Is Waxing Better Than Shaving for Sensitive Skin?

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There are more than just two methods of hair removal, but surely the most popular is through shaving, especially if men are taken into consideration as well as females.

According to Statista, the global market for hair removal devices is expected to reach $1.35 billion this year. However, laser treatment, creams, gels, and of course waxing, are all highly popular methods of hair removal too.

Shaving can be seen as convenient, and inexpensive compared to some other options. This is even more true when you consider the cost of laser hair removal to a pack of disposable razors.

Nevertheless, shaving can cause a certain amount of irritation. So, perhaps waxing is the better option. If you find your skin sensitive to hair removal techniques, then you may want to read whether you should choose waxing or shaving in the future.

Some reasons why waxing may be better than shaving

It would be lovely if there was a skin care routine that is suitable for all skin types, but some people need extra care. Some individuals simply have much more sensitive skin than others do.

Here are some reasons why waxing may be more preferable to shaving for sensitive skin

Blades can dull

When you shave, you have to drag the razor over your skin. This causes irritation in itself, but if you are using a blade that has already seen use, then you can inflame your skin even more.

You may miss areas

Shaving can sometimes cause a person to act like a contortionist when trying to reach more private areas. Even when shaving legs it is easy to miss somewhere. This necessitates going back over areas again, risking more irritation.

Shaving has more potential to cause ingrowing hairs

Waxing can of course cause ingrowing hairs, but they are far more likely to occur with shaving. Also, you will need to shave often so the risk is much higher.

Is it okay to wax if your skin is sensitive?

There may be times when neither waxing nor shaving is recommended. If you have broken skin for instance or certain skin conditions.

Nevertheless, waxing may be preferable for sensitive skin for a few reasons. There are now hypo-allergenic waxes and these can contain moisturizing properties too.

Also, a wax treatment is more likely to involve a technician than shaving would. This can lead to many benefits for anyone with sensitive skin.

Should you use a professional technician for waxing?

If it is your first treatment then having a professional perform the waxing can be relaxing and reassuring. It can also work wonders for someone who has experienced skin irritation with hair removal, especially through shaving.

A technician will consult with the client about their skin type and will understand the best approach for the waxing session. They can help to prepare the skin, and explain when to exfoliate, and what length the hair should be.

This is important as trying to wax when the skin hasn’t been exfoliated will have less desirable results. Also, trying to wax when the hair is too long, or too short, will cause problems such as ingrown hairs.

Does shaving irritate the skin more than waxing?

As you have read, there are some reasons why shaving is likely to irritate the skin more than waxing. Shaving is far more likely to be carried out at home and is largely a DIY beauty treatment. Waxing, however, will often involve a professional technician who will understand sensitive skin types.

One reason that shaving is more likely to irritate someone’s skin, is due to the frequency it needs to take place.

Is waxing longer lasting than shaving?

Waxing can produce far longer-lasting results than shaving. Therefore you don’t have to keep using razors on sensitive skin so often.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the results from waxing may last up to 3 or 4 weeks, whereas shaving will need to be repeated every few days. This can lead to repeated irritation of the skin.

The same problems can occur to the skin through waxing and shaving. Ingrown hairs, redness, irritation, bumps, and rashes can occur with both of these hair removal methods.

However, if one only needs to be done every 3 weeks, and the other every 3 days, it is easy to see how one could be better for sensitive skin. Thus, it would appear that waxing isn’t just long-lasting but also better for those whose skin is more sensitive.

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What other reasons are there to choose to wax?

One of the reasons that people like to choose waxing over shaving is the smoother feeling that they get from this treatment.

Then there is the time involved. Waxing takes up far less time than shaving and having someone else wax your private areas can be far easier than trying to shave yourself. Brazilian waxes are highly popular, and they produce better results than shaving.

Then there are the actual results to consider, and the longer-lasting effects. Shaving slices the hair. When the hair grows again it can look as if it is denser. This is a trick of the eye, but the appearance is not desirable.

Waxing, however, leaves hair thinner over time. Indeed, many people claim that less hair grows back through every waxing session.

You may have been told that waxing is painful. Well, surprisingly, this may still be better than shaving if your skin is sensitive. The first time is often painful when being waxed, but each session gets easier. Shaving will remain the same every time it is done and can result in bumps and irritation on each occasion.

Is waxing more expensive than using razors at home?

It would be fair to say that waxing will be more costly than shaving. This is due to the fact that it usually takes place in a beauty salon, and involves a trained professional.

To shave your legs all you need is a cheap disposable razor. However, if you decide to use a quality razor, and you shave regularly, the difference in cost may not be so much. Razor blades are expensive and need to be changed often.

You could also wax yourself at home instead of visiting a salon. While a Brazilian should be carried out by a technician, there is no reason why you couldn’t wax your legs yourself. There are plenty of options for buying waxing kits from salons themselves, or from pharmacies and other stores.

If you decide to wax yourself, and your skin is sensitive, it may still be worth visiting a salon first. A consultation, and perhaps an initial waxing session with a technician, can give you some insight into how you should approach a DIY waxing session at home.


Knowing how to find a good beauty salon for your waxing is important if you have sensitive skin. Try to visit a few salons and explain your concern that you have sensitive skin. Any professional wax technician should be able to listen to your questions, and then put any fears to bed. They should be able to advise when you exfoliate, and how to prepare yourself for waxing.

Then, all being well, you should find that waxing is much more preferable to shaving when sensitive skin is involved.

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