How to See London like a Royal

How to See London Like a Royal

People always admire the royal family and are always keen on hearing from them. Recently, a royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle occurred. This left numerous people to desire the royal life, even if it’s just for a few hours. Well, your dream might come true. Numerous people travel to London every day. Sadly, a large percentage of people are confused with the activities to do and the places to visit while in this prestigious City. Worry not, below are some activities you can do to make your tour London like a royal family member:

A visit to the Royal Palaces

There are around 10 palaces in London worth checking out. Time, schedule, and resources are the determining factors on the palaces to visit. People are encouraged to commence their adventure by visiting the three most famous London Castles. Below are the three most famous Royal palaces:

Buckingham Palace

Colorful Gardens Buckingham Palace London
This palace needs no introduction as it is Queen’s Elizabeth’s official London Residence. This palace is only open to the general public from late July to September. During this period, you can fully explore both the interior and the exterior of this outstanding royal Palace. A visit to the Buckingham Palace between July and September allows you to check out Queen Victoria’s picture gallery, the staterooms, and the Throne room. That’s not all; you can also view the different types of royal cars, coaches, and horses, among others. In conclusion, you can identify if Queen Elizabeth II is inside the palace or not. The queen is inside the palace if the royal flag is flown on top of the palace.

Windsor Castle

Stunning Windsor Castle London
This is the oldest occupied castle in the world. It is estimated to be in existence for more than 900 years. You should make an effort of visiting the Windsor Castle as it is used in every royal wedding. The Windsor Castle has for many years been used for numerous events. There are numerous packages which you can subscribe to make it easier for you to view this ancient and magnificent Castle.

Kensington Palace

Kensinton Palace London
Kensington Palace is the home of William and Kate. Consequently, it also houses their Children. It is rumored that the duke and the Duchess of Sussex (Harry and Markle) live in a Cottage inside this palace. This makes the Kensington palace always on demand. Purchase a skip the line Kensington palace tickets today and have a memorable experience in this palace.

Top-notch places to Dine in Relation to the Royal Lineage

Harry and Meghan Markle are known to be very outgoing when compared to other members of the royal family. They met at a restaurant through a mutual friend. There are numerous places you can dine that relate to the royal lineage. Below are some of them:

Dean Street Townhouse

Dean Street Townhouse London
This is a must-visit place while in London if you love royal stories. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle met in this restaurant through a mutual friend. The dean street Townhouse offers both restaurant and bar services. That’s not all; you will have the opportunity of having a taste of the traditional roast spiced up with some British seasoning. Additionally, several celebrities and artists are seen here dining regularly. It is a place worth checking out.

Bocca Di Lupo

Bocca Di Lupo in London
This is among the favorite Meghan Markle’s joint. As the name suggests, Bocca Di Lupo is well known for its delicious Italian Cuisine. Meghan Markle and her friends have been here on numerous occasions.

Places to Stay

Well, anyone who visits London must find a nice place to rest, relax, and sleep. Well, some hotels are almost next to the Royal palaces. Below are some Hotels and residences next to the royal palaces:

Milestone Hotel and Residences

Milestone Hotel and Residences London
This hotel is a street away from Kensington Palace. That’s not all; the Milestone Hotel and Residence offers 5- star services which perfectly fit the royal family. Above all, this hotel has won numerous awards as far as quality services are concerned. Meghan Markle was once spotted at this hotel in the company of her friends. Consider making a reservation in this hotel if you desire airport services, butler services, and champagne picnics inside the Kensington garden.

Goring Hotel

The Goring Hotel London
Goring Hotel is adjacent to Buckingham Palace. This is where Kate Middleton spent her final night as a single lady. Ensure you have some extra cash to spare before making a reservation in this hotel. Goring Hotel is very costly when compared to other Hotels around London. Well; then services are outstanding. Anyone who makes a reservation in this hotel enjoys a private bar, a grand piano, a four-poster bed, and a personal footman.

The Royal Experience

There are some royal inspired activities in London, which aim at making you feel like part of the royal family. Below are some of the activities, designed to make you feel like a member of the royal family:

Viewing the City in Style

The private black-themed cab tour has been designed to help you understand numerous things about the British royal family. This package entails being assigned a personal driver. The driver will follow the paths which Her Majesty the queen uses. Consequently, the private tour also allows you to view some historical landmarks and the palaces, among others. The private black-themed cab tour mostly focuses on the activities Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did together since they started dating.

Having an Afternoon Coffee

Fortnum Mason Shop London
The queen had an afternoon coffee at the Fortnum with both Harry and Meghan before announcing their engagement. Ensure you drink an afternoon coffee with your friend at the Fortnum with your friends.
There are numerous occasions where Prince Harry and Meghan openly meet the public and share a few pleasant exchanges. Some of these meet and greet sessions are planned, whereas others are impromptu. Who knows, you might be lucky to meet a member of the royal family while touring London.

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