Inspirational Stunning Modern French Apartment in Lyon

Modern French apartment in a 19th century Shell

Over the last ten years, there was a significant rise in the recognition of modern apartment living. A modern apartment design thus requires a modern exterior, great plan, well-known interior designers, etc. Decorating your apartment like a modern makes for a classic, intricate, and tasteful look with some whimsy.

We only know that house is made up of many bricks and lots of sand, but it gets looks from furniture, artwork, brightness of light against dark, gaining royal look. It is the art and science of enhancing the interiors, sometimes including the exterior, of a space or building, to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment. These days’ people prefer the provincial look and French provincial decor is one of the most opted choices of people across the globe. This inspirational and Stunning modern french apartment of designers Pierre Emmanuel Martin and Stéphane Garotin of Maison Hand featured in Vogue Living au. Image Credit to Felix Forest.

Inspirational Modern French Apartment

Indoor Plant

Modern French Apartment

Big plant decor near mantelpiece
Decor This room is amazingly designed by interior designers, quiet appreciable. Because it’s very bright in colours and especially whiteness of this room increases the royalist ambience. Especially the furniture of this house is spectacular. Envelope the entire house is cosy and warm form. Good space among all the corners of the house, and also the cross ventilation of this house is awesome and airy. The designs or crafting on the ceiling of doors and the living room is extremely obsessed.

Kitchen & Dining

black and white matching kitchen shelves accessories

Design of a modern lounge kitchen
Most of the brightness in-house is completely based on the internal courtyard or simple courtyard. There is almost a big part of the home, it’s a place where you can build your kitchen & dining. In this part of the house, there is no need for many lights or lamp on the day because it is very brightest in the day as well as in particular time of the evening.

Cool Corridors

Classic French apartment corridors with Cast Iron Radiators

french style interior design apartment
The most important in-house is “never-ending corridors”. The best part of the house is corridors, which connects rooms to each other. You can make your corridors stunning by the interior designer such including Martin and Garon’s. It’s a path of the house, where you can put tables, stands, a big desk for putting some photo frames on that thing. “The corridors are doors of happiness and attraction of inviting”. It can furnish by wooden carpet or simple coloured carpets.

Corner of the Home

small space corner sofa in Modern French Apartment
The ambience of rooms is increasing by some little things such as cushions, curtains, pillows and so on. They must be varied in colours so that moral of the room can be fulfilled. Apply some coloured and bright themes to those little things which make your rooms delightful. You can use graphic prints on those things.

Decorative Shelves

Decorative Shelves for Home Accessories
“Every time we go around the world, we try to bring home a piece from wherever we’ve been,” which means small pieces of sculpture or items increase the beauty of the house. For those items, manage and build some space for maintaining that small pieces of items. You can use this thing for the decoration of unused space at home by using this thing.

Wall Art

Scandinavian style wall decor idea
Artworks for the home are one of the better ideas to decorate the walls. You can decorate your dining room, kitchen, as well as a study room. As per the room and member of the house, you can decorate your house by hanging some great pictures and family photographs. You can decorate your house wall by painting, sticking wallpapers on the wall. This all generates the attracting atmosphere in the house.

Modern French Bedroom

Beautiful French Home Bedroom Interior Design

maison hand lyon modern french apartment bedroom
The bedrooms must be built in a cute way because it feels you cosy and romantic while sleeping. This is a fantastic part of the home because you can get the best feeling about rest is in the bedroom. Several themes and decorating ideas to make your bedrooms awesome and beautiful. The lighting of bedroom must be low, its make bedroom lovely and from that, your eyes get new ambience.
bright interior paint colors in bedroom

White bed matching with dark pillow
The eye-catching paper lights made up of any colour of touch paper. It illuminates low intensity of light, which creates a romantic and sensational period of time in rooms as well as in any corner of the home. These lights are mostly seen in bedrooms and corridors.

Rustic Furniture

Modern French Apartment in Lyon
There are many varied types of furniture for decoration. The rustic furniture is one of them, this type of furniture gives you vintage look to home, as well as very-old furbish design to your home. From this, you can make bench, chairs, desks, and so on. On that furniture, you can put some old craft-work, some statues, ancient antiques, lamps, etc.

Sitting or Study Room

sitting room Moroccan stool With Eames Lounge chair

Gorgeous contemporary eclectic apartment living lounge room

bright royal look living room

Art Painting Behind Sofa Wall With Small Table
House has several rooms including sitting room, or we can say study room as well. You can put some sitting Lounge’ chair and sofas for better comfort. Make a small library of your favourite books and comics. The main part of this is a coloured lounge, Moroccan stool and side table on the floor.

Small Window

Moroccan brass candleholders Decorate at window
The part of the house, where air gets the path from outside area into the house is a window. The window can decorate by putting some candles and flowers, candle-holders are very much pretty in case of decoration. They look superb in both ways, when it burns in dark and when it just is there on the windowsill. It increases the texture of windowsill as well as ledge of the window.

Marble Bathroom

Simple Marble Bathroom Design
The erotic and sensational bathroom. They consist fewer things in concern of decoration purpose, just mirror, stool and so on. First of all, the aroma of the bathroom should be maintained in any way because it creates a sensation in our body. It is beautiful when it is in simple and sober manner.

Dark Fireplace

Modern French apartment in a 19th century Shell
The sculpture work is very beautiful, if it is used in decoration purpose. Decoration with sculpture and artefacts make room authentic and royal. House get a gorgeous look from fireplace furniture, can also be decorated by putting lounge carpet towards it, putting frames and artwork on the desk of the fireplace.

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