21 Festive Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas For This Year

Unique Front Porch Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a festival of spreading love and joy. It is also a festival of lights. Christmas is a time when we enjoy the small things in life and spend time with our loved ones. People decorate their houses to add festive cheer and celebrate. When decorating for other holidays, we do not give much thought to the exteriors of our homes. But this does not hold true for Christmas. Christmas is a time when we can decorate our outdoors to display festive cheer. The main elements of outdoor Christmas decoration are the front door, balcony, front porch, yard or garden, driveway, and even your backyard and garage. However, decorating your outdoors can become a bit of a hassle if you don’t know what to do.

There are a lot of different ways to decorate these outdoors including Christmas lights, candles, lanterns, etc. Christmas Trees and Wreaths are also important in most outdoor decoration ideas. It is also relatively easy to create a winter decoration on your own property especially if you have a snowy backdrop to work with! However, outdoor Christmas decoration is not limited to just daytime. In fact, nighttime can easily become the prime time for your outdoor displays. Because Christmas is also a festival of lights, nighttime is an important time to light up your outdoors and truly make your decorations shine! We bring you a list of some really interesting and unique outdoor Christmas decoration ideas that will help you to decide what you want for your outdoors these holidays.

{ 1 } Unique Front Door Christmas Decorations

Unique Front Door Christmas Decoration
Truly Distinctive Outdoor Christmas Decoration
This front door Christmas decoration idea is truly unique. Instead of a traditional wreath, make a small and creative wreath out of white lace trimmings and Santa’s face mask. Also, wrap a garland made of pine leaves and pine cones over the door frame and drape golden fairy lights over it. Additionally, put a cardboard dog cutout wrapped in lights near the door. A bright red metal sleigh filled with Christmas gifts wrapped in red paper give the feeling of Christmas festivities. Also, decorative rattan Christmas gift boxes tied with red lace ribbons adorn the front door.

{ 2 } Rustic Front Porch Outdoor Decor

Rustic Front Porch Christmas Decoration
Rustic and Homely Front Porch
The modest and homely look of this rustic front porch is very welcoming. The simple pine tree and red ribbon wreath on the front door put the focus on the elaborate wreaths on both sides of the door and balances the decoration. A simple garland made of pine tree leaves, red and silver baubles, and white swag adorns the wooden columns and beam. A small Christmas tree with fairy lights decoration sits on a bench near the front door. Candle lanterns placed along the steps add interest to the decor and also give light at night. The logs and golden snowflakes on the other side of the front door give the decor a country look and rustic appeal. Add in lots of snow (faux if you don’t have the real one) and just let the look come together to make your front porch a country retreat!

{ 3 } Winter Wonderland Christmas Decoration

Winter Wonderland Christmas Outdoor Decorations
Winter Wonderland Theme via Between Naps On The Porch
As we mentioned before, getting a winter theme decoration like a winter wonderland in your own yard is relatively easy. Use pine tree leaves and red, and silver baubles to make wreaths and a big garland to drape across the front porch columns on both sides and on top. Hang a wreath from the porch ceiling and place gifts and a lantern near the door. Add two wreaths to the driveway entry gates and place candle lanterns along the driveway to the front door and on the front steps. Place your Christmas trees in the yard and cover it and the yard in snow (faux if you don’t have real). Make sure it looks like the snow has fallen naturally and your winter wonderland yard is ready for awed visitors!

{ 4 } Traditional Front Yard Decoration

Traditional Front Yard Christmas Decoration
Traditional Christmas Decorations and Colors
This front yard decoration has all the traditional Christmas decoration elements. The front door has a beautiful pine leaves and red ribbon wreath while the windows have garlands of pine leaves with red ribbons tied in bows on regular intervals. White lights and star garlands also adorn the windows. Colorful gift boxes in Christmas colors and the bushes covered in red, green, and golden accent lights further enhance the traditional appeal. A snowman and some spiral Christmas trees made of lights also adorn this beautiful yard. You can easily recreate this wonderful display with fewer expenses. The whole display has Christmas colors and lights which make it look truly traditional!

{ 5 } Festive Patio Christmas Decoration

Festive Patio Christmas Decorations
Spectacular Patio Lights Decoration
This spectacular patio decoration is heavy on lights. There are lights on the front door wreath, the windows, the porch ceiling and column, the roof, the trees, the pavement, the snowman, and even the reindeer! The red and white chimney and Santa display further emphasize the red and white theme. The snowman too is adorned in red, green and yellow colors. The stunning reindeer light display along with the spiral trees light up the paved pathway to the door. The stars and train light display on the roof add to the cheerful decor. The fully lit up patio gives a cheery and festive feeling.

{ 6 } Front Lawn Lights Decoration

Front Lawn Christmas Lights Decoration
Simple and Elegant Lights Decoration via DIY Network
This front lawn lights decoration is simple and elegant. Various accent lights of traditional Christmas colors cover the whole house. Golden LED lights decorate the lawn border and the trees. Red and green lights cover the tree leaves and golden lights cover the trunks. The shrubs and bushes near the front door also display red, green, blue, and golden accent lights. Red and green lights decorate the roofline and the windows. A single reindeer light display adds a touch of whimsy to the decor. Christmas lights decorations lift the spirits without being too heavy on the purse. They light up the house and bring fun and festivities to the surroundings.

{ 7 } Creative Front Door Ornamentation

Creative Front Door Christmas Decoration
Colorful and Creative Front Door via Lookie What I Did
Colorful and creative, this front door decoration certainly sets the mood for the holidays. Christmas colors and lots of candies make the front door look like a delicious treat! A simple pine leaves wreath with a Merry Christmas greeting tag and red and green ribbons adorns the front door. A stunning garland of pine leaves and various Christmas ornaments and trimmings wraps around the door frame. These trimmings include red and white balls, red and white candies, candy canes, red berries, and snowflakes. A small Christmas tree adorns one side of the door. Faux elf legs trimming added to the tree give the decor a whimsical look. The candy buckets further add to the candy theme. A stop sign for Santa and holiday greetings on the doormat add festive cheer to the decor.

{ 8 } Christmas Tree Lights Driveway

Christmas Tree Lights Driveway Decoration
DIY Creative Christmas Tree Made of Lights via 17 Apart
It does not do to keep your driveway stark and plain when you are decorating the rest of the house for Christmas. If you’re wondering what to do to make your driveway look festive, rest easy. We have a simple, easy and affordable way of achieving this! Decorate your driveway with colorful Christmas trees made out of lights. There are a lot of such trees available in the markets or you can also learn ways to make a Christmas tree out of lights. One of them is using a tomato cage to make a Christmas tree. simply drape the LED lights on the cage starting from the top to bottom. Secure the tips of the cages with some rubber bands and wrap the lights all around the tree starting from the tip. Set up these easy DIY trees along your driveway for a creative and festive driveway decoration!

{ 9 } Small Front Yard Christmas Decorations

Small Front Yard Christmas Decorations
Grand Winter Woods Decoration
Having a small front yard does not mean you cannot have a festive Christmas decoration. As shown in this image, this small yard looks grander because of its size. The snowman and reindeers give the look of a winter woods theme. There are frosted Christmas trees with red berries and fairy lights decoration. Then there is the big snowman which looks right at home in the chilly display. Also, the cute reindeers look comfortable in the wintry woods. Set them all on a bed of faux (or real) snow and add a small garland of pine leaves and pine cones along the border of the yard and you have a winter Christmas decor ready.

{ 10 } Candle Lanterns Christmas Decoration

Candle Lantern Outdoor Christmas Decor
Elegant Outdoor Christmas Decoration
The elegance of this simple yard decoration is certainly enhanced by the beautiful candle lanterns of varied sizes decorating the yard and the paved pathway. The beautiful wreath and garland decoration on the front door and the porch columns and roof goes well with the country theme decorations. The artificial Christmas trees made of twigs and lights further adds to the decor. The abundance of snow and the frosted Christmas trees also enhance the decor. The lantern on the porch ceiling and the side walls completes the look.

{ 11 } Fancy Front Door Ornamentation

Fancy Front Door Christmas Decorations
Elaborate Front Door Decoration via Thistlewood Farms
This elaborate front door decoration is a statement in itself. It is sophisticated and subtle but also fancy and stylish. The wreath and side decorations are different and attractive. The front door wreath made of pine leaves, pine cones, and fancy fabric ribbons in gold, white and green colors further enhances the fancy look. The elaborate decoration on the wall lamps on both sides of the door uses the same materials. The simple colors, shiny fabrics, and unusual design give this front door a festive and merry look.

{ 12 } Elegant White Garage Decor

Elegant Garage Door Christmas Decor
Creative Lantern Decorations
This beautiful decoration in front of the garage is elegant as well as festive. The beautiful wreath on the front door contains pine leaves, white and gold baubles, and pine cones, all bound together in a beautiful arrangement. The two Christmas trees in both sides of the yard have a frosted and elegant look. The wall lamp decoration of flowers and twig leaves further adds a festive look to the door. The stunning white flower wreaths on the garden boundary also enhance the wintry white decor. The tree in the yard has a lot of decorative lanterns in many styles and sizes. They also lend some elegance to the decor. The front door also has some small trees craftily decorated with gold and silver balls and pine leaves. The whole understated and elegant decoration has a truly stunning effect.

{ 13 } Festive Candy Lights Window Decoration

Festive Candy Lights Window Decor
Vibrant Candy Lights Window Decoration
This vibrant window decoration certainly makes for an eye-catching display. The beautiful candy colors and candy lights remind us of the jolly and fun moments of the holidays. A set of pre-lit large candy cane lights kept on the ground below the window also give a candy land look to the decoration. The window frame has an elaborate installation of red and green colored candies. A small wreath of pine tree leaves and red ribbon hangs on the front door. It also has fairy lights decoration. A huge figure of Santa light on the wall further completes the festive look.

{ 14 } Candy Cane Lane Driveway Decoration

Candy Cane Lane Driveway Decoration
Choose to go traditional with your driveway Decoration this Christmas with a Candy Cane lane decoration. This simple and DIY idea to decorate your driveway is very easy and looks equally beautiful. You need some pre-lit candy canes and if not pre-lit, then you need some lights and light plugs. Place the canes all along your driveway at regular intervals. drape lights over the canes if they are not pre-lit. Now, simply light them up and see them transform your driveway into an entrance to the candy land of treats and festivities!

{ 15 } DIY Balcony Outdoor Christmas Decoration

DIY Balcony Christmas Decoration
Comfortable and Warm DIY Christmas Decorations via Meilla Kotona | Photo by Timo Villanen
Many people just focus on decorating the entry gates or trees and forget About the Christmas Balcony Decor. This DIY balcony decoration is elegant and hassle-free. The sheepskin rugs in white and brown add some comfort and warmth to the decor. They also serve in forming a snowy base for the rest of the design. Small pine trees in small pots scattered on the balcony give the look of wintry woods. Flowers like magnolias and carnations bring some color to the design. A small bench holds a decoration of snowball lights on the base of pine trees enhances the decor. Small light bulbs placed all across the design bring light and cheer to the decor. A small Christmas tree decorated with white hanging decor items and white star at the top gives the decor a festive look. This elegant balcony looks like a wintry retreat from the hustle-bustle of our daily lives.

{ 16 } Cartoon Theme Backyard Decoration

Cartoon Theme Backyard Garden Decorations
This dazzling backyard decoration truly makes the backyard stand out and attract attention. The White Christmas trees decorated with fairy lights set the tone of the decorations. The rest of the house also has various light displays like season greetings, gifts, Santa, etc. The back door adorned with large candy cane light displays, season greetings sign, and giant snowflakes further add to the remarkable lights display. However, the large pre-lit cutouts of popular cartoon characters on the garden are the main show-stealers of this backyard decoration.

{ 17 } Unique Front Porch Christmas Decor

Unique Front Porch Christmas Decorations
Distinctive Front Porch Decor via Pottery Barn
This Front Porch Decoration is Distinctive for Many Reasons. The front door has a decorative wreath of pine leaves and gold and silver baubles. A garland of the same materials adorns the front porch columns. A much simpler garland and wreaths decorate the door frame and windows on both sides of the door. The porch has many Christmas trees kept around it. Some of them are small and simple while others are cut beautifully to represent a spiral tree. Also, the red gold and silver baubles spread along the driveway give a stunning effect. The various candle lanterns of different sizes complete the quirky look.

{ 18 } Christmas Wreath Trio Outdoor Trimmings

Christmas Wreath Tri Outdoor Decorations
Simple and Inexpensive DIY Christmas Wreaths via Decor and the dog
This idea of decorating the front door is simple, easy and inexpensive. Simply take three wreaths and hang them one by one on your front door. Place two small Christmas trees on both sides of the door. Decorate the wreaths as well as the trees with fairy lights and light them up. They will make your front door dazzle and make everybody take notice! These wreaths can also be made at home as a DIY project. This simple and hassle-free decoration certainly makes the front door look festive and cheerful!

{ 19 } Snowman Christmas Lights Ornamentation

Snowman Christmas Lights Outdoor
Traditional Lights Decoration via Getty Images | Photo by Robert Barnes
This traditional lights decor completely lights up the yard and the house. It looks festive and stylish too. Drape various accented lights on the trees in your garden. Also, drape the bushes and shrubs with fairy lights. Place a few pre-lit snowmen of different sizes in various places on the garden. Make sure to place the biggest snowman near the front door. Place faux gifts in front of this snowman. Also, place a pre-lit reindeer near the front door. Drape lights on the front steps as well as the roof line. Now, when you light up the house it will light up the whole yard and make your house stand out and bedazzle the visitors!

{ 20 } Candy Cane Christmas Outdoor Decorations

Candy Cane Christmas Outdoor Decorations
Flamboyant and Playful Candy Cane Decorations
This front door decoration has the colorful candy cane theme perfectly done. Two huge candy canes adorn both the sides of the front door. A garland of red, green, and white paper decoration wraps around the door frame. The wreath is a colorful combination of pine leaves, red and green decorative balls, and candy-colored ribbons. This beautiful and colorful wreath makes the front door pop with colors. The candy cane theme is vibrant and playful, perfect for kids and adults alike.

{ 21 } Reindeers and Sleigh Outdoor Decorations

Reindeers and Sleigh Outdoor Christmas Decoration
Decorating your outdoor yard or garden with reindeers and sleigh may be traditional but with the right ideas, it can look truly exceptional. Take this amazing decoration for example. This stunning sleigh and reindeers light up the whole yard. They make the whole house look festive and merry. The golden and red colors along with the gold accent fairy lights look marvelous. It helps you keep the traditional decorations alive and at the same time do something different and unique!

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