Six Ways to Elevate Your Boring Bathroom Design

You make use of your bathroom space very frequently, and hence it is imperative to make your bathroom aesthetically pleasing. There are different types of bathroom design you should incorporate in your bathroom. It is a fact that your bathrooms are fun to decorate as you can experiment with designs and play with colors.

Following are the six main ways to elevate your bathroom design-

Pay attention to the lighting.

Bathroom lights are essential as they enhance the entire room with their effects, and one of the most critical elements of your bathroom design is bathroom vanity lighting. However, the lighting should be appropriate. You can use a combination of multiple lights, from the accent spotlights to the ambient lights, which are low-level. We all are no strangers to the fact that darker colours soak up more amount of light. You should hang them downwards as they will focus the light on the exact area you want to highlight.

elevate your bathroom design 2

Place a few plants.

If you want to add a fresh and earthy vibe to your space, use a few planters in every nook and corner of your bathroom. Plants are the best bathroom design because they are natural as they purify the air, absorb moisture, and eliminate bacteria. Which plant to choose depends on you according to the availability of space in the bathroom. Many people opt for potted plants near the basic counter as these plants look ecstatic and ethereal. 

Make use of removable wallpaper.

It is recommended to make use of vinyl wallpaper that has no paper content in it. Thus, it will not degrade over time. It also does not develop mold and is used for high-moisture environments. If your bathroom wall is big, using wallpaper can be a very budget-friendly option.

Work around the rooflines of your bathrooms.

In the bathroom décor process, the rooflines and the floor tiles play a crucial role. You can expand your horizons while decorating your bathroom rooflines. According to the standard height of the ceiling, you can opt for stepper roof pitches. These are necessary for higher vaults. You can also opt for vaulted or Cathedral roof framing. A sloped roofline has also become common nowadays.

Hang a mirror gallery wall.

You can hang a mirror on your gallery wall, as it can make your space feel larger. Depending on the scale of your wall, any kind of small or medium-scale mirror works. A mirror gallery wall is a unique and balanced arrangement of mirrors hung on a wall, and you can use the mirror depending upon your choice, such as black framed mirrors, gold mirrors, silver mirrors, etc.

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Opt for a smaller tub.

Many people usually opt for a bigger tub to fill their bathroom with. However, you should try opting for a smaller tub if you have a traditional bathroom. It not only saves up space but also frees up the extra floor space in your bathroom. These tubs also leave enough room for other aspects of the bathroom. Moreover, these small tubs can prove to be more accommodating. 

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