Canada’s Style Streamlined Kitchen as Industrial Meets Elegant

Streamlined Kitchen

A kitchen is the most important and elemental part of any home. For many people, it is the heart of the family where everybody spends most of their time. For others, it’s a highly functional and styled area to cook food with ease while entertaining friends or guests. Simply put, a kitchen is the busiest and functional room of any home. The modern streamlined kitchen serves the purpose of both function and style. These designs allow the kitchens to function well and look good whether in use or at rest. These spaces are perfectly attuned to the needs of the people spending the most time in it. A streamlined kitchen suits the owners’ preferences to every last detail. These kitchens often become an expression of the owner’s personality rather than just another room in the home.

Most, although not all streamlined kitchens have a modern or industrial ambiance as they rely on functional style for their impact. Canada’s Style at Home magazine describes this streamlined kitchen in Kingsway Residence by Croma Design as ‘Industrial meets Elegant’. Virginia Macdonald has beautifully captured this streamlined kitchen design. Pristine white walls and cabinetry combined with stylish black drawer pull give the kitchen that perfect ‘industrial meets elegant’ look. The integrated stainless steel appliances give a linear and industrial look to the kitchen. The kitchen includes a fully automatic coffee station, microwave, pantry wall, wine column, and refrigerator; all integrated to look like a part of the cabinetry. A breakfast nook by the windows and a seating area with a built-in fireplace are also a part of this modern kitchen.

Modern White Streamlined Kitchen

contemporary white streamlined kitchen
This modern streamlined kitchen follows an all-white theme. The kitchen cabinetry also has a bright white color to match the walls and ceilings. In contrast, the cabinet pulls are a dark black color and add visual interest to the room. The various flowers in glass vases add color to the room. The stainless steel range and hood give a high-end professional feel to the room. The pristine white cabinets make the room look clean, simple and elegant.

Herringbone Backsplash in Industrial Kitchen

stainless steel appliances industrial look
A custom herringbone pattern honed stone backsplash makes a bold statement and highlights the wall cabinetry. Thermador’s Professional Series Pro Grand Range coupled with a powerful wall mounted hood add to the industrial look of the kitchen. Their position makes them look like a part of the cabinetry making it easy to work on. This enhances the streamlined effect of the kitchen.

Streamlined Kitchen Drawer Organization

kitchen drawer organization
The kitchen drawer organization also displays the streamlined approach. The drawer contents are divided according to their need and use making it easy to access them quickly. The cutlery tray and all other drawer accessories are from IKEA.

Kitchen Island with Open Shelf Storage

kitchen island with storage and shelving
The kitchen island has the same Hanstone countertop as the kitchen counters. The island also has ample storage facilities including the open shelving on one side. The white barstools go well with the white kitchen theme and add a touch of elegance to the room. The island also has an under bowl sink and steel fixtures that further add to the industrial appeal of the room.

Integrated Appliances for Streamlined Kitchen

integrated appliances streamlined kitchen
Thermador‘s stainless steel appliances like the fully automatic coffee station and the microwave further add to the industrial look of the kitchen. Moreover, having them integrated with the cabinetry allows for an ease of use and facilitates a seamless look in the kitchen. It also gives a professional and elegant look to the room.

Wall Cabinet Pantry and Wine Column

hidden kitchen pantry and wine column
A cabinet wall conceals a pantry and Thermador’s wine column. The cabinet doors have a Dulux Paints “Designer Grey” finish. The concealed pantry and wine column allows for a clutter-free area and gives the room a high-end finish.

Bright and Cheerful Breakfast Nook

large windows breakfast nook
The large floor-to-ceiling windows offer a great view of the gardens and also let in a lot of natural light to make this small breakfast nook look bright and cheerful. The white table and the white linen chairs make the place look cozy and welcoming. The industrial Quill Chandelier from Niche Modern and Kentwood flooring give a modern and industrial look to the place.

Contemporary Fireplace Seating Area

contemporary seating area with fireplace
The fireplace seating area adds a contemporary charm to the room. A custom “Michelangelo Calacatta Marble” stone surround adds elegance to a contemporary Spark’s Fire Ribbon gas fireplace. Stained oak side panels finish off the look and tie into the other woodwork in the kitchen. This fireplace seating area gives the room a lived-in vibe. It is warm and welcoming.

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