18 Best Places To Travel To See Magnificent Unique Architectural Designs

Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque

Magnificent Unique architectural designs attract a lot of tourists around the globe. A large fraction of tourists love witnessing unique designs that are difficult to attain by normal architects. Well, the Amazing architecture: A Spotter’s Guide by the Lonely Planet has highlighted these top-notch structures and their location. This book has increased the number of people interested in unique architectural structures. This guidebook highlights structures such as the well known Chrysler Building and the Eiffel Tower. Consequently, the Lonely Planet’s guidebook also talks about the less known Magnificent Unique structures. These less known structures vary from ancient sites and architectural designs. You no longer have to feel bored in your home country. Carefully go through the Amazing architecture book and pinpoint places you can comfortably afford. Below is a list of some of the world’s best architectural designs worth checking out:

{ 18 } The Egg (Albany, New York)

Aerial view from the Alfred E. Smith State Office Building of The Egg
Aerial View From the Alfred E. Smith State Office Building of The Egg Via Times Union
This is one of the most attractive tourist attraction sites in New York. The Egg building is unique because it has an ovoid shape. Initially, it was intended to be a venue for performing arts and was to be part of the Empire state plaza. The architectural shape by Abramovitz and Harrison behind this structure has amazed many people.
Albany, NY-The Egg
Center for the Performing Arts Via Sebastien Barre

{ 17 } The Crooked House (Sopot, Poland)

Crooked House in Sopot, Poland
Krzywy Domek Unusual Piece of Architecture Via I Design Arch
Two Polish architects Zaleski and Szotynscy were inspired by Jan Marcin Szancer and decided to come up with a distorted structure that looks crooked. This is how they can up with the crooked house. This is one of a kind architectural design in that it looks crooked when looked from different angles. Anyone who comes across this building in Sopot, Poland is left amazed.
The Crooked House

{ 16 } Casa Terracota (villa de Leyva, Colombia)

Casa Terracotta Around Villa De Leyva
The books of history claim that no one can design an ancient looking building. Well, Octavio Mendoza defied this statement and designed Casa Terracotta. This structure looks like ancient structures. The most amazing thing about this ancient looking structure is that it was completed in 2012. It is made of recyclable items and clay. Lastly, the entire structure was built using hands. It definitely deserves to be ranked among the world’s best architectural design.
Casa Terracota in Villa de Leyva, Colombia
Inside the Odd World of Casa Terracota Via Nomad Biba

{ 15 } Turning Torso (Malmo, Sweden)

Turning Torso
This is actually a traditional skyscraper located in Malmo, Sweden. The architect behind this structure made it look like its turning. This 650-foot building is being occupied by residents across Malmo. Above all, the turning torso building is considered the tallest building in the entire surrounding region. In conclusion, there is no architect who has been able to learn the secret behind this magnificent structure.
Turning Torso Building
Turning Torso Via The Skyscraper Center

{ 14 } Hang Nga Guesthouse (Da Lat, Vietnam)

Hang Nga Guesthouse
The exterior of Hằng Nga guesthouse Via Wikipedia
This is actually the most decorated or themed structure globally. Hang Nga Guesthouse is also referred to as the Crazy House. Anyone who visits this guest house in Da Lat states that he feels like he is another planet. This feeling is influenced by the architectural design of this structure. Consequently, the entire guest structure and rooms have color themes and designs.
A cave-shaped stairway
A Cave-Shaped Stairway

{ 13 } Cube Houses (Rotterdam, Holland)

The Curious Cubic Houses Of Rotterdam
The Curious Cubic Houses Of Rotterdam Via All That’s Interesting
A famous Dutch architect by the name Piet Blom came up with a design of 38 yellow cube houses. Surprisingly, this design ended up being ranked among the top world’s best architectural designs of the century. Tourists visit Rotterdam throughout the year to see how this structure rests on top of the Blaak train station. That’s not all; a visit to this structure gives you the opportunity to view the city through some interior spaces.
Cube Houses Rotterdam Netherlands

{ 12 } Big Basket (Newark, Ohio)

Big Basket
Longaberger Collector Remembers Iconic Basket Building Observer News
Well, the United States of America isn’t left out when it comes to housing the World’s best architectural designs. As the name suggests, this building looks like a real wooden basket. The big basket building was completed in 1997 and is located in Newark, Ohio. NBBJ systematically designed windows of this building to make it look like a real basket. Lastly, anyone can notice this unique building when passing by.
Big Basket Newark, Ohio

{ 11 } Metropol Parasol (Seville, Spain)

Metropol Parasol Four-Level Largest Timber Structures
One of The Largest Timber Structures Via ARUP
Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain is well known for possessing the biggest wooden structure in the world. Tourists not only travel to Seville to view this outstanding building but also be amazed by the large shade this structure provides for the Plaza de la Encarnacion. This Magnificent Unique structure in Spain was designed by the famous Architect Jurgen Mayer. Ensure you check out this structure while in Seville.
The World’s Largest Wooden Structure Metropol Parasol
he World’s Largest Wooden Structure Via Yatzer

{ 10 } Kunsthaus Graz (Graz, Austria)

Kunsthaus Graz
The Graz Art Museum or the Kunsthaus Graz museum is famous for two things. It is famous for the arts it houses and its general architectural design. This famous museum in Graz, Austria has a bubble-like look. In short, it is one of a kind. This is the reason the local residents call it a friendly alien. This museum stands out from the rest of the structures around it as it is located in a traditional town.
Kunsthaus Graz or Graz Art Museum
Graz Art Museum Via Identity Chris

{ 9 } MMM Corones (South Tyrol, Italy)

MMM Corones architecture landscape design
MMM Corones Via Arkitexture
There are six Messner Mountain Museums all over the world. Well, this is one of them. It is located in South Tyrol, Italy and was designed by the legendary Zaha Hadid. People travel across the globe to personally view this magnificent museum as it was built on top of a landscape. Additionally, this MMM Corones has a very unique cantilevered platform that overlooks the Italian Alps. This structure definitely deserves to be ranked among the best world’s architectural designs of all times.
Klat Reinhold Messner Zaha Hadid MMM Corones
Situated at an altitude of 2275 meters, on Mount Kronplatz, between the Gader Valley, Olang and the Puster Valley

Messner Mountain Museum Corones
Museum Built By Concrete in Mountain | Photo By Werner Huthmacher

{ 8 } Habitat 67 (Montreal, Canada)

habitat 67 Montreal Canada
The spotter’s Guide couldn’t omit this housing structure in the list of world’s best architectural designs. The architect of this structure defied all odds and decided to come up with a complex cubic housing. The Habitat 67 housing was built in 1967 for the world exposition. The cubic housing designs in Montreal amaze people across the globe because no other architect has managed to design such a structure.
Habitat 67
365 Construction Modules Connect to Create 158 Residences Architrcts Safdie Architects

{ 7 } Beijing National Stadium (Beijing, China)

Beijing National Stadium Birds Nest
Stadium Bird’s Nest Design Via Benny Wijaya
You should be familiar with this stadium if you watched the 2008 summer Olympics. The Beijing National stadium is considered the best stadium in the world. It was designed to look like a Bird’s nest when observed from both the ground and aerial view. This is the reason people travel from across the globe to come and admire this magnificent design in Beijing China. Above all, there are some traditional Chinese ceramics on this premise that entice people visiting this site.
Beijing Olympic Stadium
Herzog and De Meuron’s Olympic Architect Via Jeremy Reding

{ 6 } Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Oscar Niemeyers Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro
Oscar Niemeyers Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 Fashion Show Via Yellow Trace
This museum is very unique from other museums across the globe. The Niteroi contemporary art museum has been given a UFO architectural look. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is privileged to house this extraordinary design, which was designed by the Late architect Oscar Niemeyer in 1996. This museum managed to be ranked among the world’s best architectural designs because of its long foot winding red ramp and for being designed on top of the Guanabara Bay.

{ 5 } Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (Doha, Qatar)

Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies
A process of Continuous Learning and Enlightenment Via Architectural Review By Courtesy of the Qatar Foundation
It’s no surprise that Qatar has been voted among the countries with the best architectural designs. The Qatar faculty of Islamic studies located in Doha is built to incorporate both learning and prayers. This unique building comprises spaces that pave way for learning and prayers. Consequently, its architectural design has incorporated five columns, which symbolize the five pillars of Islam.
A look inside Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies Via Pinterest

{ 4 } Ayutthaya Temple Complex (Ayutthaya Thailand)

The ancient beauty of Ayutthaya
The Ancient Beauty of Ayutthaya Via Photo Planet
As the name suggests, this splendid temple was located in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Sadly, this structure was destroyed and abandoned between the 14th and the 18th Century by the Burmese. The Ayutthaya temple was ranked among the most outstanding world’s best Architectural designs of the century. This is the reason numerous people travel across the globe to view this temple. Murals, reliquary towers, and spectacular Monasteries are the evidence left on this site to prove it was a unique structure.
Ayutthaya wat Phanan Choeng buddha
Ayutthaya Wat Phanan Choeng Buddha

{ 3 } Jantar Mantar Observatory (Jaipur, India)

Jantar Mantar Jaipur Observatory
Jaipur Observatory Via JantarMantar.org
Consider this outstanding astronomical observatory park if you would like to experience firsthand proof of magnificent architectural design in Jaipur India. This magnificent structure was built by Maharajah Jai Singh II between 1724 and 1730. This is a unique architectural design as it houses five astronomical parks, which contain up to 19 astronomical instruments. Make an effort of visiting this top-notch observatory structure while in India.

{ 2 } Palacio Nacional da Pena ( Sintra, Portugal )

Palacio Nacional da Pena
Visit Cascais, Sintra
Finding an old, unique and top-notch architectural structure is very rare. Sintra in Portugal is one of the few cities that house such structures. The Palacio Nacional de Pena was designed and built in 1836 under the supervision of architect Nicolau Pires and Ludwig Von Eschwege. People travel from all over the globe to come and see the magnificent gargoyles, painted, Trompe-l’oeil interiors and the magnificent aerial view of this castle.
Palacia Nacional da Pena Sintra, Portugal
The Pena Palace Via A Girl With No Seat

{ 1 } Shah Mosque (Esfahan, Iran)

Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque
Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque Via Video Blocks
This is a very popular building among Muslims from all over the world. People refer this splendid building as Shah Mosque or the Masjed-e-shah. Shah Mosque is located in a very serene and secure location in Esfahan, Iran. This structure has been ranked among the best architectural designs this century because of its calligraphic inscriptions and the visible seven-color mosaic tiles.
Shah Mosque – Isfahan, Iran
Shah Mosque – Isfahan, Iran Via Sergey Sukhov

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