Picking the Right Houseplants and Plant Delivery Online

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Many individuals make mistakes like choosing the wrong plant and not setting a place for them. Before buying, the best thing to do is to do lots of research, decide whether a specific flower is suitable for your area’s climate, and ensure that there’s a particular spot for them that can receive adequate sunlight.

With the best plant deliveries and online websites, you’ll be able to browse through many options and ensure that you’re selecting the best ones. Sites like Planted Pot will let you see descriptions and ideal species for your home. With this said, here are some factors to consider when you want to take care of foliage and shrubs.

Have an Adequate Space

You should never squeeze the pots into a tight space, especially if one is a prickly pear cactus and the other is a lucky bamboo. Each of them needs their own adequate room to grow, and they should receive sufficient sunlight every day.

When you squeeze the palms or philodendrons between your furniture, they won’t last long, and they will have a more challenging time breathing. Good airflow will help them live a longer and healthier life. They will also develop stronger stems and even reproduce in time.

With excellent airflow, the plants will receive better replenishment of carbon dioxide and get a more regulated temperature. Airflow will significantly reduce the humidity in an area and lessen the occurrence of diseases.

If you’re going to shop online, it’s worth noting that some sites will give you information like the dos and don’ts of particular species. This way, you’ll have an idea of the mistakes you need to avoid and what to do when the plants are delivered to your doorstep.  

The best places for snake plants, pothos, or ficus are in the front of windows, near the hallways, or tabletops. Read more about taking care of some of the species in this link here. Some will require more humidity than others, so beware if you have air conditioners or radiators in the room as they can dry out the air fast. 

Proper misting is advised when you have Bella Palms, Bird of Paradise, and Cut-leaf Philodendron, as they are essentially classified as tropical plants. If everything sounds like you’re going to do a lot of work, it’s best to choose a succulent or a plant that will require less humidity and maintenance.

Make Adjustments to the Temperature

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Adjust the temperature in your home, as this will be a crucial factor in the overall wellness of the foliage. Your HVAC, such as the air conditioning units, will make the soil dry out more slowly. The radiant heat will wilt the leaves, and these are just some of the reasons you should keep the pots away from these appliances. You’ll also need to water some of the species regularly during the winter when the furnace is blasting inside the rooms.

What to Buy?

The first question that many people ask themselves is what plant they are buying in the first place. Fortunately, some online shops and platforms will help them quickly decide. The first to consider is the size and here is some more information for you.

  • Know where the plant would go. Usually, the ones that will sit on a table will be shorter, and the taller ones are put on the floor.
  • Expect the plants to grow. A good rule of thumb is to buy something smaller, especially if you’re living in an apartment. You don’t want something that will grow fast and big if you have insufficient space.
  • Keep in mind that the bigger the pot, the heavier it will be, especially if you give it a few months. You’ll have a more challenging time moving everything around, and this is not ideal if you’re living in a multistorey apartment.
  • Determine the kind of look that you want. If it’s going to be a statement piece inside your home, you want something colorful and bigger. An accent piece can also help, and you should consider the size of the foliage in general.

Light Levels in your Home

It’s vital to ensure that the plants receive more than adequate sunlight when they are in your home. Southwest-facing window sills are going to be areas with higher lights. The west or east-facing ones will be medium, and the north-facing ones will be low lights depending on where you live.  

Those that need brighter light levels should receive strong sunlight. They include Birds of Paradise, Dracaena Marginata, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Jade, Money Trees, and more. 

The medium-light ones are ideal to be placed in an area with indirect, partial, or filtered sunlight. You can find them to have been a match on the west or east-facing windows. They include corn plants, monstera deliciosa, pothos, and yucca plants. Get more info about the yucca species in this url: https://www.thespruce.com/grow-yucca-inside-1902500

Low light varieties are those that require minimal natural light. These include sansevieria, ZZ plants, and aglaonema. They are easier to maintain and take care of where you can place them on stair landings, north-facing windows, and foyers.

Aside from the lighting, there are instructions and specifics about caring for your new foliage. The most intensive is watering them and figuring the right amount to avoid going over the limit. It would be best if you gave your jade and money trees fertilizers every once in a while for them to thrive. Some online delivery platforms have kits and instructions about caring for your plant, so always look for them.

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