34 Ultimate Collection of Kitchen Design Ideas & Inspiration

Kitchen Design Ideas

Does your kitchen need a little bit of grooming? Here are a few kitchen design ideas, that will add life to your home, and make your guests drool and talk about it. After a lot of research, and mixing and matching we ended up finalizing 34 design kitchen ideas, from quirky to classy, royal to fancy, you will find them all. These designs include various shapes, colors, contrasts and combination that you would want in your kitchen, along with a variety of surfaces and lights. We are sure you are keenly looking forward to classic yet trendy design ideas, and we have tried to not miss on the best ones.

We hope you find the one you have been looking for.

{ 1 } The Glance of Ivory

Light Airy Kitchen Design Ideas
Classic Contemporary Orangery Kitchen Project by Humphreymunson
Here is a supremely spacious and airy kitchen design idea, in combination with ivory, white and their shades. The huge mirror adds to the view through the window. So along with getting your work in the kitchen done, you can please yourself with the greens outside. Not just the kitchen is spacious but also has a lot of storage space to accommodate everything that you need in the kitchen.

{ 2 } The Blend of Wood and White

Mid Century Modern White Kitchen Design
Mid-Century Modern Small Kitchen Design by Freedom Kitchens
Here is a small yet multi-utility kitchen, that involves the classic blend of wood and white. The falling bulbs add to the design, along with making the kitchen glow as and when needed. The simple shelves around the platform ensure that there are no storage problems. The wooden flooring shall lessen your work in the kitchen. This is how one can think of turning a smaller space, into a beautiful kitchen.

{ 3 } The Magic of States

Victorian High Ceiling Kitchen
Kitchen Victorian Makeover via Sunset
The glossy white kitchen with golden handles and knobs. This kitchen design idea involves ample storage space for all the kitchen necessities and more. From oven to a chimney, this kitchen is entirely modular and designed in accordance to trends today, with the evergreen touch of wood and white. The golden handles, knobs, and taps add to the classiness and make the kitchen, an awe-worthy one.

{ 4 } The Royal Deja Vu

Large Traditional Kitchen Design
Mediterranean Tuscan Style Kitchen by Mullet Cabinet
This grand, royal kitchen design involves the usage of marble and wood. The various shades of brown make this design have a beautiful ambiance. The candle holders add to the ethnicity. If you have a grand house, with a huge kitchen space, this is the design you must go for. A kitchen that has a lot of storage space and almost all the facilities is a dream for many, but you can make it come true.

{ 5 } Elitism

Elite Class Square Shaped Modular Kitchen
Fashion Designer Jenni Kayne’s House in Beverly Hills via Architectural Digest, Architect by Pamela Burton | Photo by Roger Davies
This kitchen design idea is of an elite class, square-shaped, modular kitchen, with walking space in all the four sides. The white cupboards with glass doors on the left, and a little washing area on the right. The wooden ceiling makes the kitchen look conventional yet fancy. Tile flooring with an amalgamation of white and wooden color, along with matching chairs make the contrast of the kitchen as perfect as it can be.

{ 6 } The White Glow

White Cabinets Two Islands and Chandeliers Marble Countertops
This superior, king likely kitchen design idea is one of its own kind. Golden glowing little lights on the ceiling along with two huge chandeliers give a serene touch to the kitchen. The ivory colored storage spaces and grey shaded marble platform, along with huge spaces to walk around, is only more gaze-worthy than known. If you have a liking for dark floors then this the kitchen idea you must go for.

{ 7 } The Simplicity Epitome

White and Oak Kitchen Ideas
White Kitchen Design Ideas by Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets
Get this simple yet appealing kitchen made, if you do not look forward to fancy kitchen design ideas. The conventional white and wooden combination and L-shaped platform make this kitchen look as simplistic as it can be. Along with ample storage space, the kitchen is quite ventilated and spacious. The golden glowing lights make this kitchen shine as it should. The little dining space is the perfect place to start your day with.

{ 8 } The Fictional Reality

Unique Small Kitchen Design Ideas
Small on Space, Big on Style by Emily Henderson
This kitchen design idea involves walls made up of tiles, along with a perfectly contrasting white and grey storage spaces. Adding to the variety of surfaces, the wooden floors make the kitchen design, a go-to one. Black wall lights around the walls, bring the authenticity back into existence. Making it simpler for the residents, the glass doors of the storage spaces indeed make this kitchen a unique one.

{ 9 } Rectangular Hues

Rectangular U-shaped Small Kitchen
If you have a thing for rectangular yet modular kitchens, this is the kitchen design idea you must prioritize. A U-shaped, small kitchen for smaller homes, in the shades of grey, golden and white shall add to the beauty of your home. The wooden flooring gives it the traditional touch. Long drawer handles have been in trend lately. So along with everything superbly design, you also get to follow the trends.

{ 10 } Mix and match

Mix and Match Chair Geometric Floor Tiles in Kitchen
Modern Kitchen Design by Nhat Nam Le Hoang
A trendy, yet classy kitchen design idea is here. The mix and match of colors and designs at the same time have taken a lot of thought and effort for the designer. The classic old combination of wooden and white, along with a variety of surfaces make the kitchen look grand. Geometrical tiles, on the floor and walls, help you get your kitchen work done faster.

{ 11 } The White Canvas

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets
Two Tone Kitchen with Light Blue Base Cabinetry by Mahogany Builders
A kitchen design idea for small kitchens, with hues of white and silver. The always-in-trend white and silver combination make this kitchen a fantastic one. If you have a smaller kitchen space, and a thing for the combination, this is the kitchen you should opt for. The classic wooden flooring and zig-zag wall tiles add to the interior of the kitchen. Storage space is also an integral part of the kitchen.

{ 12 } The Hotel-Like

Minimalist Kitchen Dark Wood Floor
This single-hued, huge kitchen design idea is for elaborate kitchen spaces. The contrast of white and brown look as classic as it can get. The marble white kitchen platform perfectly blends with the storage spaces and wooden flooring. A little wooden dining table makes the space worth spending time at, and the glass panes enhance the beauty of the view from the inside.

{ 13 } Paradox

White and Grey Kitchen Ideas
Grey and White Kitchen Accessories by Studio Mcgee
Ever wanted a cafe-like kitchen? Here is an amazing kitchen design idea for small kitchen spaces in white and grey. The wall tiles are in the ombre of white and grey as of the storage spaces. And the huge ceiling light brightens up the entire kitchen. Wooden shelves that match with the floor make the contrast of the design look better. The color selection of the design is indeed unique and eye-catching.

{ 14 } The Monochrome

Monochromatic Kitchen Design Idea
Hottest Kitchen Trends to Watch Out via Domain
This monochromatic kitchen design idea will make you wonder about the extent of its beauty. With ample storage spaces of black, the outside view has been given equal importance by adding the squared glass panes to the design. The white marble platforms and walls make the kitchen look appealing. If you are looking for a square shaped kitchen design, this is where you should stop looking for the same.

{ 15 } Reflection

Sky Blue Kitchen Wall Paint
Stripped Back and Simple by Jackson Built Homes
This kitchen design reflects decency. A very simple kitchen, with white as its dominating color. And the glowing yellow lights, that beautifully reflect on the wooden floor add to the beautiful feeling of having an amazing kitchen. With enough storage spaces and white marble platforms, this kitchen design idea makes up to one hell of a kitchen. The two huge chandeliers are the heart of the entire kitchen design idea.

{ 16 } The contrast

Spanish Patterned Floor Tiles Kitchen
Patterned Tiles Kitchen Floor Style by Emily Henderson
Are you a fan of the blue and white combination? Is your home themed blue and white? Then there is the kitchen design idea you must look forward to. An illusionist design flooring of symmetric flowers of the same blue and white combination adds to the uniqueness of the kitchen. Blue storage spaces and white ceiling and platform are the highlights of the kitchen. The black chairs on the side make the kitchen an awesome one.

{ 17 } Blues

White Marble Countertop Modern Blue Kitchen
Dark Blue Modern Kitchen Designed by Studio Muir | Photo by Nicole Franzen
Do you have a smaller kitchen space and a thing for ceiling lights? Then here’s a perfect interior, small-spaced kitchen with a contrast of navy blue and shades of grey. The dark brown wooden flooring goes amazingly well with the white ceiling and marble platform. Huge storage spaces add to the utility quotient of the kitchen design idea. Whereas the three ceiling golden lights bring the diversity in the simplicity of the ceiling.

{ 18 } Mirage

Gray and White Kitchen Cabinets
Gray and White Cabinets by Sarah Sherman Samuel
This is a unique, mirage-like kitchen design idea with the combination of white and green. The coffee colored wooden flooring is one of its own kind and matches up to the classic expectations of how a kitchen should be. The long, golden handles take away the little boredom from the simple shades and act like icing on the cake. The wooden dining table matches with the floor and brings in authenticity.

{ 19 } Shades of White

White Brick Wall Small Space Kitchen
50+ Unique Small Kitchen Design
Are you absolutely in love with white interiors? Here is a fully white color based kitchen design idea that will enhance the beauty quotient of your home. The cool white walls and storage spaces, with wooden platforms of this kitchen, will make you fall in love with it. The light-greyish tiles on the floor make your work in the kitchen a little easier than otherwise. This is what you should go for if you have a small kitchen space and you are a fan of white.

{ 20 } The Absolute

Dark Brown Wooden Flooring Kitchen
10 Custom Cabinetry with High-End Kitchen Design
If you are looking for a square-shaped, classy kitchen design idea, here is something for you. The combination of white and grey go along with the dark brown wooden flooring. And the amazing dining table with cushioned chairs does what adding ginger does to the tea. Two transparent ceiling lights that fall over the table, bring in the elite effect to the kitchen.

{ 21 } Traditional Values

Small Space Eclectic Kitchen Design
Vintage Small Cottage Kitchen by
Are you looking for a kitchen design idea that brings in the touch of your grandma’s kitchen? Here is an antique and at the same time traditional kitchen design which will bring life to your home. The combination of various colors makes you want to stay for the longest time in your kitchen. This very well space utilized kitchen complying with white platforms and storage spaces will remind you of your old times.

{ 22 } The Stargaze

Rustic Wood Floor Kitchen
This L-shaped multi-utility kitchen can be made at your home if you wish to invest in traditional wooden flooring and a modular kitchen in the shades of white and green. The black colored door handles and knobs add to the beautiful contrast along with falling, white ceiling bulbs. With amazingly furnished storage spaces, this kitchen design idea can make your kitchen look as beautiful as you imagined

{ 23 } The Seasoned Fruit

Gorgeous Bright Light Gray Kitchen
Grey & Walnut Transitional Kitchen by Standard Tile NJ | Photo by Chris Veith
This beautiful kitchen design idea involves the contrast of a typical shade of grey along with white. The polished surfaces of the storage shelves add an innocent shine to the kitchen, and the white lights, the glow. This small yet supremely interior kitchen with silver door and drawer handles shall make you rethink about what you had imagined. Overall, it is an out of the world variably spaced kitchen that shall want to make you move in soon.

{ 24 } The Nature Lover

Small Minimal Kitchen Interior with Plant Decoration
Small Minimal Kitchen Interior Design by Cantilever, Styling by Ruth Welsby | Photo by Martina Gemmola
If you’re a nature lover and if you want your kitchen to look nature-like, serene and beautiful, then here’s an amazing kitchen design idea for you. With white tiles and light brown wooden flooring, this kitchen is conventional yet creates a wonderful aura around itself. So while working in your kitchen, you may also experience being around nature. This spaciously designed, U shaped kitchen would make your guests want to visit you often.

{ 25 } The Tossed Coin

Combination of Black Gold and White Kitchen
Transitional Kitchen Design by Haven Design and Construction | Photo by Matthew Niemann
This monochromatic theme based kitchen is a perfect one if you’re looking for kitchen design ideas around square spaces. The golden stools and handles add to the fanciness of the kitchen while the shades of black and white keep it simple. The two chandelier like ceiling like add to the brightness of the kitchen. Glass storage spaces for crockery makes this kitchen totally going for.

{ 26 } The Spacious Circle

Simple Elegant Look Kitchen
Mid-Century Modern Kitchen by Lewis Schoeplein, Interior Design by Veneer | Photo by Marisa Vitale
This is one of the trendiest kitchen design idea in the entire list. With three walls in white and the fourth one with a shade of blue, this design adds a modern touch to your modular kitchen. A huge dining table for spacious dining, also adds a different touch to this design. The tile flooring on one side and wooden on the other brings in a variety of colors.

{ 27 } The Lineage

Small Kitchen Contrast Interior Design
White Kitchen with Blue Cabinets by Studio Miel, Architect by Rill, Build by Danish | Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg
This kitchen design idea has a contrast of three vibrant colors, black, brown and white. The walls are made up of white tiles, and the wooden flooring adds life to the kitchen. The rexine covered seats ensure that the design is made in accordance to the trends, while everything else remains contemporary Open storage cabinet is another unique part of the kitchen, that matches with the floor.

{ 28 } Comfort King

Open Space Kitchen Dining Room
Open Space Kitchen with Dining Design by Kasia Karska | Photo by Brent Bingham
This spacious and royale kitchen design that involves wooden furnishing, and cabinets. If you are a fan of wood, this is the kitchen you should opt for. Along with seating near the platform, there is a proper, small dining table on the side for you to have a whole new dining experience. The morning dew lights and the chandelier add to the lighting effect and make this kitchen design idea, a worth drooling for.

{ 29 } Frames of white

Blended Shade of White and Wood Traditional Kitchen
Sink in Kitchen Island by Taylor Lombardo
Are you looking for a simplistic yet grand kitchen design idea? Then there is something for you. A properly blended shade of white and wood across the kitchen, with lantern lights on the ceiling. Properly contemporary stools along with wooden platform are common yet the evergreen idea that shall make your kitchen better than you expected. Ensuring that you get to see the beauty of the outside from the inside is another appreciable thing you must not miss on.

{ 30 } Old is gold

Large Size Panoramic Dimension Windows Kitchen
Modern Kitchen Window Ideas by Marvin, Architect by Bonadies
Are you looking for a minimalist kitchen, with ample storage space? Then we have an amazing kitchen design idea for you. That carves a beautiful look with contemporary grey shaded drawers, and coffee-colored wooden flooring along with greyish and white marble platform add to the beauty of the design. The scenic view from the outside will add flavors to what you cook in the kitchen. The silver handles and doorknobs enhance the look of the kitchen design.

{ 31 } Variant

Blue Green Fish Scale Kitchen Wall Tiles
Eclectic Kitchen Design by Gina Sims Designs | Photo Cati Teague
A mix and match of various surfaces along with a variety of colors is the key strength of this kitchen design idea. From green texture paint on one of the walls to marble platform, this kitchen is all in one. A little dining space with L-shaped storage cabinets, each and every space available in the kitchen is finally utilized. Hence if you have a lot of kitchen stuff, and you also like it quirky, this is what you should go for.

{ 32 } The golden touch

Small Trendy L Shaped Blue Cabinets Ideas
The Hampton Court Kitchen by Naked Kitchens
This proper shade sea green with copper door handles are a unique idea of a simple yet designer kitchen design style. The painted wall adds to the randomness of the kitchen, in turn making it more beautiful. The wooden cabinets, with glass door, give a classy touch to this kitchen. If you are budget constrained then this kitchen should be your choice.

{ 33 } The Apostrophe

Beach Style Cottage Kitchen Island
Beach Style Kitchen with Wood Countertops Fiorentino Group | Photo by Rob Karosis
A square, huge sized kitchen with humongous storage spaces and contrasts of brown and white is what this kitchen is all about. From fridge cabinet to chimney, everything is in the shades of brown and white. Beautiful small, brown seats around the wooden platform that match with the wooden flooring are a treat for the eyes. Little, golden lantern lights make the kitchen glow like fireflies in the dark.

{ 34 } The Maze

Southern Style Eclectic Kitchen Design
Style Look English Kitchen Design by Lisa Mende, Build by Brand Overture | Photo by Kelli Boyd
This dull shade of blue on the storage cabinets make this kitchen design style look English. Adding to the touch, the wooden floor makes this kitchen elite. A small sized kitchen, made with a lot of love is all that makes your house, home-like. Golden door handles and knobs go really well with the ochre-white randomly painted the wall and open cabinets along with little plants on them are the highlight of the kitchen.

We hope that you got a clarity with the ideas and opinions of an amazing and well to do the kitchen for your home. And that you already had a word with your designer about getting things done the way you wish for. If you liked the article, ensure that you suggest other people read it.

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