Home Interior: Brilliant Mix of Classic and Modern Home Office Design

Black Walls And Furniture

Modern home Office design has seen a lot of changes in design trends over the past years. An office is a Place of Work, hence relaxing there was considered out of the question. Dull colors and functional furniture was the proper decor for offices. But this outlook has changed a lot these days. On the contrary, making modern home Office design refreshing, relaxing and interesting is the current trend. Modern and functional furnishings, open spaces and light and bright color schemes are the most popular trends today. Going against the flow, interior designer Sean Anderson has tried a fusion of Old classic furnishings and modern design style in his refurbishing of these offices. The photography is by Alyssa Rosenheck and Julie Wage Ross. His reuse of old worn furniture instead of new decor is also noteworthy. The result is a visually glamorous and equally functional modern home Office design that is also grand and beautiful.

The first office reinforces Sean’s belief that black opens up a room as much as white does. Instead of introducing many colors, Sean keeps the office in monochrome with black walls, ceiling, and trim. He has even coated the window frames to bring attention to the place’s landscaping. The second office is a nod to the old where old Victorian Style Furnishings are prominently displayed on the backdrop of classic white and stylish grey walls. The place has a certain old-fashioned charm. Sean’s work reflects a perfect blend of classic and contemporary, a mix of old and new that is forever timeless.

Black Walls for Maximum Drama

Black Walls And Furniture
Coating the whole office walls, including the ceilings and trim in black was a bold move. Sean believes that instead of closing in, black opens up a room as much as white does. Therefore, the office walls, which were already dark, are now even darker for maximum dramatic effect. The all-black walls present an open canvas for other furnishings and décor without any visual breaks in the room. For the office desk, Sean reused a well worn wooden table lacquered in shiny black. Interesting paintings from the owner’s collection decorate the walls. A black armchair and a white antique chair along with a small black side table and a zebra pouf {Ellen Degeneres, Old House New Home, Party Inspiration, Interiors Atelier AM} form an interesting mix of old and new furniture that works well with the dark scheme of the room.

Plants for Office Decoration
The black-painted window frames and trim brings attention to the home’s landscaping and the new split-height shutters. An assortment of ornamental plants upon the book {Art of the House, Pictures of Nothing, The Collected Home} enlivens the room.

Antique Furniture Gives Glamorous Effect

Antique Chest Of Drawers
Antique and old furniture if reused properly can amp up the glamour quotient of any place. Although the office had built-in cabinets, a tailored chest of drawers from an antique store in Memphis gives extra storage and an old-world look. A black patent armchair with distressed white frames and a table lamp by Richard Sapper provide architectural contrast.

Interesting Table Decorations
A stack of fashion photography books {Fashion: 150 Years, Annie Leibovitz, Modern Souls} and a bouquet of fiery cockscomb flowers bring some color to the monochromatic scheme of the room.

A Perfect Mix of Old and New

antique black victorian style table
The decor of this office is just the right mix of classic and contemporary, old and new styles. As a result, the place looks sophisticated as well as functional. The pale grey walls form a great base for the black and gold accents of the furniture.

classic and modern furnishing
The grey textured rug also matches the grey walls and ceilings. The furniture is an eclectic mix of wood, leather, and textured elements. The beautiful white-and-gold chandelier goes exceptionally well with the antique furniture and grey walls.

Victorian Style Furniture Gives Old-World Feel

antique trunk victorian style

antique chest of drawer and lamp
The Victorian style black table and antique wooden trunk give the place an old-world feel. The vintage chest of drawers adds to this look. The golden-framed mirror and wall paintings also give a look of old-world grandeur.

stylish lamp and mirror

decorative wooden dishes
The stylish table lamp and the antique wooden dishes on display enhance the contrast of old and new.

Modern and Functional Seating

nailhead trim comfy armchair
In contrast, the desk chair and armchairs give a definitely modern touch to the room. The textured upholstery and modern design of the armchairs make them look cozy and inviting while the nailhead trim gives them an ornamental look.

three legged side table

scattered books and textured rug
The three-legged side table provides ease of access. The various books {The Outline of History, The Great Once A Novel By Ralph Lauren} scattered across the floor and the plants on the desk give the room a lived-in vibe.

Modern Contemporary Decor

modern and contemporary decor
This particular home office has a modern contemporary look. The furnishings and wall decor give the place a professional touch. The grey textured rug also matches functional furnishings. A large wooden table works as a desk. Comfortable desk chair and bench offer a more relaxed atmosphere. The industrial Lamp and stationery holder are the only decorations on the table. The unique ceiling lamp gives an artistic touch. A creative gallery of picture frames on the wall opposite the desk certainly gives the room some character. The reuse of an old worn cabinet is also noteworthy. The large windows with beige draperies let in a lot of natural light. The small plant on the desk enlivens the room.

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