Simple and Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom for a Fresh Look


In the entire house, the bathroom is that one place that starts looking shabby and careworn pretty quickly. Whether it is the molding in the grout or the water stains on the shower tiles, bathrooms can look really messy in just a short time. While a little cleaning and organizing is often enough to get rid of the shabbiness, it’s not always the right answer. Sometimes, you just need to do more than clean in order to spruce up a worn looking bathroom. Most people think that upgrading a bathroom involves renovation and many changes that are expensive and time-consuming. And while that is true, there are also many other non-expensive alternatives to spruce up a bathroom design. You can easily update your existing bathroom decor with just a few simple changes. Let us look at some things you can do to give your bathroom a fresh look.

Add Accessories and Accents

One of the simplest and most common ways to upgrade a bathroom is to change or add some accessories and accents. If you feel like your bathroom looks shabby, changing the accessories can make it look new and fresh. For monochrome or light themed bathrooms, try adding colorful accents with the accessories. You can add colorful soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, storage jars, etc. Similarly, you can buy ornate bathroom mirrors, bathroom clock, colorful and patterned shower curtains or rugs too. This will bring color, pattern, and some much needed fun to your bathroom decor.

You can easily change the mood of any room with simple changes in colors or patterns. So, adding some fun to a boring bathroom is not that difficult! All you have to do is install attractive or quirky wallpaper or add an accent wall. Accent walls can also be made using wallpapers creatively. Such accent walls can easily become the center of attraction, taking eyes away from other issues in the design. Moreover, accent walls are a great way of adding colors, textures, and patterns to any decor. Lining the walls with good wallpaper makes them look fresh and new. And all this is easily possible in a limited budget. 

Change the Fixtures

It is often said that small changes have big impact. When it comes to sprucing up a bathroom, this adage is very true. Simple changes like replacing old faucets and other fixtures can easily refresh a careworn bathroom. New bathroom fixture with shiny finishes and fresh look automatically give the place a new look. And nowadays, fixtures come in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes. From brass to platinum and glossy to matte, you can choose any finish that matches your decor. 

Upgrade Your Bathroom2

Add Patterns with Tiles

A plain bathroom decor can look boring after some time. If you want to bring some interest to the decor, you should consider adding some patterns to the plain design. And what better way to bring interest to a bathroom than adding tiles? Whether you go for a geometric design, an abstract pattern, or choose mosaic or Moroccan styles, tiles can certainly perk up the room. You can make the whole bathroom tiled or section of some parts with tiles. For example, a tiled shower or a tiled backsplash for the vanity can create interest easily.

Update Your Lighting

Another easy way to upgrade your bathroom is to simply change the light fixtures. It may not sound like a big change but replacing the lights can have a big impact on the atmosphere of the room. Modern light fixtures come in a variety of designs and accents. They can add a decorative and ornamental touch to a simple decor. Plus, with latest lighting technology, you can also choose colors, temperature and safety settings when choosing the lights. With the right temperature and color choices, you can even set a different mood in the bathroom whenever you want!

It’s not necessary to start from scratch every time you want to remodel your bathroom design. A few effective changes can easily upgrade an existing bathroom design. And who says you can’t remodel your bathroom on a small budget? With the above ideas, you can easily change up your current bathroom decor without emptying your wallet!

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