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Home Home Decor Home Project: Modern European Style Furniture in California

Home Project: Modern European Style Furniture in California

You have just moved into your new home. It looks good with open spaces and is airy, but without the right furniture and interiors, it is half complete. Your quaint and charming home needs extra care for utilizing the space to maximum effect. Planning your interiors correctly creates extra space for you to organize things properly. The inspiration for the home should be from the natural surroundings and the personal characteristics and preferences of the homeowners. The right interior will give your home a welcoming ambiance. The peoples who want to give a classic look to their home along with the modern look. Then this mixture of classic construction and Modern European Furniture can be a perfect inspiration for them. This awesome project did by Hills & Grant in 2017, California, United States. The cost of this project More than USD 20,00,000.

You can design your home in a variety of ways. You can have eye-catching wooden table centerpieces, wooden frames for pictures, items inspired by nature such as seashells etc. to add charm to your home. You can also have appropriately sized wall mural that matches the external environment. You can add flowers to give a charming and uplifting mood and can give a pleasing atmosphere to your home.

Wooden Furniture Living Room with High Ceiling

Wooden Furniture Living Room With High Ceiling

Transitional Living Room San Francisco
If you have a living room with high ceiling, it is very attractive to decorate it with wooden designs, including sofas made of high-quality wood. This gives the room a vintage effect whose influence is hard to shake off. This is the best choice for rooms with wooden floor finish. With this interior design, you can keep lots of seating space in the room. You can also keep the sofa colors in neutral colors such as brown matching the woodwork. It has great pattern choices and solid color palate giving you a lively atmosphere.

Modern European Style Furniture Kitchen

Modern European Furniture Kitchen
Having a kitchen which is completely furnished with wood gives it a classic yet modern look. You can enhance your kitchen with wooden colored tiles on the floor and the ceiling for the nice effect. You can have wooden dining table and chairs, hanging shelves etc. Compared to metal, wood finish gives a gorgeous look. The backdrop it creates is serene and the playful wooden accessories can liven up your kitchen

Black Textured Kitchen Wall design

Black Textured Kitchen Wall design
You have decorated every aspect of your kitchen right from drawers, to the kitchen sink. Then why should you leave your kitchen wall blank? You can have excellent kitchen wall designs with black textures. Combined with classic wooden interiors, your wall will appear in contrast and attractive. It adds interest to the eyes and is a great design option to choose from. It expresses the queer nature of your home in a lovely way.

Wooden Dining Table

Wooden Dining Table
Having a wooden dining table gives a melodramatic feel to your dinner time. You can expand the design with a classic wooden vase, wooden chairs with white seats. This design transforms an otherwise boring dinner space into a stunning place that would catch the attention of everyone. By means of this simple and elegant design, you can transform your dining space into a big decorative monument of your home.

Classic Small Bedroom

Classic Small Bedroom
You can give your small bedroom a classic feel with the grey themed interior design. Grey color is cozy and you can give a luxurious look with this color even in a cramped space. Having a bedroom facing the mountains provides a great view. Pair it up with outside facing sofas and a good painting for maximum effect. It creates an element of surprise that is fully loaded with your personality. The design is the perfect choice for giving nostalgia to yourself every time you enter your bedroom.

Simple Bedroom Decoration

Simple Bedroom Decoration
This classic design has a mixture of modern European interior design elements and classic colors such as pink and lime green. This design redefines comfort and luxurious living and ideal for mountain facing homes. This is a place where you can relax, have fun and be comfortable. This interior is charming and can pack a small space with a big flashy style.

Glass Floating Staircase

Glass Floating Staircase

Wood Stair
Staircases fulfill a function but they don’t have to be boring. Give your staircase the much- needed twist. Design it with glass that gives it a floating appearance and add interest to the design. The combination of wood and glass gives it a mystical feel and it is something which is not to be missed. Go for this unconventional design to enthrall your guests.

Home Wooden Exterior

Home Wooden Exterior
When your home is located in the high mountains or has an ocean view in a beach, taking cues from nature is a great idea. Decorating your cottage or cabin with complete wooden design by incorporating elements from Mother Nature will make your cabin or cottage perfectly blend with the surroundings. Having a dark wood color with tile-like design can give the cottage a modern look.


Like your easy going, free spirit, your home also has to match with your personality. This same philosophy needs to be applied while designing the interior style of your home. The designs from Hills& Grant are known for their charm and naturalistic comfort. You would enjoy picking out the best and the most suited decor for your home that is uplifting and has a rich look filled with your trademark style and character. Visit the nearest showroom of Hills & Grant today and engaging in a transformative experience both for your home and yourself.

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