21 Marvelous Space Saving Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Abstract Space Saver Wall Tree

Christmas is the festival of joy and merriment. And decorating your home for Christmas is a big part of that merriment. It is the time to make your home look its best. And while doing that, you can involve all of your family and teach something new and good to the kids too. Hence, Christmas decorations, have always been a fun and easy way to spend time with the family. Especially, decorating the Christmas trees is an important tradition during Christmas. However, not all of us have enough space for such decorations. Christmas decorations, especially the trees require ample space which not everyone may be able to spare. However, there are many innovative and festive ways to have space saving Christmas Tree Decorations in your Home.

If you live in a small house with not enough space to spare, or if you wish for less spacious or minimal Christmas decorations, do not worry. We have collected some of the most innovative and festive space saving Christmas tree decorations for you. These ideas will surely make you realize that less is indeed more!

{ 1 } Tiny Table Topped Christmas Tree

Tiny Table Topped Christmas Tree
Lacking space for a big Christmas tree? Get a small one! You can put this tiny tree on top of a table in your living room or bedroom. Furthermore, stack the table to a corner or against the wall for a spacious and uniform look. You can add in some faux snow and mini trees or some other Christmas decorations around the tree to make it look even more festive.

{ 2 } Wall Hanging Unusual Christmas Tree

Wall Hanging Unusual Christmas Tree
This wall hanging tree saves you so much of floor space. A simple arrangement of tree branches in increasing width tied together with twine and strings makes this Christmas tree an unusually creative idea. Decorate the tree with various Christmas ornaments and string lights to give it a festive look. Stack a few gifts and pinecones near the wall below the tree to further enhance the holiday spirit!

{ 3 } Upside Down Christmas Tree

Upside Down Christmas Tree
While it seems like the trend to flip trees is a recent one, it is actually not so new! Actually, hanging trees upside down goes back to the Middle Ages, when the Eastern Europeans did it to represent the Trinity. However, irrespective of the reason behind it, these upside-down trees save a lot of space and look very unique. Decorating these trees is also easier and they look as festive as any other tree.

{ 4 } Living Room Pencil Christmas Tree

Living Room Pencil Christmas Tree
This pencil Christmas tree saves so much space. And yet it looks so festive and grand. A pencil tree is just a slimmer version of your normal tree with lesser and closely cut branches. Hence, these trees take up much less space and yet look just as good with decorations. If you have a good ceiling height, you can select a tree that is longer. Just add a layered skirt to balance the decoration.

{ 5 } Christmas Lights And Ornaments Wall Tree

Christmas Lights Ornaments Wall Tree
This innovative wall Christmas tree idea saves space as well as money. No need to waste money on a horde of ornaments. Simply buy some accent lights and golden globe ornaments. Stick the lights on your living room wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. Hang ornaments in the same way you would decorate a real tree. Place a star tree topper at the top. That’s it. Your innovative space saving Christmas tree is ready to welcome the holidays!

{ 6 } Minimalist Wall Christmas Tree

Minimalist Wall Christmas Tree
For a true Minimalist at Heart, This is the Perfect Christmas Decoration. Simple, non-fussy, creative and minimal, this Christmas tree is a minimalist’s dream decoration. All you need if some fir or pine tree branches. Simply, stick them to the wall in increasing size in the shape of a Christmas tree. You can add Christmas ornaments and a tree topper. But even if you don’t, this space saving Christmas tree looks naturally festive and charming.

{ 7 } Unique Space Saving Christmas Tree

Unique Space Saving Christmas Tree
This unique tree takes the previous idea a few steps further. Instead of a linear one branch per level decoration, this tree imitates a real Christmas tree on the wall to great effect. You will need to use evergreen tree branches and arrange them like a tree. Instead of arranging the branches horizontally, try a vertical arrangement and give it the look of tree branches extending towards the floor. Add a tree topper and also some shiny Christmas ornaments to this tree.

{ 8 } Corner Cupboard Small Space Tree

Corner Cupboard Small Space Tree
When you don’t have space for a large Christmas tree, try this amazing trick. Firstly, find a corner cupboard in your living room and free it of any clutter. Now, get a small Christmas tree and put it on the cupboard. Then decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments and snowflakes. Also, add a beautiful tree skirt or spread some gift boxes near the tree. This gives the tree a festive and merry look.

{ 9 } DIY Space Saving Christmas Tree

DIY Space Saving Christmas Tree
This brilliant wall shelf Christmas tree looks simple and amazing. Decorate the shelf borders with string lights and put the Christmas ornaments on the shelf. This wall shelf shaped like a Christmas tree requires no floor space. In fact, post-Christmas, you can use this shelf for display or storage purposes too! How cool is that!

{ 10 } Christmas Tree Portrait

Christmas Tree Portrait
You heard it right! A framed Christmas tree made of Christmas ornaments and signs and stuck to a blank frame. Although the frame is huge, it still does not take up much space. Plus, it looks amazing and very festive. This unique tree decoration lifts the mood of the entire room. The shiny ornaments give it a festive Christmas look. The framed tree looks like a piece of art and creates visual interest in the room.

{ 11 } Narrow Space Pencil Christmas Tree

Narrow Space Pencil Christmas Tree
Sometimes it so happens that you may have space for a Christmas tree but a very narrow one as shown in this image. A regular large Christmas tree would not fit in this narrow space. But if you go for a slim Christmas tree, you can save a lot of hassle and still have your desired tree decorations. Decorate this Christmas tree just as you would a normal Christmas tree.

{ 12 } Abstract Space Saver Wall Tree

Abstract Space Saver Wall Tree
This abstract Christmas tree is simply an artful arrangement of Christmas ornaments, Christmas signs, family photo frames, and random decoration stuff. Colorful and abstract, this tree brings holiday cheer and Christmas spirit into the living room without taking up any floor space.

{ 13 } Festive String Lights Christmas Tree

Festive String Lights Christmas Tree
This amazingly simple and equally festive Christmas tree decor is again wall based. All you need is some string lights and Christmas ornaments. Simply arrange the string lights on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree and then hang the ornaments on the lights itself. This display will fill in for a real Christmas tree. It will also light up your room and make the atmosphere festive and cheerful.

{ 14 } Christmas Cards Creative Wall Tree

Christmas Cards Creative Wall Tree
If you’re in a less festive, creative mood, this decoration is perfect for you. Made of Christmas greeting cards hanging on a rope, this is another wall based tree but with a twist. To get this look you need some decorative strings, Christmas greeting cards, and clips. Stick the strings on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. Hang the cards on it with clips. You can add some fairy lights or string lights to give it a festive look.

{ 15 } Space Saver Alternative Christmas Tree

Space Saver Alternative Christmas Tree
This alternative Christmas tree looks unique and also saves a lot of space. Made out of wooden boards with space to stack stuff in between the tree’s sides, this unusual tree creates visual interest and adds a festive touch to any decoration. Its design makes it usable even after the holidays!

{ 16 } PVC Pipes Space Saving Tree

PVC Pipes Space Saving Tree
On first glance, this space saving Christmas tree does not look like its made out of PVC pipes. But once you look closely you can see it for what it is. This wonderful idea makes use of materials we would normally waste and creates an art of it. This simple arrangement of PVC pipes of various sizes Decorated with Colorful Christmas Ornaments Looks very Elegant and Stylish. This Christmas tree is breathtaking in its simplicity and festive appeal.

{ 17 } Amazing Ladder Style Christmas Tree

Amazing Ladder Style Christmas Tree
The design of this space saving Christmas tree resembles a ladder. Made out of wood, this alternative Christmas brings festive spirit into the room with its beautiful Christmas village decoration. Firstly, cover all the shelves of the tree with cotton to imitate snow. Now, place the toy houses of various styles and sizes on the shelves. Also, add some mini bottlebrush trees to serve as Christmas trees. Furthermore, wrap string lights on the four sides of the tree. Now, place a mini pine Christmas tree on top of the shelf as a tree topper. Finally, wrap a cotton garland around the tree to imitate the snow-covered look. And your Christmas Village tree decoration is complete. It will look immensely festive and lift the mood of the rest of the room.

{ 18 } Colorful Slim Corner Christmas Tree

Colorful Slim Corner Christmas Tree
This corner Christmas tree is definitely a great alternative to the regular Christmas trees. Decorated in a Christmas Candy Theme, this tree is a colorful addition to any room. Artfully decorated with Christmas ornaments like candies, cupcakes, ice cream cones, unicorns, fairies, gift boxes, and shining ribbon bows, this tree is a visual treat for adults and kids alike. It certainly inspires a youthful joy and festive holiday cheer in the surroundings.

{ 19 } Space Saving Wall Shelf Tree

Space Saving Wall Shelf Tree
Another wooden shelf design, this space saving Christmas tree looks elegant and modern. This tree stacked against the wall and decorated with mini Christmas trees, ornaments, candles, greeting cards, and gift boxes, makes a powerful impact due to its simplicity. Easily reusable as a shelf, this tree is not only good decor but also a great investment.

{ 20 } Unconventional Hanging Christmas Tree

Unconventional Hanging Christmas Tree
This hanging arrangement is an unconventional Christmas tree design. This creative and out of the box tree idea saves a lot of space and can also double as an interior decoration or an eclectic wind chime. The simplicity of this design gives it a Scandinavian minimalistic appeal. Even if you don’t add any other Christmas decorations, this tree looks festive enough to inspire Christmas cheer in the room.

{ 21 } Cozy Slim Christmas Tree Decoration

Cozy Slim Christmas Tree Decoration
This rustic farmhouse tree is a perfect example of festive decorations in small spaces. Stacked into a corner and surrounded with other furniture, this tree manages to shine because of its festive decoration. A slim and heavily flocked tree decorated with white globes and snowflakes reminds us of snowy Christmas evenings. a soft white tree skirt further enhances the snowy natural appeal of the decoration. Golden lights add a festive touch to the tree decoration and bring cheer to the entire room. This small tree saves a lot of space while its cozy decoration brings warmth and comfort to the living room.

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