Selecting Commercial Shade Sails to Attract Potential Customers

Commercial Shade Sails

While you may be familiar with shade sails in recreational areas such as docks, playgrounds, and outdoor dining areas, shade sails are also becoming common in commercial spaces. Commercial shade sails help you attract potential customers and clients as they provide protection from the sun or rain, ultimately making for a comfortable experience while in an outdoor space.

If you are on the search for commercial shade sails for your building or outdoor space, then choose those who give you the right aesthetic, functionality, and value for your money. With so many innovative and versatile designs available today, you cannot go wrong with investing in a shade sail for your business.

Though shade sails may have been famous for leisure purposes, they are slowly growing in popularity as an outdoor product for commercial businesses because of their many benefits. Commercial shade sails may seem like a minor addition to your space, but they can make a huge difference, especially with customer appeal!

Draft a Plan

Draft a Plan
Before you start looking for commercial shade sails, plan out the area wherein you want to install the sail. Take note of the size of the area to know how much shade cloth you will need, and to avoid ordering a sail that is too big or too small for your space.

Similarly, allocate a budget to help you narrow down your choices and selection. Shade sails come in a variety of prices depending on the brand, material, size, and other factors, so it will be useful to have a price range in mind. With that said, it is best to compare prices against one another, so you see differences in what manufacturers have to offer. Though you want to find the lowest cost possible, you still want to make sure you get a quality product.

Select Quality

Select Quality
When browsing through commercial shade sails, look for the brands that are known to be long-lasting since you want them to be a worthwhile investment. Apart from the durability of the sail itself, make sure to check if the colours and design of the sail will fade quickly over time, especially since it will be exposed to different weather conditions.

As for the material of your shade sail, it is best to find one that can block the sunlight and UV rays and is waterproof so that you can maximize its function. With more innovations coming out in the market, you will also find materials that provide extra features such as fire resistance.

Add a Hint of Creativity

Add a Hint of Creativity
Although you may be getting a shade sail for more functional purposes, it never hurts to inject some creativity in choosing a design! Doing so may add to the artistic appeal of your building and end up becoming another point of attraction for people. Aside from playing around with the colours and design, you can also opt to get a different shape for your sail for stylistic purposes or as a form of space-saving.

Most of the time, choosing the shape and style of a shade sail is the most challenging step as you want to contribute to the aesthetic of your space without compromising functionality. Thus, getting a good idea of the area you want to shade, along with your shade options, will be extremely helpful. For example, square-shaped sails may be the traditional choice as they give maximum protection, but triangle-shaped sails may be ideal for smaller areas to make sure the narrow corners of the space are still shaded.

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