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18 Breathtakingly Vibrant Moroccan Bedroom Design Ideas

Vibrant, luxurious, and striking, the Moroccan interior design style is the popular option when looking for an exotic uplift to your home decor. This dramatic style draws inspiration from its stunning landscape, rich culture and traditional architecture to get that colorful, tropical look. Bright colors, rich fabrics, and intricate designs make the decor in this style look glamorous yet elegant. The laid-back, non-conformist vibe of this decor calms the senses and gives you a refreshed and relaxed feel. It’s not very difficult to bring an exotic flair to your home decor with a Moroccan bedroom design or living room remodel. A blend of various styles and cultures, the Moroccan decor is famous for creating comfortable interiors that also work as a perfect indoor oasis. When done correctly, Moroccan interiors can turn your home into a personal paradise and a retreat from the outside world.

The main features of Moroccan design are bold, warm colors, elaborate metal and woodwork, detailed patterns, and rich textures. Moroccan designs often feature arches that are either rounded, pointed, or lobed. These arches with other architectural detailing give a palatial touch to any simple house. Another unavoidable feature of traditional Moroccan design is the presence of interior courtyards, also known as Moroccan riads. If you don’t have the space for a courtyard then some form of natural greenery inside the house also works. Are you too thinking of going the Moroccan way with your home? Take a look at these exquisite examples of Moroccan bedroom designs to find some inspiration.

{ 1 } Vibrant Yellow Moroccan Bedroom Design

Vibrant Yellow Moroccan Bedroom Design

Beautiful Moroccan Bedroom With Yellow Tones By Ragne Kabanova/Shutterstock

Bright yellow walls and patterned tiles give this bedroom a Moroccan look. The four-poster bed also adds a regal touch to the design. The colors used are warm and bright. They reflect the sunny days of Moroccan summers! The area rug and blankets are of typical Moroccan style and further add to the decor. Although to be fair, its the whole cheerful and vibrant vibe of the room that enhances the decor!

{ 2 } Warm Wood Tones Moroccan Design

Warm Wood Tones Moroccan Design
Ornate Woodwork In Moroccan Bedroom Design By Jodie Cooper Design | Photo By Agus Darmika

The beautiful woodwork on the doors and the alcove is certainly the most noticeable thing of this bedroom. But the stunning ceiling also comes mighty close, doesn’t it? The beautifully patterned ceiling draws the eye upwards and looks absolutely stunning! The ornate pendant lamps, patterned bed cover, pillows, and ornamental ceiling fan further add to the Moroccan look of the bedroom. Similarly, the stone flooring also adds to the overall look of the room. All in all, this beautifully designed bedroom has a fresh and soothing vibe!

{ 3 } Contemporary Bedroom With Moroccan Touch

Contemporary Bedroom With Moroccan Touch
Orange Accents In White Bedroom By Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design | Photo By Lindsay Nichols

From stunning light fixtures to intricate tilework, Moroccan decor is all about detailed design and finishing touches. For example, this Alhambra pattern custom-made headboard captures the attention as soon as you walk inside. This intricately patterned headboard is made out of a Moroccan screen and painted white. Also sporting a Moroccan pattern are the orange pillows which bring in some orange accents to the neutral room. Similarly, the wicker nightstands and burnt orange hanging fan light bring some color and contrast to the white tones of the decor. Moreover, the West Elm table lamps add a modern flair to Moroccan inspired curved lamps. Finally, custom double euro pleated draperies add some finishing touches to this Moroccan retreat.

{ 4 } Bright White Moroccan Style Bedroom

Bright White Moroccan Style Bedroom
Simple Moroccan Canopy Bedroom In Roland Park Residence By Stephanie Bradshaw

This brightly lit all-white bedroom shines even more with simple Moroccan touches to its decor. It isn’t necessary to make drastic changes to the room’s interiors or architecture to give it a Moroccan influence. Simple changes and Moroccan accessories can also work wonders to achieve the same! Take this beautiful bedroom for example. The plaint yet authentic bed canopy certainly gives this bedroom a Moroccan look. Add to it the beautiful area rug in Moroccan tilework pattern, and you have an authentic Moroccan look. And I haven’t even started on the pillows yet! See what I mean?

{ 5 } Shabby Chic Vibrant Moroccan Bedroom

Shabby Chic Vibrant Moroccan Bedroom
Playful Yet Sophisticated Moroccan Bedroom Design By Marion Interior Design

This stylish bedroom is certainly the definition of Moroccan eclectic decor! And it’s not just the pink walls or frilly bedsheets. It’s the whole playful yet sophisticated look of the bedroom that gives it an eclectic feel. The rich pink walls certainly set the tone for the rest of the decor. Similarly, the Moroccan style bed frame with cozy, satiny bedsheet and pillows gives the room a shabby chic look. The dark purple curtains further add to the chic look of the room. Also, the cozy faux fur rug and vintage chest bring character to the decor. However, it’s certainly the stylish table lamps and stunning pendant lights that give a finishing touch and light up the room.

{ 6 } Elegant Chic Modern Moroccan Bedroom

Elegant Chic Modern Moroccan Bedroom
Pink Accent Details In Moroccan Bedroom Design By Brett Design

The simplicity of this decor gives it a timeless elegance. This modern contemporary bedroom with Moroccan influences is warm and inviting. The feathers wallpaper from Brett Design sets the tone for the rest of the decor. The pink pouf, hot pink patterned throw and the area rug with a Moroccan tile pattern certainly give the room a Moroccan bohemian look. It brings color and character to the design. It makes the room look cheerful and lively. However, the mirrored side tables, stylish table lamps, and beige low bed with an arched headboard bring a modern elegance to the design.

{ 7 } Moroccan Style Twin Bedroom Decor

Moroccan Style Twin Bedroom Decor
Twin Room Decorated In Moroccan Style By Pierre-Yves Babelon/Shutterstock

Beautiful twin beds with Moroccan prints and authentic side tables with the same details certainly give this twin bedroom a Moroccan look. Also, add to that the tiled floors and light pink walls and the bedroom looks like an authentic Moroccan look. Comfortable bedding with rich fabrics is also reminiscent of Moroccan traditions. The red satin pillows with gems patterns and green silk throw also bring color and contrast to the decor.

{ 8 } Green Canopy Twin Bedroom Design

Green Canopy Twin Bedroom Design
Fresh And Bright Moroccan Bedroom Design By Swank Design

This beautiful bohemian bedroom is full of Moroccan touches. The flowing canopy over the bed gives the room a fresh and lively feel. Similarly, the yellow accents in the room bring a cheerful and sunny look. And the globe pendant lights further add to the bright look of the room. However, it’s not just the bed canopy and light that bring Moroccan touch to the decor. The light green wallpaper’s intricate pattern is reminiscent of Moroccan mosaic tiles. Similarly, the patterned pillows, area rug, and pouf bring a Moroccan touch to the decor.

{ 9 } Corner Canopy Bed Vibrant Decor

Corner Canopy Bed Vibrant Decor
Colorful And Whimsical Moroccan Bedroom Design By DK Architects | Photo By Renee Ramge

Colorful and vibrant, this bedroom is certainly a sight to behold! The cozy faux fur rug brings warmth to the decor. The green bed with the multicolored cover and pillows bring an element of fun to the decor. Similarly, the colorful ottoman and floor pillows further add to the cheerful vibe of the room. Moreover, the canopy over the bed gives the room a whimsical appeal. All in all, the vibrant colors and rich patterns of the decor along with the beautiful pendant light give the room a Moroccan look.

{ 10 } Simple Layout Moroccan Bedroom Design

Simple Layout Moroccan Bedroom Design
Grand Blue Moroccan Bedroom Design By Pierre-Yves Babelon/Shutterstock

This bedroom is a good example of authentic Moroccan carvings and patterns. Tiled floors and elaborate wall carvings set the tone for this Moroccan bedroom. They give the room a palatial look. Similarly, the Moroccan furnishings with intricate detailing gives the room a rich look. Plus the Moroccan pattern area rug and accessories certainly add to the authentic Moroccan look of the room. Royal colors and rich fabrics add a touch of glamour and opulence to the simple layout of the decor.

{ 11 } Light And Cheerful Moroccan Bedroom

Light And Cheerful Moroccan Bedroom
Bold Colors And Moroccan Patterns In Lake Forest Guest House By Centered By Design

White walls and wooden floors form the perfect base for this colorful bohemian decor. The colorful bedcover, pillows, and area rug certainly give the room a bohemian look. However, Moroccan influences are visible in the intricate details of the bed frame as well as the carving on the drawer chest. The ornate pendant lights also add a Moroccan touch to the design. The bold colors and Moroccan influences bring some character to the design. They also make the room look cheerful and fun. It’s certainly perfect for a kids’ bedroom!

{ 12 } Red Walls And Moroccan Decor

Red Walls And Moroccan Decor
Bold Red Tones And Oriental Bed In Moroccan Eclectic Bedroom By Marion Interior Design

From the carved bed and oriental rug to the tiled floors and ornate side tables, this bedroom is full of Moroccan influences. The bold red tones of the wall set the tone for the rest of the decor in this eclectic bedroom. White lacquered tiled floors balance the vibrancy of the vivid colors in the decor. Multicolored oriental rug and bright blue detailed side tables bring color and fun to the design. Similarly, the decorative table lamps bring a touch of style to the decor. And of course, the bed canopy, bed cover, and pillows give a Moroccan touch to the room. However, the elaborately carved regal bed is certainly the show stealer in this design. It gives the room a royal look!

{ 13 } White Moroccan Bedroom With Black Accents

White Moroccan Bedroom With Black Accents
Ornate Architecture In Modern Moroccan Bedroom Design In Casbah Cove By Stein Design

This all-white bedroom certainly has a soft and tranquil appeal. Modern furnishings and a neutral color scheme give this room a contemporary look. However, the Moroccan style architecture with its many arches on doors, windows, and even the alcove give this bedroom an authentic Moroccan touch. The alcove with a horseshoe arch holds an intricately carved wall which doubles as the headboard for a comfortable bed. Beautiful accessories like the table lamps, area rug, vintage center table, and side table also show a Moroccan influence with their curved and detailed designs. The detailed wall carvings and curved arches of the architecture are also reminiscent of the serene yet royal appeal of Asian bedroom designs. To top it all, the stunning pendant light brings style and glamour to the simple decor. All in all, the bedroom has a regal yet serene look.

{ 14 } Minimal Bedroom Elegant Moroccan Decor

Minimal Bedroom Elegant Moroccan Decor
Scandinavian Minimalism With Moroccan Touch In East Village By Hope Pinc Design

This simple bedroom is a prime example of Scandinavian minimalism with a Moroccan touch. Intricate ornate designs are a very important part of Moroccan decor and are often incorporated in many ways. Take this headboard for example. The intricate design of this beautiful white headboard is reminiscent of Arabic monuments and Moroccan architecture. The wall tapestry, bedcovers, and patterned area rug also add a Moroccan touch to the decor. The simple layout, leggy furniture, and minimal furnishings are typical of Scandinavian design. But it’s certainly the blue accent wall and area rug that brings some color and contrast to this otherwise neutral decor.

{ 15 } Eclectic Bedroom With Moroccan Touch

Eclectic Bedroom With Moroccan Touch
Playful And Colorful Moroccan Bedroom Design By Crystal Blackshaw Design | Photo By Jazi Photography

The children’s bedroom, like this one, is perfect for injecting play and color into the house. Vintage Moroccan rugs also double as headboards and bring an eclectic touch to the room. the patterned area rug and vintage mid-century chests bring a modern touch to the design. Pink bedsheets and green pillows add color to the decor. All in all, this bedroom looks fresh and cheerful, just what a children’s bedroom should look like!

{ 16 } Pink Bedroom With Moroccan Touch

Pink Bedroom With Moroccan Touch
Colorful And Cozy Moroccan Bedroom Design By Rachel Belden Interior Design | Photo By Roy Weinstein and Ken Kast

Designing a space for teenagers is never easy! Yet this cozy and colorful bedroom is every teenage girl’s dream come true! Bold, vibrant, and very comfortable, this bedroom has everything a teenage girl would like! The pink and orange color scheme gives the room a playful feel. The Moroccan print bedsheet, pillows, and curtains give the room an authentic Moroccan look. Add to it the curved design table lamps, wall art, and hanging pendant lights and you have a prominently Moroccan bedroom design!

{ 17 } Purple Accents Simple Bedroom Decor

Purple Accents Simple Bedroom Decor
Grand And Glamorous Decor In Moroccan Bedroom By Scala Construction

Royal purple accents give this beautiful bedroom a very grand look. Moroccan style headboard and furniture further add to this royal look. Moroccan decor has a flair for drama and grandeur. The arched design of the headboard and the detailed carving work of the vintage benches at the foot of the bed also prove this fact. Add to that the heavily curtained look and royal purple walls, rug, and accents, and you have a beautifully regal and dramatic bedroom! The vintage table lamp in an ornate design is also a nod to the Moroccan flair for elaborate lighting!

{ 18 } Dark Regal Moroccan Bedroom Design

Dark Regal Moroccan Bedroom Design
Ornate Bedframe In Moroccan Bedroom Design By The Ancon Group | Photo By Casey Dun

The dark grey walls and carpet form a nice backdrop for this colorful Moroccan decor. The dark grey tones of the walls add some drama and mystery to the decor. However, the large open windows let in ample sunlight and colorful decor prevents the room from being dull. A Moroccan style tiled ceiling certainly adds color and visual interest to the decor.  You can also see the Moroccan influence in the beautifully detailed bed frame, nightstands, and side table. And of course, the Moroccan pendant light and ornate table lamps also add Moroccan flair to the design. To top it all, the orange daybed, oriental throw, and Moroccan style pillows further add to the bohemian look of this design. All in all, an elegant Moroccan bedroom design!

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