The Most Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Moving Company In Texas


Nowadays, the moving industry has grown a lot and made it pretty easy for most people to hire a moving company. You can pick from local and global moving companies that offer a variety of services suitable for all kinds of relocations. But, is it really that easy to pick a mover? With the growth of moving business, the number of fraudulent or simply poor-quality companies has increased as well. And very often, people are not sure how to distinguish them from high-quality expert moving teams. The best way to do that is by comparing a couple of options and interviewing a representative from each of these businesses. And to make sure you get all the necessary answers, we’ve made a guide to help you out. Here are the most important questions to ask before hiring a moving company in Texas.

What are the services you offer?

As we mentioned, companies offer different kinds of services that are suitable for different types of moves. So be sure to interview moving teams that provide the services that you need. Think about your needs first, and then ask company representatives if they can meet your requirements, especially if you’re moving internationally. These can vary among companies, as some provide household moves, commercial moves, full or partial moving services, etc.

Remember: Moving companies provide their services based on location. That’s why you have long-distance, international, or local moving companies. When it comes to moving to Texas, local moving companies might be the best option. Heavenly Moving and Storage is a Texas-based moving company that also provides long-distance moving services. These moving teams know Texas the best and will ensure the safest and quickest relocation in this state. In other words, hire a company that has a lot of experience in the area.


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Do you have a proper license?

One of the most important questions to ask before hiring a moving company in Texas is related to their license. You need to make sure you’re dealing with properly licensed and trustworthy movers, as moving scams have unfortunately become the reality of the moving business. Every professional moving team should have a license number that you can check with the United States Department of Transportation. This number is later used to track their vehicles and file a complaint if anything bad happens. However, local moving companies have a license issued by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

What’s your USDOT number?

Every licensed company has a unique USDOT number. You can research more about a company using that number, and also easily track them if anything bad happens. When it comes to Texas local movers, they operate by using the TxDMV number, which has ten digits and allows them to provide their services within the state.

What’s the final estimate?

Different companies base their fees on different factors. Sometimes is a per-hour rate, but often the price will depend on the size and weight of the items. Even though you might use a free moving cost estimator, make sure you ask the moving representatives about the fees an way they create the final bill. This way you can be sure they offer the option that suits you. Moving representatives should present the way they calculate moving costs and provide a moving estimate in writing. Moving companies often provide a binding quote or a not-to-exceed estimate, which are suitable for different types of moves and customers, so be sure to find out more about it from your moving representative and get the best deal.

What are the additional costs?

Very often, certain moving services are not part of the original moving estimate. These often include transport of certain fragile items, dealing with obstacles while loading/unloading the boxes, fuel surcharges, the floor number in your building, etc. That’s why you should ask about any possible additional fees, so you don’t end up unpleasantly surprised with the final bill.

Do you provide insurance?

Insuring your items during transport is important. It gives you peace of mind and ensures you don’t end up losing both items and money. It’s best you get the insurance from the moving company you hire. However, sometimes this is not included in the price, and some companies don’t even provide insurance. This means you will have to get in another place –third-party insurance. Either way, make sure your items are protected.

Remember: moving companies provide insurance in the shape of liability coverage. It can be full value protection, or released value protection. Do some more research so you can decide what works best for your type of move.


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Are the additional potential risks for the safety of my items?

Once your boxes are loaded onto a moving truck, you might feel that it’s the final step. However, there’s more to worry about and that’s why you should ask additional questions. Sometimes, moving teams make additional transfers from one truck to another – this usually happens with long-distance moves. Furthermore, transporting your items in bad weather conditions is also a risk of damage and loss. Ask your moving team if your items will be additionally secured in these situations and is there a reason to worry.

How should I pack my items?

Firstly, find out if the company you like provides packing services. These are great in case you have no time, skill, or supplies to pack your entire home. However, if you decide to DIY the packing process, make sure you ask the company if there are any restrictions regarding the way you pack the items. Also, don’t forget to mention any specialty items and the way you should handle them during the move.


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How can I contact the company representatives during the moving process?

Make sure you list all the most important questions to ask before hiring a moving company in Texas so you don’t forget to ask them. However, in case you have some additional questions regarding the move, or simply want to track your delivery, you should be able to contact someone from the moving team. Make sure you get all the necessary details, contact numbers, and times you can contact a company representative you hired.

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