How To Find The Right EDC Flashlight For Travel?

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Although a flashlight is a little tool, selecting the right EDC flashlight for travel necessitates a fundamental understanding of its usage. It is a small powerful flashlight that can come in handy on any given day, whether for an emergency or an adventurous activity (camping or hiking) that requires light.

If you are one of those who often travel, it is critical for you to have a device that allows you to view things clearly while taking up little space and not sacrificing power. An EDC flashlight can be used when it starts to grow dark and you don’t have electricity there, you need to check the engine of your car or motorbike, you need to find your path on the mountains or jungle, or whenever you require shining some light to ensure your self-defense. In all these situations, you need a strong EDC flashlight that can keep you saved. 

However, to find the right one, you need to consider some essential factors, which we are going to discuss below. So, keep reading it!

1. Durability

If you require a flashlight for everyday use, ensure it can withstand the strain. Aluminum strengthened glass, and alloy steels are all the best choices. A waterproof flashlight is highly durable because of its stature, and you can safely use it in the rainy season as well. Therefore, you must look at the materials used in the manufacturing of a flashlight. 

2. Controls

The type of lighting mode switches is important to some users. The thumb is typically used to handle push buttons and sliders. A rotating bezel can also be used as a switch, requiring two hands to operate. A safety lock mechanism prevents the light from being turned on by accident, reducing the annoyance and inconvenience caused by a dead battery.

Some flashlights have a quiet (non-clicking) beam mode, in which lightly pressing the button activates the light until a complete click or release of the switch turns it off, eliminating the need to cycle through all modes. This is the desirable quality in law enforcement activity.

3. LED Flashlight

Of course, choose an LED flashlight as it is the best EDC flashlight. But, you should double-check the beam distance measurement/factor while buying it. Beams differ as well. 

LED technological advancements have made previous bulb types nearly useless. Krypton bulbs are still used in a few flashlight types, but the energy efficiency, run duration, impact resistance, and brightness options of an LED flashlight are difficult to match.

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4. Battery

The ideal option is to select a battery type that is widely available in nearly any store throughout the nation or overseas. AA or AAA batteries are the best ones that are now commonly used for flashlights. 

If you want to keep a flashlight for everyday use, you should have prolonged storage batteries. In such a case, lithium batteries are a great option because they don’t run out of power while storing.

5. Dimensions And Weight

This is mainly a matter of personal choice. A larger, heavier device will not necessarily be brighter. But, it will most certainly have a longer run time due to a higher battery capacity.

Nevertheless, if you are going to buy an EDC flashlight for travel, the preferable option is to opt for the small one that can fit into your pocket or hand. 

6. Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

Rechargeable LED flashlights have powerful LED bulbs that generate approximately 75 percent more light than typical battery-powered conventional flashlights. 

Such flashlights can be used through a USB power cable or any other energy source. This is why these LED flashlights are recommended for travelers. 

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7. Modes

A single pre-set is enough for overall use. Low, medium, high, and turbo are just a few of the modes available on some models. Although you will probably only use one mode at a time, having the flexibility to fire an extra-strong beam on demand may be encouraging. 

Special modes, such as a flash or an alert function might be included in some models. Consumer-programmable modes or mode sequencing could be an option. It might be a built-in feature in EDC flashlights. So, look at the modes as well! 

8. Accessories

A lanyard, belt clip, holster, lens filters, and diffusers to give illumination choices are also available in the pack of a flashlight. Or, you can also buy these accessories separately.

The Final Words:

Now, we are sure that after considering the factors mentioned above, you will easily find the best EDC flashlight for your traveling needs. Always prefer buying a pocket flashlight as it is easy to carry and use if you want to have it for travel purpose! 

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