Underwater Room The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

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If you have acknowledged about Underwater accommodations, then Manta Resort is one of the best places you can visit. Underwater rooms have been popular among hospitality industries this decade. However, Manta Resort as the Tanzania delicacy is placing itself in a different concept. You now can use their accommodation of underwater room. You will be amazed at the three-floor suite that rises with coral reef beside it. When you let yourself in the master bedroom, you will see such marvelous natural sea life views.

Manta Resort is located on the remote northwestern tip of Pemba Island. This place has been the popular destinations for those who are fond of swimming and diving. However, the diving is world class and top recommended activity here. But one that is unbeatable is the underwater room offered by this resort.

Underwater Room The Manta Resort Pemba Island Tanzania
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This is such a stunning experience that will welcome you to the Manta Resort. The floating structure is a remarkable aspect that will surely give you such different experience in traveling.

Let’s see the landing deck. It is positioned as same as the sea level. Here the guests can enjoy their time in a lounge area and make use of bathroom facility. The ladder will bring you to the roof which has a lounging area. Invite your partner there and enjoy your romantic moment. You can enjoy the sunrise and lie back in the night to enjoy the stars. From there, you can see the wonder of our Milky Way without any other disturbances.

poolarea mantaresort
Manta Resort Tanzania
pool area Manta Resorts
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Then you can go to the downstairs for a more exciting experience. You can feel the surreal feeling of lying on a master bed surrounded by natural sea beauty. And the good thing about this is that you can enjoy the sea environment from almost 360-degree views. Though it is indirect, you will be stunned by the exhilarating behaviors of the sea creatures such as trumpet fish. The only barrier is some inches glasses which separate you in the room and them in the ocean.

When the night comes, your underwater experience will be leveraged. You will see much more different creatures. Octopus, squid, and Spanish dancers are ones you will see most often. The reef inhabitants are not easy to ignore. If you bring your pocket camera, you can treasure every moment with your partner in this spot. The strategic room surrounded by large coral heads and incredible marine life is the perfect place for you and your partner to enjoy the valuable time. Don’t miss it.

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Beach Manta Resorts Sunset
Beach Manta Resorts
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