10 Things To Do in Corfu: A Beautiful Greek Island

Cape Drastis In Corfu Island

Corfu is a beautiful Greek Island located on the northwestern coast in the Ionian Sea. It is one of the most popular islands of the country. Rugged mountains and beach studded shorelines define this beautiful Greek island also known as The Grand Lady of The Ionian. Due to its stunning natural landscapes, crystal clear seas, and historical monuments, it is one of the most cosmopolitan islands of the Ionian. Corfu became a part of Greece in 1864 after spending many years under Venetian, French and British rule. This is also reflected in its multi-cultural heritage. Corfu, also known as Kerkyra has a long history and rich tradition. It charms its visitors with its Venetian architecture, Roman and French influences, historical monuments, and many beautiful beaches.

Beautiful Greek Island Corfu
Stunningly Beautiful Corfu Island In Greece by Zbynek Jirousek/Shutterstock
Corfu Town, a UNESCO world heritage site, flanked by two imposing Venetian fortresses, features medieval lanes, an old fortress and the grand Palace of St. Michael and St. George. The crystal clear waters and lush greenery of the Corfu beaches also attract many visitors. Paleokastritsa is the most famous beach of Corfu, while other beaches include Agios Gordis, Loggas, Pelekas, Sidari, Nikkas, etc. Other tourist attractions include the cape drastic, the Royal Achilleion Palace, ancient monasteries like the Vlacherna, Canal D’amour in Sidari, etc. The island also offers popular mountain bike tours for adventure sports. For the less athletic of us, there are options to hire a yacht or sailboat to explore the island.

{ 1 } Visiting Corfu Town

View Of Corfu Town Greece
Sunset View Of The Picturesque Town Of Corfu by Kite_rin/Shutterstock
Famous for its cobblestoned streets and Venetian architecture, the Old Town of Corfu is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Flanked by two imposing Venetian fortresses, this town features winding medieval lanes, a French-style arcade and also the grand Palace of St. Michael and St. George.

Corfu Town Streets Greece
Old Town of Corfu via Corfu Holiday Palace
It also boasts of the Mon Repos Palace, the Liston Arcade, the Reading Society, the Catholic cathedral, the Maitland rotunda, the Ionian Parliament and the Kapodistrias family mansion. The city is also home to a considerate number of museums and churches including the famous Church of St. Spyridon, the island’s patron Saint.

{ 2 } Visiting an Ancient Monastery

Vlacherna Monastery Entrance Corfu
The Ancient Vlacherna Monastery In The Port Of Kanoni by Martien van Gaalen/Shutterstock
Founded many centuries ago on a little rocky island just out into the sea, The Vlacherna Monastery is certainly one of the most iconic sites of Corfu. However, nowadays, a small footbridge joins the monastery to the mainland, which makes for a lovely place to visit. The monastery is open all year round and welcomes all visitors.

Ancient Vlacherna Monastery Corfu Town
Pontikonisi via Wiki Media
The Pontikonissi Island, also known as the Mouse Island is just a little further out to the sea from the monastery. Its prominent feature is a Byzantine chapel of Pantokrator, dating from the 11th or 12th century. These places are rich in history and architecture and thus make for great tourist destinations.

{ 3 } Mountain Biking Around Corfu

Mountain Bike Tour Corfu
Corfu-Cycling Trip via Cape Travel
Mountain biking is another sport getting popular year by year in Corfu. It is a rather unique way of exploring the unspoiled parts of the Corfu countryside. It certainly gives you a chance to experience closely the stunning natural landscape of this island. The rugged mountains of the island provide the perfect opportunity for adventure and nature lovers to have fun and explore the wild mountain roads and picturesque villages of Corfu. Also, the bike tours offered perfectly fit people of all ages and abilities. You would love to check out bikes for women and mens bikes for sale.

{ 4 } Visit Sidari

Sidari Beach Corfu
Best Beaches Greece via Travel For Senses
Sidari is a village located in the North West part of Corfu island in a hill area. It is famous for its beaches especially the famous Canal d’Amour beach, the Channel of Love. The other two beaches called the Agios Stefanos and the Paralias Sidari consist of a very long sandy bay and a smaller one also very beautiful surrounded by stones shaped by the wind. Sidari beaches offer a wide variety of water sports and activities. Water skiing, banana boat rides, paragliding, parasailing, boat and speed boat hire, pedal-boat hire, and scuba diving are available on all three beaches for reasonable prices. Every summer a lot of tourists come to Sidari for its young nightlife and for all the tourist facilities that this modern village offers.

{ 5 } See the Dramatic Cape Drastis

Cape Drastis In Corfu Island
White Rocks In The Sea Near Cape Drastis by Elena Pavlovich/Shutterstock
The Cape Drastis is tucked within a beautiful landscape in the northern part of Corfu, especially the town of Peroulades. If you’re a fan of unique natural landscapes and tranquility, Cape Drastis is the perfect place for you. The weird shape of the cliffs, tiny sea caves, and peculiar formations with few sandy strips between them make it a sight worth watching. To visit Cape Drastis by car or on foot you need to follow a narrow road starting from Peroulades village which continues for 500 meters. It takes you to the point above the cape. However, going down from there is not possible as the cliffs are vertical and slope down to the sea. Although, when climate conditions allow, you can also visit Cape Drastis by boat. The various small and secluded beaches beyond the cape are also perfect to sit, relax, and have a swim!

{ 6 } St. George’s Church, Kerkyra

St. George’s Church Kerkyra
St. George’s Church Located Inside The Old Fortress Of Kerkyra by Dimitrios Vlassis/Shutterstock
The Church of St. George built in 1840, in the Old Fortress, to meet the religious needs of the British soldiers who served in Corfu during the period of English Protection. The church was built in the style of a Doric temple in 1840 by the British military architect Antony Emmett. Like most churches of Corfu, in the church of St. George, was badly damaged by German bombing in the period of the Second World War in 1943 However by 2008, it was restored to its previous neo-classical design.

{ 7 } Swimming in Canal d’Amour Beach

Canal d’Amour Beach Corfu
The Canal d’amour, also known as the Channel of Love, is probably the most famous and most special beach on the island. The Canal d’amour beach is one of Corfu’s true natural wonders with sandstone rock formations and secluded coves surrounded by the idyllic waters of the Ionian sea.

Beach Canal d’Amour Sidari Corfu
Agios Andreas Beach Corfu VM/GettyImages
The rocks that compose the Canal d’Amour of Corfu are made of clay which permitted to the sea and the wind to create this lovely channel. Legend states that all couples that swim through the passage, remain in love forever. You can swim through caves and tunnels or watch local residents jump off the rocks into the warm blue water.

{ 8 } Taste Delicious Local Food

Delicious Local Food Corfu Island
Traditional Greek Food With The Locals @ The Tsipouradiko 32 Food & Fun Experiences via Food Fun Travel
During a holiday in Corfu island, no one can miss tasting the most famous Greek dishes and some traditional food of Kerkyra. The Greek and Corfu’s cuisine is dominated by local products as meat, fish, olive oil, vegetables, and cheese. Some local recipes like Pastitsada and Sofrito are really excellent and worth trying. The marvelous smell of local and Greek cuisine fills the streets. You can find delicious Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in any traditional restaurant in Corfu.

{ 9 } Royal Achilleion Palace

Corfu Island Royal Achilleion Palace
The Achilleion Palace is located in the Village of Gastouri, 10 km southwest of the town of Corfu. The former Empress of Austria, Elizabeth (Sissy) of Bavaria built this magnificent palace in 1890. The palace used to serve as the summer retreat of the Empress. Italian architect Raffaele Caritto designed the palace while Ernst Herter, a famous German sculptor, created the Greek mythology-inspired works.

Inside Achilleion Palace Corfu
Achillion Palace Corfu Town via Corfu Excursions Tours
The Palace garden has many rather artistically sculpted statues of the pantheon of Greek Gods and Goddesses that makes for a truly mythical setting.

{ 10 } Watch the Sunset at Loggas Beach

Amazing Sunset View Loggas Beach
Loggas beach is located below the village Peroulades. Steep, vertical cliffs end up on a very narrow, sandy beach and when the sea is agitated, the beach disappears! The layers of the cliffs above the beach consist mainly of clay sediments with layers of sand separating them, creating an impressive scene.

Gorgeous Loggas Beach In Corfu
The waters in Loggas beach are clean, turquoise and shallow. In order to enjoy the sunset, visit the beach late in the afternoon. The sun is right in front of the beach when it disappears into the sea. Visitors come to relax, swim, and enjoy the scenery as the sun turns the sky into shades of red and orange.

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