{ 24 } Chalkboard Stairs Decals Ideas

Chalkboard Stairs Decals Ideas
Country Flair in Bellaire By Houston Lifestyles
Oh!! Chalkboard paint, how do we love them? Let us count the ways. You assist us to turn tabletops into brainstorming space, turn incompatible dishes into a customizable set of chalkboard china, and simply recognize how to bring the party. How lovely are these? Just remember to tell your children that not everyone in the neighborhood has stairs you can write on.

{ 25 } Traditional Staircase with Hardwood Floors

Traditional Staircase with Black Hardwood Floors
Small NEW Home By CRISP Architects
Add wood to hold spindles, making stairs feel wider? (End of wood steps would not show). This large black hardwood staircase design idea was made in New York by an expert architect with light grey walls. Two-toned cording adds slight detail between the front entry stair molding and the wall. The vintage type chandelier design decor makes it look more beautiful.

{ 26 } Stair Number Stickers

Number Stickers Your Wood Stairs
Stairs to Learn Numbers Motivated to Engage and Play with your Kids By Designer Trapped
A wall sticker which is better than the wallpaper is an ideal way to decorate your staircase and express yourself. They are an amusing, easy and detachable staircase design decor solution. These stickers are pre-cut and will only take you certain minutes to apply on any surface whether it is underneath the stairs. Such amazing design is especially for your children!

{ 27 } Mid-Sized Beach Style Wooden Straight Stair

Mid-Sized Beach Style Wooden Straight Staircase
Looking for the Light colors? Browse beach style staircases and find out inspirational staircase designs, loft stairs, spiral staircases and railings to help with your sailing staircase. White wood paneling staircase midsized beach style wooden straight staircase idea in providence white wood paneling on walls with roped type railings looks beautiful. Explore beach style staircase photos for design idea on stairs, balustrades, and handrails, to help with your next reformation.

{ 28 } Straight Staircase Ideas

Straight Staircase Modern Entryway White and Wood Furniture
Modern Entryway Furniture By Room and Board
Front entrance flooring ideas are on exhibit with this straight stairway. Observe how the natural wood railings match the wall. The two together all along with a white backdrop create an exciting uniform look. You can place the photo frame pictures on the white wall to fill up space. And this will not only fill the space but also will look more adorable. Apart from these elements, the lighting top hanging lamps outshine the room!

{ 29 } Living Room with Floating Stair Ideas

Contemporary Living Room with Floating Stair Ideas
Harbour Way By Dwdinc Interior Design
The most important feature that among the stairs is the key minimalism, by design brings in all the rooms they adorn. The architectural masterpiece of the floating staircase is such that they lean to do naturally wisdom of contemporary style and simple way with her. Stairs exquisite floating in a white mini room along with the shining glass railings in appealing handrails!

{ 30 } Beautify Stairs With Wallpaper

Beautify Dramatic Floating Staircase With Wallpaper
Floating Staircase By Finesse
There’s something intrinsically dramatic, I think, about stairs with the unique design wallpapers. We see them each day, and they’re essential for, you know, going up and down, but if you take a staircase and cut off it becomes really a beautiful sculptural thing. Many of the architects have taken this idea and played with it, producing elegant results! Just take a look at this dramatic floating staircase with the black and white wallpaper design.

{ 31 } L-Shaped Stairs for Tight Space

Transitional Dark Wooden L-Shaped Staircase
Modern Lake Cottage By Charlie and Co Design, Hagstrom Builder | Photo By Corey Gaffer
Is that you like dark colors and looking for the same for your home? Then go for this transitional Dark Wooden L-Shaped Staircase, this will grab an attention of the people. Inspire this transitional wooden L-shaped staircase to remodel that has wood banister with metal vertical pieces. Also, it matches the soft wooden flooring. Check out the handrails and spindles of this lovely dark wooden staircase design.

{ 32 } Antique and Vintage Stair Design

Antique and Vintage Stair Design
Vintage Stair Photo By Simonc Maxwell
A free twisting spiral staircase graces the entry. The staircase looks authentic with wooden handrails and string horizontal shaped stair rails. With a contrast of white color, you can use any light color to make your wall looks more pretty than any other thing in the home itself. As in the picture you can see the light sky blue printed wallpaper make the staircase more appealing!

{ 33 } Uplifting Contemporary Staircase Design

Uplifting Contemporary Wood Staircase Design
Contemporary Wood Staircase By The Heritage Collection
The staircase designs in this image have been designed in the contemporary modern style which highlights the features and make the use of sharp edges and straight lines as well as small amounts of accents and great lighting schemes as well as minimalist patterns. All of those lovely minute elements in the stair design ideas make the modern staircase a great option for your new modern home. Enjoy!

{ 34 } Simple Stairs For Luxury Home

Simple Stairs For Luxury Home
The breathtaking of simple stairs home ideas is a part of modern stairs design for luxury interior. The charm of vintage such type of home ideas with simple stairs design and nice carpet photograph above is an element of modern stairs design for luxury interior. The white granite floor and decorative wall pictures above is also part of modern stairs design.

{ 35 } Grand French Provincial Staircase

Grand French Provincial Staircase
French Provincial – Brighton Residence By Studio Mint
The staircase is a reboot of the traditional French stair in the French limestone with a solid stone stringer. This has been extra rare 1930’s stair addition to a collection. The ladders are all solid and hanging from the supporting wall. Most of them who make iron stairs design ideas can gain this for you, or make it match the picture. The style of Grand French Provincial stair rails is demonstrated by the amazing ratios and elegant scrollwork.

{ 36 } Black and White Staircase Ideas

Black and White Staircase With Wall Art Decor
Staircase Wall Art Decor By Stacy Jacobi Home
Just make it monochrome – Black and white is Decoration’s Definitive Power Couple. Giving a combination of dark treads with pale risers is easy yet effectual, and the subject matter has been continued on the banister with white spindles and a Black wooden Handrail. Explore contrasting monochrome schemes. A small hanging wall art decor feature creates an interesting center point between the living room and formal dining room.

{ 37 } Eclectic Spiral 3D Wallpaper Staircase

Eclectic Spiral 3D Wallpaper Staircase
3D Wallpaper Staircase Photo By KuDa
Free to go wild on the inside of their house, starting with a central spiral of translucent metal-suspended glass? It’s actually a weird mix of squares, circles and ovals in openings and surface shapes are eclectically praised by myriad touches and materials ranging from uneven stone tiles and even hardwood floors to textured and patterned wallpapers as well as wooden wall panels and uncovered vertical concrete surfaces.

{ 38 } Dog Space Under the Stairs

Dog Space Under the Stairs
Custom Home – Cypress, Kluge Lake By Keechi Creek Builders
Maybe you have a big or small house. But if you have a pet dog at your home, you will obviously have to arrange a different space for them. In the daytime, they may roam here and there but at some point in time, they also need a personal space. So, here for your purpose, we have discovered the solution for you under the Stairs where you will not only like space but also will love the overall staircase design.

{ 39 } French Limestone Staircase

French Limestone Staircase
French Limestone Projects By Monarch Stone International
If you have decided to make a staircase made of natural stone in your home, master craftsmen are at your disposal to tailor and manufacture it, even as respecting your desires. They will obviously be going to suggest going for French Limestone Style which is popular nowadays. It not only makes good but feels like you’re in luxury zone creating the Railings in such a way that no one can ignore the same.

{ 40 } Mixed Material Railing Staircase Ideas

Mixed Material Railing Staircase Ideas
Brooklyn Townhouse By Ike Kligerman Barkley
While talking about the staircase, what are the things comes first in your mind? Comfortable yet elegant stairs with iconic stair railings and a carpet on the stairs that makes your home to look more alluring! Right?! So, not to worry. Check out this image that covers all the things with the mixed materials making you living interior decor design prettier than ever.

{ 41 } Fancy Staircase With Railing

Fancy Victoria Staircase With Railing
This two ways stairs decorated with the red carpet create a royal kind of effect looks as similar to that we see in the historical places. The Wooden handrails and the curved patterned railing fancy Victoria design makes feel as if we are in queen’s palace. So find such layout ideas to design your own ornate staircase including extraordinary staircase railings and storage space options!

{ 42 } Creative and Unique Stair Design

Creative and Unique Contemporary Stair Design
Creative Black Wall Wood Stair By DeCurtis Design
Want to go with the contemporary design? Then try out this stair design decor that is made up of oak wood that matches the dark grey shade color on the walls. You wouldn’t think there would be that many innovative or indifferent styles but believe us, they are out there. Staircase designs for modern homes can do so several ways. You can reduce the footprint for small abodes.

{ 43 } Bifurcated Stair, Front Door, Living and Bedroom

Bifurcated Stair, Front Door, Living and Bedroom
Front Door, Living and Bedroom Stair Photo By J Pamela
Bifurcated stairs are frequently used in the doorway halls of public buildings. A bifurcated design has two ways of stairs with breakup railings and balustrades. A landing at the top of these stairs breaks the mount and leads to two disconnect sections of the upper floor. Some bifurcated staircases don’t end at the landing. Explore the same and try out this one for the different look!

{ 44 } Stair Runner Ideas

Monochrome Wool Carpet Runner Black and White Staircase
Black and White Monochrome Wool Carpet Runner By Euro Dale | Photo By Peter A. Sellar
Wrapping your staircase with a carpet runner might be a great idea and that too with the monochrome Wool Carpet. Some people don’t like but in my opinion, they can become great stairs decorations. There are many carpet patterns and colors accessible that it won’t be hard to decide. That’s why stair runners could become a real design feature in their own right.

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