How to Setup Mirror in Your Bathroom to Create a Magical Space?


Have you heard the story mirror, mirror on the wall? It was one of my favorite childhood stories.

So, you tell us, who’s the fairest of all? Whether you are the queen or not, you are the princess of your own. The mirror is an essential part of your beauty routine, and young girls won’t deny this fact.
Keep reading to see how the right bathroom mirror can do wonders!

The mirror makes a lot for young girls to see their dreams

Young teenager enjoying her bathroom, copy space.

The bathroom is one of the most visited places in the house. There is no reason why you should not concentrate on its décor and upkeep.

Girls always love the little details and cute stuff in the bathrooms is no exception. In the world of dreams, visions, and lovely thoughts, girls have their fantasyland.

The role of mirrors

Young woman at home

Mirrors help young girls to see many colorful dreams. The best part is that girls gather the courage to achieve those dreams and it all gets better with the cute mirror.

Unbelievably! Mirrors help in shaping girls’ personalities.

If you don’t believe it, try this experiment. Whether it’s a debate or speech, try rehearsals in front of the mirror. This activity boosts confidence and makes you ready for facing people in your life. Tell your girls to wear confidence like a crown! Don’t look for the glass slipper and be the one who shatters the glass ceilings.

The shapes and designs that are in trend


Girls like unique and stylish things. Bathroom mirrors are available in a variety of designs and shapes to suit your girly dreams. From hues of pink and purple to wooden frames, you can get anything that you want.

Just plan it according to the theme of your bathroom. If it’s an all-black space, a pop of color would look cool. However, if it’s a traditional bathroom, you should go with neutral shades.

Moving on to the main question:

Why are frames so important?

Here is your answer:

Frames make the image more vivid

Frames add life to a mirror. Imagine a frameless square bathroom mirror hanging in the bathroom. It looks so unappealing and boring.

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror?

If you don’t know how to frame a bathroom mirror, you’ll love this DIY idea of framing the bathroom mirror.

Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • First, choose a mirror of your choice.
  • Then, buy a frame that will suit the mirror shape.

Frame choice

An square gold coloured mirror frame

There are endless varieties to choose the bathroom mirror frame. You can go with the stunning metallic or aluminum frame. However, you can even choose wood or plastic frames.

Remember, frames add value and uplift the look of the bathroom.

Tools required:

  • Glue
  • Frame


  • First, dry fit your frame on the mirror to check if everything goes well.
  • Then mark the frame edges on the mirror.
  • Apply glue on the mirror so the frame will stick firmly to the surface
  • Lastly, place the frame on the mirror and let it try.
  • There you have it; the DIY mirror frame is ready.

All it takes are little changes and the bathroom mirror looks beautiful. Whether you play with colors to stick with a classy frame style, the bathroom mirrors make you feel good every time you walk inside.

Go for the princess mirror


If you want something fit for a princess, opt for the princess mirror. Not only does it look classy and different but also it reflects the girly vibes.

The decorative bathroom mirror will fill the space with charm and exude a brilliant spark. Go all pink and crazy with your choice to keep your little girl happy forever.

Ideal lighting setup for beautiful & clear reflection

Bad lighting is a big no-no for a bathroom. If you want the best experience with makeup, make sure that there is enough lighting.

An ideal lighting mirror setup allows the mirror to do an excellent job. The lights should be just above the mirror for a clear reflection. If you place the lights on the opposite wall, the light glares make it impossible to apply makeup.

All thanks to the bathroom mirror that does wonders for your look. It lets you check the imperfections and ace the glamorous party or subtle work look.

Who says the bathroom needs to be dull and boring? Try bringing a change and go for the bright and fresh bathroom look.

For maximum lighting, make sure you choose a white paint coat. Open the curtains and lets the sunlight do its magic. The right light does wonders and offers a refreshing vibe.

In Brief!

The bathroom should reflect the girly style where the elegant mirror strikes a youthful edge. Transform the bathroom with a lovely mirror frame. Don’t make your princess compromise on her fairytale.

Let the mirror do the talking!

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