Open Space Decorated Farmhouse Style By Pella Hedeby

farmhouse living room decorating ideas

For those who like to enjoy themselves and like to find the comfort in silence, this farmhouse style would be the right choice. It’s Natural, a Bit Rustic & Cozy Farmhouse but it could be exotic somehow. Though it does not cost a lot the right selection of an item and the right placement of it would give the room even looks elegant, artistic and away from the cheap image or common ordinary taste.

Colour is one of the most important things for home decoration since it would be giving the positive or negative influence on energy and the atmosphere. Hence, the natural color of the stone and rustic wood vintage style farmhouse will be the best choice that could bring people who stay, feel release and have a peaceful mind. No wonder if a lot of relaxing places such as SPA, resort, villa or restaurant would also pick this color for their interior. Now, could you imagine if you could bring those comfort places into your private home? it must be wonderful.

Open Space Decorated Farmhouse Style By Pella Hedeby

And yes, Symplicity would never go down by trend but it is also not necessarily have to look cold and empty like mostly minimalist home style today. Here, you could combine the simplicity and the artistic cozy warm atmosphere into your home ambiance. Do not be disappointed if you do not have a house in a farm area, because, with the expert here, you could always feel the sensation of it even you are in the middle of the big hectic city.

Just tell us how could we help to make it one for you or if you have no idea about the design according to your own taste, we could also help to give you some choices from what we already were done and we would adjust according to the size and other decoration that you already have in your house and make it more personalize it to you. So having Farmhouse style in the middle of the city? Why not? Nothing impossible in art. Let’s make your house become unique and different with neighbors so that you can be proud of it.

So are you ready now to make your house has different look with your neighbor? Check our design here, you will find a lot of ideas to make one or just tell us what to do to make your inside out. Let’s make innovation, not just renovation.

Style By Pella Hedeby | Photography © by Kristofer Johnsson

Black & White Bathroom

Would this little bathtub remind you about something? It is actually will make you feel like a little princess in a fairy tale classic story. It’s really suitable when you have it for your farmhouse style design. It will not take too much space but you could spend your privacy time comfortably.

black and white bathrooms

Little Chair Under The Window

If you do not have any rack, statue or such a coffee table to put under the window, the little wooden chair with few kinds of stuff on the floor could become a part of functional decoration as well. Just don’t let any corner of your house, leave empty because that is the secret to making your house looks warmer.

Little Chair Under The Window

Little Working Space

One of the favorite room that would inspire you is a little working table facing the window. If you like to read a book or what more if you are a writer or have a job that needs a quiet atmosphere for creating a new idea and imagination, this would be the one you love.

Office Desk Near Window

Bedroom White Interior Design

The short roof above the bed is also one secret of making your private room have special sensation. With a window where you could enjoy the garden, certainly, it would not make your little bedroom narrow and bored but even natural since you could always enjoy the fresh air when you wake up.

Open Space Decorated Farmhouse Bedroom

bedroom white Interior design

Other Accessories at Window

Without necessarily buying a new rack or other stuff to put under the window, the little space on it can be useful for putting some frames, pictures, vas or little ceramic jar as decoration. Just put few of it and not too many so that it will not be distracting you when you open and close the window.

kitchen accessories at window decoration

Kitchen Indoor & Outdoor

Enjoying cooking does not have to require you to have a big kitchen full of stuff that makes them does not look neat and tidy. Most people doubt to have bright color for the kitchen since it will easily be dirty. However, with the right arrangement, all those worries would have no reason at all.

white kitchen decor ideas

Outdoor kitchen

Old Wooden Rack

The old wooden rack is always the suitable one to put. However, one thing that you have to consider, don’t just put it in a place where there are other many stuff around since it will not make them look special. Put this rack on the side of the room where it could take people attention to enjoy the whole view.

glass accerrious and small plant on old wooden rack

A lot of house does not make a good home and somehow they do not even become a part of the person who lives inside. Some people only concern about branded stuff, trend and luxurious impression but forget the character and the soul of design which supposed to express the comfort and bring that feeling to the whole people who stay or visit.

The farmhouse is one design that certainly would be able to give all of those criteria. Not expensive but it does not look cheap. Not glamour but it does not mean losing the taste. It’s cozy but it does not lose its elegance.

Bright Dining Area

Open Space Becomes One of The Strong Points of Any Home Design. Close to garden side view, natural ornaments such as wood and stone, natural color for the floor, wall, and roof. Simple decoration with only a few items selected. It is not necessary to need a big room or house for having one, but with the right position of the room and stuff arrangement, it can make it looks big also. It is really the right choice of design for those who need and concern with the comfort atmosphere at home and not just showing the financial status identity.

Natural Light Dining Room

If you consider starting building a house or buying a ready house, this kind of design would probably the one that you need to consider Especially because you can just design it yourself and some items which are not finished yet, could even become the part of the art. This kind of house is the one that could give you a lot of love and inspiration. Children would mostly like it too. Since it could bring them a lot of imagination and innovative ideas. The unique stuff selected, the unique design of the whole of it would make you proud of your own way of living and would show that you are a person who has strong character with a good sense of art and knows what you need and want, not just a tailgater like other common people who actually do not really know what the taste is.

minimalist farmhouse design

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