How to remove rust from cast iron garden furniture

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A good way to improve the value and aesthetics of your garden or backyard is by furnishing with cast iron furniture. Compared to wooden and plastic furniture, metal furniture lasts longer and can endure a lot of stress. Unfortunately, metal furniture sitting outdoors is very prone to rust, and when this happens, it can be a challenge to remove the rust. In this article, we’ll share with you how you can effectively remove rust from your cast iron garden furniture without damaging the furniture and its surface.

How to remove rust from metal furniture

When it comes to removing rust from metal furniture, there are a few ways to do it. Among these ways include using the following:

Cleaning Agent

Among the common ways of removing rust from any metal surface is by using cleaning agents. Cleaning agents are made of substances and chemicals which peel rust off the metal surface. Using a cleaning agent is as easy as spraying it on the rusted surface and letting the chemical seep through the rusted areas. After which, use a rag or soft brush to remove the rust.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another popular way of cleaning rust and stain off on any surface. Simply have a mixture of baking soda and water applied over to the rusted area and let it sit for a few minutes. After which, rub with a rag or soft brush.

White Vinegar

Rust is vulnerable to acid. Vinegar is a simple form of acid having antimicrobial properties that can easily clear rust on any metal surface. While it is easy to use, it is also easy to acquire since it is in every-day-use kitchen items. Also, it is a good cleaning agent for almost anything.

Salt and Lemon

Combining ingredients such as salt and lemon also makes a good cleaning agent against rust. Salt is an abrasive that peels off the rust while the citric acid from the lemon produces a chemical reaction that detaches rust from metal.

Aluminum foil

Another way to clear rust of metal is by using aluminum foil. Rusting is the oxidation of the metal and a good way to un-oxidize it is through another metal. Aluminum combined with water or vinegar causes a chemical reaction against rust on metals. 

Things to remember

Now while there are indeed a lot of ways to clear rust from your garden furniture, the best way to remove rust is to avoid it from the beginning. 

You need to make preparations to avoid getting your furniture rusted – you don’t want to regularly clean your furniture every time. While cleaning metal furniture can be tiresome, it can also be expensive as well as dangerous.

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So how do you keep your furniture from rust?

As they say, ‘prevention is always better than cure.’ So, it is best to make sure that rust doesn’t happen in the first place to avoid expensive and tedious maintenance for your metal furniture. 

The first is to make sure that your metal furniture is always clear of moisture. Moist and metal are a good combination to produce rust. Wipe off any moisture on the furniture with a dry cloth.

Another is to use coverings on your metal furniture to protect it from rain, snow, and sun. Extreme temperatures and exposure to such elements can not only cause rust on metal but can also cause wear and tear on it. Whenever furniture is not in use, store it or cover it properly to keep away from these elements.

You can also apply coating on the metal furniture as a protective cover against moisture. There is a lot of paste wax or grease and oil that can be used to protect the metal from moisture. Just make sure that the coating does not stain.

Lastly, there are a lot of aerosol sprays and chemicals that can keep any metal furniture from getting rust. One thing to consider in this regard is the composition of the solution – make sure it does not stain the furniture, and that it does not leave any stench.

Having metal furniture indeed improves the aesthetics and value of your garden. Metal furniture also lasts longer and is more durable than wooden or plastic furniture. With the tips and tricks on how to remove rust and how to avoid it from this article, you’ll be sure to keep your investment for a long time.

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