Tips To Avoid Harmful Personal Care Ingredients

Tips to Avoid Harmful Personal Care Ingredients

Cosmetic industry is expanding every day. There are numerous products out there designed to help people address various problems. Some of these products have passed the set safety standards, whereas others have not. Sadly, some of these products end up in shelves. Some personal care products also claim to contain natural ingredients. This statement doesn’t apply to all products. Some products contain harmful products which pose numerous negative effects to people. Here are some tips you can use to avoid harmful personal ingredients:

Read More about a Particular Brand

Avoid Harmful Personal Care Ingredients
The labels of some personal care products can be misleading. Don’t believe everything you see on some products, especially new products which have not been in the market for a long time. Go an extra mile after reading the product ingredients on the product casing. Carry out some research on the internet about your selected personal care product. Check out what people are saying about this product. Be wary of numerous negative reviews across the internet. Negative reviews should be an eye opener.

Consider Making Your Own Ingredients

Avoid Harmful Personal Care Ingredients
The simplest and sure way of avoiding harmful personal care ingredients is by making your own ingredients. There are numerous natural products that can be used to enhance your general wellbeing and outlook at large. These natural ingredients deliver the same results as other cosmetic ingredients. Furthermore, the natural ingredients and products don’t bring out any side effects.

There is a wide range of natural products you can use to make your own personal care ingredients. These products range from honey, cucumber, oatmeal, avocado, pawpaw and aloe Vera, among others. Choose natural products you can easily access and use.

Focus On Few Products

Avoid Harmful Personal Care Ingredients
There are numerous personal care products in the market to choose from. In fact, new products keep emerge every day. These cosmetic products contain different ingredients, some of which pose serious complications if used for a long period. Therefore, carry out some research on a few products. Ensure they don’t contain any harmful ingredient. Afterwards, stick to those few personal care products. This minimizes the possibility of using harmful personal care ingredients.

Consulting Your Dermatologist

Avoid Harmful Personal Care Ingredients
Consider consulting your dermatologist if you have no idea on the harmful personal care ingredients to use. Your dermatologist will advise you on the ingredients to use and those to avoid. They can also carry out some tests to confirm if you are allergic to some compounds found in some personal care ingredients.

Have a Rough Idea of the Names of Harmful Components

Some personal care products are labeled in strange languages. This can be frustrating for people who don’t understand the language yet desire to check out the components found in your particular product. Well; it is good to have a rough idea of the names of the harmful ingredients found in personal care products. This makes it easy to identify if the selected product contains harmful products or not, despite the language used to label the product.

Top Toxic Ingredients in Personal Care Products to Avoid

The below toxic ingredients don’t pose risks instantly. It might take some time for the negative effects to get visible. These effects vary depending on the toxic ingredients used. Here are some toxic ingredients you should avoid at all cost:


Avoid Harmful Personal Care Ingredients
Triclosan is one of the toxic ingredients commonly found in cosmetic products. It falls under the category of antimicrobial chemical. It is commonly referred to as an endocrine disruptor because it causes skin irritation and disrupts the reproductive hormones and the thyroid. Triclosan can be found in numerous personal care products ranging from toothpaste, antibacterial soaps and oral products, among others.

Scientific studies indicate that there is no proven benefit of using antibacterial soap over ordinary soaps. Therefore, try your best and avoid triclosan. Some people experience skin irritation almost immediately after getting into contact triclosan. Other problems will be visible later on. Therefore, avoid triclosan as much as you can.


Avoid Harmful Personal Care Ingredients
A lot of cosmetic products contain parabens. Parabens is a preservative. Preservatives make products last for a long period by preventing any bacterial growth. A lot of personal care products are prone to both mold and yeast if not properly handled. This is the good part about using parabens. However, this preservative contains some negative effects.

Parabens protecting various cosmetic products has been found to contain some estrogen mimicking properties. This is one of the reasons parabens have been linked to breast cancer. Parabens can be found in some makeup products, shampoo, deodorants and lotions, among others. Try and avoid personal care products containing this preservative.


Avoid Harmful Personal Care Ingredients
Cosmetic products with siloxane cannot be omitted from this list. Products containing this harmful chemical are normally contain the name siloxane in the ingredients. Siloxane is intended moisten and soften your skin. However, that’s not the case. This harmful chemical acts as an endocrine disruptor. It normally affects normal functioning of reproductive hormone after long term use.

That’s not all; being exposed to high amounts of siloxane for a long period is linked to tumors on different parts of the body. It also affects the performance and effectiveness of your immune system. Recently, medical studies revealed that siloxane can disrupt normal functioning of neurotransmitters located in the nervous system.


Avoid Harmful Personal Care Ingredients
The phrase formaldehyde isn’t new in the cosmetic industry. Formaldehyde is one of the numerous preservatives used on personal care products. Generally, preservatives protect cosmetic products from bacterial growth such as mold and yeast. This looks like a good thing but formaldehyde poses serious negative effects on its consumers.

This preservative has been linked to both nasopharyngeal and nasal cancer. Formaldehyde is also linked to skin allergies and deteriorating your immune system. This makes you prone to numerous health conditions. Formaldehyde is found in a couple of makeup products, shampoos, nail polishes and conditioners. Stop using personal care products containing this preservative if you value your general wellbeing.

Dea Ingredients

Avoid Harmful Personal Care Ingredients
Dea ingredients are mostly found in creamy or foamy products. These products range from moisturizers, shaving creams and shampoos. It is common for people to complain about eyes and skin irritation. Well; there is more this. Long term exposure to Dea ingredients can result into serious health conditions such as cancer or changes in both the skin and thyroid. These changes might develop into cancer if you continue using Dea ingredients.

Further studies have revealed that there are instances where nitrites found in cosmetic products react with Dea chemicals. This poses serious health risks to consumers and can result into serious conditions if not properly handled.


Avoid Harmful Personal Care Ingredients
Do you commonly use hair sprays, nail polishes, lotions and perfumes? If yes, be cautious of personal care products that contain phthalates. This element is mostly used to enhance the softness and flexibility of personal care products. Sadly, products that contain this endocrine disruptor pose serious health condition such as reproductive birth complications and possibility of developing breast cancer.

Phthalates has also been linked to early breast developments on school girls. It is difficult to identify all personal care products containing phthalates. Some products claim they have been made from a secret formula. The above health complications are triggered by long terms consumption of products containing this element. Therefore, consider dropping off any product with this compound.

Sodium Sulfate

Avoid Harmful Personal Care Ingredients
Sodium sulfate is renowned in the cosmetic industry. It has been used in numerous cosmetic products across the globe. Sodium sulfate contains two compounds. The first compound is sodium laureth sulfate. This compound has for a long period been linked to both skin irritation and cancer. Sodium laureth sulfate has also been linked to respiratory and kidney conditions. This component is mostly found in shampoo.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is the second compound found in sodium sulfate. This compound mostly reacts with other chemicals, causing eye, lung and skin irritation. These health conditions are experienced differently. Some people experience side effects differently. It is better to be on the safe side by avoiding any product with sodium sulfate.

Propylene Glycol

Avoid Harmful Personal Care Ingredients
Propylene glycol is one of the organic alcohol ingredients found in a couple of personal care products. It is mostly found in skin moisturizing products. It mostly acts as a skin conditioning element. Sadly, propylene glycol has been found to pose serious dermatitis and skin irritation on its users.

Propylene glycol isn’t harmful when compared to numerous harmful elements on this list. However, you should avoid it because it is can penetrate deep inside your skin. This toxic compound is mostly found in hair sprays, conditioners, lotions and skin moisturizers.


Avoid Harmful Personal Care Ingredients
Toluene is a petroleum extract. It is used to dissolve paint thinners and paint because of its solvent property. Long term exposure on toluene can cause nausea, skin irritation and respiratory problems at large. Pregnant women who get exposed to toluene might affect the wellbeing of a fetus. This component also weakens people immunity system. Toluene can be found in bleach, hair colors and nail polish, among others.

Carefully use the above tips to avoid some harmful personal care ingredients.

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