35 Latest Ideas For Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Contemporary Kitchen Designs

It’s becoming a common trend that home planners spend a lot of time to select the perfect design for all their interior requirements, especially kitchen. It is obvious that one will get overwhelmed when looking at the never-ending list of designs that look attractive and are available in the market today. To make your life easier and to help you get the feel and look you need in your kitchen, we share with you the 35 latest trending contemporary kitchen designs that you should look for. What do you think about this Latest Eclectic Kitchen Design Ideas?

{ 1 } Kitchen And Bath With Cabinets

Kitchen And Bath With Cabinets
Contemporary Home Design with Natural Elements
The superior finish of this kitchen is due to the use of high-quality pepper tree. The architectural-grade bath cabinets are sure to win you over. It has a fine finish of white oak veneer that gives this design a superior look and feel. Lift your mood of your kitchen with a wire brushed texture and give it an exotic spin with customized satin. You would be amazed by the glaze of this kitchen cabinet which gives a distinct value.

{ 2 } Streamlined Kitchen

Streamlined Kitchen
Pattern Tiles Modern White Kitchen Kingsway Residence
A modern white kitchen is perfect with bright designs and good contrast with dark bronze handles. It is a great example of “industrial meets elegant” design which balances both functionality and aesthetics. This glossy white beauty is splurged with high-quality herringbone marble tiles. This gives the Kitchen a Combination of Modern & Vintage Effect whose influence is mesmerizing. It amplifies the queer nature of your home and the shiny white color looks beautiful and fresh. Having a grey Wall mounted exhaust chimney makes even the rudimentary elements look good.

{ 3 } Modern Kitchen With Walnut Cabinets & Quartz Counter Top (Via LMK Interior Design)

Modern Kitchen With Walnut Cabinets And Quartz Counter Top
This is a modern kitchen design flush with an attractive wooden design. Having a walnut cabinet and cupboard gives a melodramatic feel to your cooking time. The veneer frame and matte finish of the furniture are extremely good and heartwarming. This sleek design gives more storage space while also giving a nice experience. Using a dark wood color with tile-like design can give the kitchen a new revamp of the look. The glossy quartz countertop mixes perfectly well with the wooden design.

{ 4 } Bright & Enjoyable Clontarf Kitchen (Via Art of Kitchens)

Bright And Enjoyable Clontarf Kitchen
This Clontarf kitchen has a unique blend of textural, visual and practical design which is soothing to the eyes. Its distinctive elements have come together to create an enjoyable kitchen. It has a bright feel in natural light. The spectacular view these contemporary kitchen designs evoke with colors of white, black and lime green is inspiring. This white island design uses a variety of wooden textures and finishes expand the visual experience of the kitchen space and works well in natural settings.

{ 5 } Led Light Strips With Black Granite Countertop (Via Gregory Davies)

Led Light Strips With Black Granite Countertop
This kitchen is a modern one with a light strip at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. It has an attractive black granite countertop. The dark color is contrasted by a light blue cabinet and the whole metal feel gives a futuristic look to the kitchen. Paired with the dark stone floor, this kitchen blends well with the room size. The under cabinet lighting is eerily fantastic and the walls with calligraphic text is a cute way of expressing your culinary thoughts.

{ 6 } Mix Of Dark Brown With White (Via Karen Aston Design | Photo By Thomas Dalhoff)

Mix Of Dark Brown With White
This kitchen sets a practical yet welcoming tone in the space. Shinybench tops with low glare give a good view. This has a white wallpaper design that enhances the beauty. The floor tiles and chairs are made of wood and add a nice element to the design. The kitchen backsplash is the area where you can show your creativity. The kitchen platform is roomy and can save lots of hassles during cooking time making it an enjoyable experience. Enhance the experience with white lights.

{ 7 } White Wash Wood Flooring (Via CATO Creative | Photo By Fresh Photo House)

White Wash Wood Flooring
This kitchen has an open design and has the natural sunlight all over the place. It is gorgeous to see how much light comes in. the grey colored wooden floor finish and white color kitchen cabinets are a match made in heaven. Glass ceiling over the dining room and the whitewash wood flooring increases the appeal of the kitchen manifold. The combination of open space and glass gives it a mystical feel and it is something which is not to be missed. Go for this exotic design to enthrall your guests.

{ 8 } Sophisticated Design With Colorful Rug (Via Mary Anne Smiley | Photo By Dan Piassick)

Sophisticated Design With Colorful Rug
This modern rug is decorated with various bright colors and attractive designs. It pairs up well with dark colored woodwork giving maximum impact. It has an unconventional design with quirky elements and can be called a piece of modern art. Combine that with bright white kitchen tiles, you will have an intoxicating kitchen pathway that is sure to sweep your guests off their feet. This sophisticated design is visually appealing and magnifies the elation you feel when you enter the kitchen.

{ 9 } Open Plan Dining Room (Via Spiral Cellars)

Open Plan Dining Room
Open plan dining rooms are perfect for the family interactions in the evenings. They enhance the social aspect of the home. It gives a relaxing and welcoming vibe and keeps the environment lively. The way in which the furniture is organized and the roominess this design provides will impress your family members This design also has a spiral cellar which enables to conserve precious space in this design. It is designed in such a crafty way that it is virtually impossible to identify the cellar in the first glance.

{ 10 } White Quartz Waterfall Countertop (Via Elle Decor)

White Quartz Waterfall Countertop
The High-quality quartz countertop with superior finish and cushions with bright lime yellow designs make this dining table too good to be true. Topped up with an attractive surface, contemporary kitchen designs of this type are stunning. You can also enhance the look with small table plant and the enchanting lights with golden plated covers give an irresistible feel. This inviting design is the perfect addition to your kitchen and cooks up a fascinating style. The kitchen cabinets hide the clutter and keep a neat, organized space.

{ 11 } Charming Gray Rectangle Design (Via Style Curator)

Charming Gray Rectangle Design
This has a distinct stained wooden floor design and the grey rectangle design brightens up your space. This kitchen remodel is dreamy and the grey cabinets on the top of the kitchen save up precious space. Its idiosyncratic design with grey pattern gives a beautiful visual in sunlight. Fill up your kitchen space with nice pleasing greenery. This design allows you to have a small outdoor in your indoor areas. This also enables you to enhance your gardening enthusiasm.

{ 12 } Concrete Floor Minimalist Kitchen Cabinets (Via Cuisine Steam)

Concrete Floor Minimalist Kitchen Cabinets
Having a concrete floor for a change can flaunt your minimalist style. It is an unorthodox design with elements of black in the pillars and parts of ceilings. The black theme of the kitchen wall is paired up with black metal chairs. It may not look cozy and its elements work brilliantly to create a radically different atmosphere. A quintessential dining room environment showcases unconventionality in which you can flaunt your artistic inclinations and it matches the design and color suited to your taste.

{ 13 } Black Look Semi-Open Kitchen (Via Mobalpa)

Black Look Semi-Open Kitchen
This semi-open kitchen has a nice view of the outdoors. The black colors and neutral shapes will blend into just about any color palette. This design has the benefits of a unified and complete look, has lower maintenance and matches perfectly with the countertop. This is a practical design with unique flair and has the right color for drawer knobs. It has innovative material design and has a strikingly clean appearance. This type of contemporary kitchen designs gives a mystical aura perfect for making your cooking time pleasurable.

<h4{ 14=”” }=””>Brilliant Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Brilliant Kitchen Lighting Ideas
Who says you want a chandelier? With an innovative mind, you can have exciting kitchen lighting ideas that can give a truly classical atmosphere for your home. The intricate designs of the lighting design speak volumes about the art and craft that has gone into creating this masterpiece and it is a perfect addition to your kitchen. The outlandish design evoked by this kitchen lighting is unparalleled and also illuminates the room with shiny lights. You can illuminate the kitchen sink and the bottom portion of the cabinet with exciting lighting colors.

{ 15 } Balance With Minimalist Cabinets And Lines (Via Laura Burleson Photo By Bauer Media)

Balance With Minimalist Cabinets And Lines
Granite or similar materials are wise choices for many homeowners for their countertops. This design has an attractive look that requires minimal upkeep and worth the investment. The minimalist design is appealing and the bright yellow color is a nice match to the wooden color of the floor. This concept works well with brightly lit areas and has a durable material design. It strikes a perfect balance with the appliances color and comes off without a hitch. The cooking workstation is also placed in the proper location

{ 16 } Milk Color Kitchen With Breakfast Stool (Via Insight Studio)

Milk Color Kitchen With Breakfast Stool
These contemporary kitchen designs provide an opportunity for casual seating and dining space, good storage possibilities and additional food preparation space. They increase visual interest to the kitchen and have attractive cupboard design. The minimalist style breakfast stools are not only functional but are highly aesthetic. They add drama to the space making your kitchen the main focal point of your home. It has separate racks to keep your plates and has a separate sink for added function. It is paired up with white textured tiles to enhance your delight.

{ 17 } Luxurious Contemporary Kitchen Designs (Via Maric Homes)

Luxurious Contemporary Kitchen Design
Luxurious kitchen design means having top class woodwork for all the aspects of it. The most prevalent elements, the cabinets, and flooring made of wood would raise eyebrows of any guest. This design has a granite or marble countertop and is easy to install compared to other designs. You can add different contrasting colors with the wood itself and get a design which is charismatic in its own right. The texture of the wooden wall design blends flawlessly with your furniture and you can lose yourself in the awe-inspiring colors of the contemporary kitchen designs.

{ 18 } Remo Silver Grey Kitchen (Via S N Collection)

Remo Silver Grey Kitchen
Silver is a contemporary design and an exotic metal in itself. It gives a soft shade of grey color and creates an upbeat atmosphere. It suits every setting and the color silver grey is an excellent pair of all types of finishes. This kitchen model has integrated dining table and makes the most of the dining space. It has a unique social environment and is sure to trigger conversation naturally. The soft color is soothing and does not need an artificial light to illuminate the mood of your home.

{ 19 } Dark Modern Elegant Designs

Dark Modern Elegant Designs
This design has a dark wood color that elicits elegance and heartfulness. You are sure to get great memories in this kitchen. It has a nice country feel to it and it is inviting and comforting, much needed in a modern home. The dark themed wood is paired up with wooden textured walls which give nostalgia. There is a certain timeless style element to it and offers to be a cherished place in the memory of your guests. White colored countertop with a brightly lit central area is ideal for the irresistible experience.

{ 20 } Light Shades With Bright Natural Colors (Via Brett Mickan Interior Design | Photo By Thomas Dalhoff)

Light Shades With Bright Natural Colors
This design has taken cues from nature and is a great idea for the kitchen. Decorating your kitchen floor with complete wooden design by incorporating elements from Mother Nature will make your kitchen space perfectly blend with the surroundings. Having dark grey color cabinets with tile-like design give the kitchen a modern look. This is a minimalist design with bright natural colors and enhances the beauty with appropriate light shades. The floor has a black butt board with matte water based finish.

{ 21 } Kitchen With Wood Floor & Dining

Kitchen With Wood Floor And Dining
This has one of the best hardwood tiles for the flooring. It showcases your hospitality and makes it an inviting spot for social gatherings. This is an authentic way to transform your kitchen into a spectacular place. This flooring is perfect for maintaining a clean look and gives a rich feel. This in combination with cream colored walls offers the perfect country style. This has industrial design mashed up with traditional countryside appearance and gives a refreshing take on the contemporary kitchen designs.

{ 22 } Decorate Savannah Pendant Lighting (Via H B Vancouver | Photo By Ema Peter)

Decorate Savannah Pendant Lighting
Any kitchen needs good lighting and why have a rudimentary design for lighting? This savannah pendant lighting works very well with the white perimeter cabinets splurged with wooden floor and islands. This works perfectly with bright white countertops. Once you have the overall style direction, you can experiment with the light colors and can truly make your kitchen special. Minute detailing such as lighting gives an edge to your kitchen and these details make the difference in the artistic terms.

{ 23 } Medium Size Leather Bar Stools (Via Luna Grey Interiors | Photo By Kelsey Ann Rrose)

Medium Size Leather Bar Stools
Bar stools are an important feature that attracts people’s attention and it has to be designed with utmost care. This bar stool has a simplistic design with leather seats and appropriately sized. Its legs have an innovative design and artwork. It is unique and one of a kind and keeps your bar from becoming too boring. It adds a nice twist to contemporary design and adds a ton of personality to the seating area. The leather has high-quality finish with captivating colors and looks visually alluring.

{ 24 } Herringbone Tile Floor Kitchen (Via Hart Wright Architects | Photo By David Livingston)

Herringbone Tile Floor Kitchen
Instead of going for boring square or rectangular shaped tiles, add a wacky style to your kitchen by having a herringbone-shaped kitchen tile. This works well with dark cabinets and has a deep tone which looks stunning in combination with light colored walls. Having a dark colored kitchen table is a smashing concept and offers a fresh, contemporary look. The Grey green glass color of the tiles is a great choice for those who want to spice up their kitchen space.

{ 25 } Small Contemporary Single-Wall Concrete Floor Kitchen (Via Vertebrae Architecture)

Small Contemporary Single-Wall Concrete Floor Kitchen
This design is ideal for a smaller kitchen with space restrictions. In this case, a restrained palette such as a lighter uniform grey has created magic. The hue’s somberness is balanced with splashes of bright yellow on the open shelves and the counter. The light storage on the shelves and the minimal use of accessories give good visual relief to the small space and make it appear bigger. The fun comes from the orange and the brown color table and chairs and is wacky enough to get a smile.

{ 26 } Combination Of Modern And Industrial Look (Via Optimise Design | Barbara Egan)

Combination Of Modern And Industrial Look
If you are a fan of engineering, then you should definitely go for this design. This combines the industrial and modern look. The rotating chairs are functional and its legs have a nice twist of art to it. It has a plain look on the floor tiles and a contrasting darker tone on the walls. This design gives a distinct personality to the kitchen and transforms it into a thing of beauty. White theme is exotic and the monochromatic atmosphere elevates the mood

{ 27 } Huge Trendy Open Concept Kitchen (Via Arent & Pyke | Photo By Anson Smart)

Huge Trendy Open Concept Kitchen

Copper Kitchen Pendant Lights
If you are a nature loving person, having an open concept kitchen makes sense. This design gives a wonderful feeling to the heart. This design rejuvenates the boring dinner space into a masterpiece that would capture everyone’s imagination. You can transform your dining space into talk of the town by having this elegant design. You can expand the design with classic utensils with art, chairs with cushions. The vibrant colors are a good alternative to an otherwise dull housework.

{ 28 } Single Wall Mid Sized Contemporary Kitchen (Via Bradley Van Der Straeten)

Single Wall Mid Sized Contemporary Kitchen
This is a grey and white kitchen concept which can be fitted onto a single wall. This works well for mid-sized kitchen and utilizes the space effectively. It helps keep things organized in an uncluttered way. The kitchen cabinets create enough room for keeping utensils. This design converts the kitchen into a fun place to hang out and have social conversations. You would not feel the tiredness of the daily labor of cooking, in the mind elevating contemporary kitchen designs.

{ 29 } Trendy U-Shaped Kitchen Pantry Design (Via Butler Armsden Architects)

Trendy U-Shaped Kitchen Pantry Design
This Kitchen Pantry Design is a brilliant idea for knowing what is kept on the upper shelves of your pantry. It has transparent glass shelves installed at different levels. Just by gazing upwards you can immediately identify what is up high on the racks and does not need a ladder. This U-shaped pantry with metal shelving and translucent panels allows entry of natural light. It optimizes space and has shelves along the window in the butler’s pantry.

{ 30 } Beige Cabinets And Metal Backsplash (Via Furman + Keil Architects)

Beige Cabinets And Metal Backsplash
This latest design with a Metal Backsplash and Beige Cabinets gives an open arrangement and the new panoramic windows allow the visitors to be able to enjoy the whole natural surroundings. The entire setup is minimalistic and yet gives a spectacular experience to the engagers. It looks beautiful with the stove on walls being generous and also when it’s built around the stove. All in all, this way of bringing nature to the kitchen is really a great idea to make your life enchanting.

{ 31 } Red Glass Accent Tiles (Via Giulietti Schouten Architects)

Red Glass Accent Tiles
This type of contemporary kitchen designs has a Herringbone Pattern at The Floor Which Adds Sophisticated and Attractive Visual Texture to it. Adding to it, the kitchen has bright glass tiles added in order to match the glass backsplash kept behind the cooktop which looks more elegant. The top moldings are simple and the specific design of hood with cabinets to the ceiling and the spacious environment makes it more vivid and colorful.

{ 32 } Wood Kitchen Countertop (Via Gardner Architects | Photo By Jim Tetro)

Wood Kitchen Countertop
This kind of contemporary kitchen designs has a wooden top and drawers whose contrasting colors make the whole kitchen look mesmerizing. The countertop is designed very differently with a faucet almost at the center. The lamps hanging from the ceiling are kept in a way to allow the inhabitants to get a holistic view of the entire kitchen. The island design of having different materials and architectures inside the kitchen makes it an ideal design to choose for anyone.

{ 33 } Mid-Sized Contemporary U-Shaped Slate Floor (Via Fox-Nahem Associates)

Mid-Sized Contemporary U-Shaped Slate Floor
The entire color scene with white walls, brown furniture, and baskets give a unique look to this design. The frosted glass cabinets and the shelves provide a rich look to the walls. The interesting part of the design is the pendant light which is a beautiful piece of art.The contrasting colors of the floor and the cabinets give a much finer look to the kitchen. With all these attractive features, this kitchen is guaranteed to give you a peaceful and calmer mind every day.

{ 34 } Blue Cabinets, Granite Countertops (Via Maya Wilson Interiors | Photo By Marc Wilson)

Blue Cabinets, Granite Countertops
Grey blue is a unique color and having cabinets in this color is highly desirable. This color is neutral and has a traditional design. The cabinets are organized in a normal style and the architectural simplicity is the main catch point in this design. This is the perfect design for minimalists and simplicity lovers. It does not try too hard to impress people and confidently states that function precedes form. It has an aesthetic design for the drawer handles and are easy to use

{ 35 } Contemporary Turquoise Kitchen Cabinets (Via Phi Builders + Architects | Photo By Sarah Szwajkos)

Contemporary Turquoise Kitchen Cabinets
Turquoise kitchen cabinets are the new fashion in the kitchen. This design has a punch of wooden colors and a wooden beam on the center of the room. It has a funky design with navy blue colored cabinets. This eccentric and offbeat color reflects the modern style which values the coolness factor. The funky chairs with white covers match nicely with the overall design sense. Add this with metal patterns on the walls, you have the youthful and high spirited kitchen design.

Interior kitchen design is a whole world within itself, right from choosing the color of the floors and walls, the cabinet designs and size, the surrounding environments, natural and artificial lightings and much more. An amazing kitchen will not only flaunt the wealth of the owner but also the taste and inner nature of the human being as well. Achieving the best quality design at affordable prices can be tricky, but with the above contemporary kitchen designs ideas, you will be able to filter out the designs of your choice pretty easy.


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