21 Ideas Disney Halloween Decorations For Kid’s Spacial

Walt Disney Halloween Decorations

Halloween season is fun for kids. You can level up your Halloween decorations for kids if you add some of their favorite cartoons in it. Speaking of which, we are going to talk about top Disney Halloween Decorations that will light up the Halloween day.

{ 1 } The Disney Themed Pumpkin

Disney Themed Pumpkin
This one is for your little princess. We all carve out scary pumpkins every Halloween. This time, do something different for your little angels. You can have a lot to choose from in this case. You can carve out Minnie. You can make the horse carriage of Cinderella, or you can carve out the sweet pumpkin house. Remember, these are just starters, do a bit of research before starting out.

You can do a lot more if you paint the pumpkin. You can paint it black and add ears to resemble Mickey Mouse or green and portray the one eye guy from Monster Inc. There are a lot of possibilities here.

{ 2 } Table Decor

Disney Table Halloween
This depends on your paint and sewing skills. If you don’t have a budget to buy everything from the store, then you need your skills to nail it. These are some Disney Halloween Decorations ideas that will go with your table décor. You can have a few stamps based on your favorite Disney character. You can also create a net for a tablecloth. Just make sure it resembles a spider web. Last but not least, you can buy some utensils and supplies which look like your favorite Disney characters.

{ 3 } Treats and Tricks

Conure Oogie Boogie Halloween
We can’t finish without this part. You need to buy most of this stuff. There is the Conure Oogie Boogie. Then, we have the gold doubloon, from the pirates. You can also use some gold good safe spray to decorate Oreos and make them look like gold coins. It will work out perfectly.

{ 4 } Mickey Mouse Theme

Disney Halloween Decorations
You will understand this theme if you have watched Mickey Mouse. You are encouraged to use pumpkins, sculptures or images of your favorite characters to attain this look. Consequently, you should have different color sprays to make this Disney Halloween decoration for kid more appealing to the eye. You should also check out some ideas on how to design a carriage from the comfort of your home.

{ 5 } Smiling Birds Disney Theme

As we all know, there are numerous Disney Halloween decoration themes you can incorporate for the Halloween festival. You will require pumpkins of different sizes to attain this marvelous theme. You are free to carve your pumpkins in whichever way you wish, provided you attain the smiling look. This Halloween decoration for kids creates a happy mood and can be incorporated on any environment setting.
Disney Halloween Decorations Ideas

{ 6 } Twilight Disney Halloween

Disney themed Halloween decoration
This Marvelous Disney decoration for kids aims at attaining a twilight look. You will need a pumpkin, lighting, night glows, clothing and paint. You are encouraged to check out different designs for this Halloween theme before starting decorating this theme. Twilight Disney Halloween decoration looks outstanding at night. This is the reason you are encouraged to have proper lighting. Kindly choose clothing that looks similar to your pumpkins.

{ 7 } Mickey Skeleton Theme

Disney Halloween decoration yard
Mickey skeleton theme entails more of painting. You are required to either buy or build a wooden structure that looks exactly like Mickey Mouse. Look for a strategic location where everyone can easily view it. Proceed and paint it to attain the skeleton theme look. The Mickey Mouse wooden or plastic structure should be black in color. Use black and white paint when designing this Halloween theme.

{ 8 } Happy Grim Theme

Disney themed Halloween decoration front door
Happy grim is all about scary characters in some Disney movies being happy. You are required to identify some few characters from Disney movies you are going to use on this theme. A happy grim theme can be attained by using pumpkin, Oreos, hay grass, paint and proper lighting. A happy grim theme is easy to attain. Therefore, you can work with your kid to attain this marvelous Halloween decoration.

{ 9 } Pirate Mouse Halloween Theme

Halloween wreath decorations Disney
As the name suggests, this Disney Halloween decoration for kids gives a pirate theme look. Therefore, you are required to purchase items associated with pirates. These items range from knives, pirates logos, hats and scary images. Consequently, you should have at least two dolls, depending on the setting you wish to attain. You are encouraged to hang out your decoration on a wall than placing it on the ground.

{ 10 } Parade Look Decoration

First, you must design or purchase a scarecrow. You will also need a big pumpkin, drum, hat, stick and a parade uniform. Place your scarecrow in a strategic location before starting the designing process. Pumpkin should act as the head of this design. Consequently, your scarecrow should be neatly dressed and should hold the drum on one hand and the stick on the other.
Magic Kingdom Disney Halloween Decorations

{ 11 } Mystery Lady Decoration

Disney Halloween Decorations Door
This Disney Halloween for kids suits your little princess. You will require a lady looking mask, bangles, ribbons, feathers and a blackbird sculpture. There are starts pack guidelines only you can check out if you have no idea on how to design this Halloween decoration. Ensure you mystery lady decoration look attains a blue, black and purple look. Lastly, you are encouraged to hang this Disney Halloween decoration.

{ 12 } Mouse Skeletal Decor

Mickey skeleton Disney Halloween Decorations
Purchase a short mouse sculpture if you don’t know how to design your own. The mouse sculpture should be black in color. This makes it easy to draw the skeletal look. You can involve your kids in the painting activity. You are encouraged to use pumpkin when designing the head of the happy mouse. There are numerous Disney movie characters kids can connect with when they see this sculpture.

{ 13 } Dancing Grim Decoration

Nightmare Before Christmas Disney Halloween Decorations
Grim Halloween decorations have been there since time in memorial. You should design a dancing grim look. You are encouraged to place this Disney Halloween decoration for kids on your table. Consequently, this decoration is attributed to skeletal sculpture and scary books. In addition to this, you can use other sculptures that complement the set theme. Check out more decoration ideas on this Halloween set.

{ 14 } Magical Night Decor

outdoor Disney Halloween decorations
This Disney Halloween decoration for kids comes to live at night. You will need proper lighting when decorating this marvelous Halloween decoration for kids. Additionally, you will need pumpkins, clothing, and paint. Magical night décor gives you freedom when it comes to carving your pumpkin, provided to attain the happy look. Proper lighting makes this marvelous Disney Halloween decoration for kids be noticeable from a distance.

{ 15 } Vampire Mouse Halloween Decoration

Mickey mouse yard Halloween Decorations
Kids love this Halloween decoration as it reminds them of numerous Disney movie characters. Vampire mouse Halloween decoration entails more of curving wood and painting. This Halloween kid design focuses on bringing out a vampire mouselook. Consequently, your mouse should have a flying capability. That’s not all; you can give pin two related pictures on your window. Check out guidelines on how to design this theme.

{ 16 } Disney Cake Theme

Dining Room Halloween Decorations Disney
Ever dreamt of giving your child a party theme like that on Disney movies? If yes, check out the Disney cake theme. Therefore, this is a table setting Disney Halloween decoration. Your table setting should be dominated by orange and white color. Consequently, you can incorporate Disney images at some point on your table. Don’t forget to suspend some floating balloons at some point on your table.

{ 17 } Disney Mouse Halloween Theme

Walt Disney Halloween Decorations
This Halloween decoration perfectly fits large lamp posts. You can either purchase a smiling Disney mouse face or build one on your own. There are numerous online guidelines on how to build this Disney Halloween decoration for children on your own. You can use pumpkins, paint, and glue to come up with this top-notch Halloween decoration. That’s not all; you are encouraged to use flowers.

{ 18 } Bouncy Castle Disney Theme

Best Halloween Decorations Disney
As the name suggests, this Disney setting focuses on giving you a bouncy castle look. Therefore, you must purchase a balloon that gives you a bouncy castle setting. Consequently, you should add some scary puppets around the bouncy castle to make the scene a bit scary. Bouncy castle Disney theme setting suits open field and spacious locations. Check out numerous designs related to this theme.

{ 19 } Smiling Heads Halloween Theme

Halloween Decorations Disney
You will need pumpkins, paint and glue to incorporate this marvelous Halloween decoration for kids. Consequently, you can purchase readymade smiling heads. You are encouraged to do this on your own if you desire to have fun with your loved one. Carefully give each head a smiling face. Check out numerous tutorials on how to use art to bring out a smiling face.

{ 20 } Grave scene Disney Halloween

Best Halloween Decorations at Disney
Disney movies have some few scary grave scenes. This Halloween theme is based on these scary scenes. Ensure you have a RIP logo, a smiling skeletal statue, and a smiling robotic figure. You are free to incorporate any other item that blends with this Disney Halloween theme. You can use paint to decorate the smiling robotic figure. Make an effort of properly lighting this scene to make it visible throughout the night.

{ 21 } Magical Mouse Halloween Decor

Halloween Minnie Mickey Halloween Decorations
Kids are in love with magical Disney scenes. Well, this scene has been designed to give them a magical experience during Halloween. Start off by purchasing both male and female figures. Afterward, choose for them a magical outfit that matches with each other and blends with the surrounding environment. That’s not all; create a magical flying broom. Magical mouse Halloween décor is considered one of the easiest to attain Disney Halloween decoration for kids.

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