How to Decorate a Living Room, If You are a Fashionista?

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Are you a fashionista who wants to give a trendy look to the living room just as your dressing sense? If yes, then you are in the appropriate place, as we have some excellent ideas to make your living room look absolutely chic.

When you decorate your home, your main emphasis goes to the living room. That’s because it’s the center of attraction for guests and speaks a lot about your personality. That’s why, being a fashionista, you would want your living room to be voguish. 

So, what things will you need to transform your living room into fashion heaven? Let’s find out: 

Trending Wall Art

A fashionable living room is incomplete without trending wall art of fashion or blossoms. That’s why reserve the central area of your living room wall for the same. 

You can get any wall art that features your favorite theme related to fashion and colors. Say, if you are into retro dresses, then this retro girls’ fashion art (above) would make a good choice. Likewise, if you are into sneakers nowadays, choose related artwork. Also, you can add colorful artwork similar to cherry blossoms to complement your fashion items in the room.

You can get trending artwork like these fashion wall art to decorate your living room in style.

Scarves on the Loop!

Your scarves aren’t meant for the closet alone. It could also be used as decoration in the living room! You can knot some colorful soft scarves artfully in sequence and add them to the wall. 

You can try hanging scarves of different colors, starting from vibrant tones to pastel shades. Trust us, it would give adequate softness to the room ambiance.

Muted Wall Paints

As a fashionista, your wardrobe must have lots of accessories and dresses in muted shades. If it’s so, why not bring those mutes into your wall as well? 

You can try out shades like ashy green, muted greens, or peachy pinks for your living room wall. Other colors like dusty blue and buttery yellow are also great picks.

In fact, the navy paint wall is also ideal for a fashionable interior. Those shades are always in style, plus they add elegance and sophistication to the ambiance. 

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How About Glass Bead Decoratives?

Beads do not belong to your jewelry alone! Thanks to the progressive designing industry, you can get them as decoratives too. For example, nowadays, beaded curtains are quite the trend.  

The shiny strings of beads would make a perfect component to separate your living and dining area. They are also suitable for filtering light while allowing some of them to enter. 

Beaded curtains also offer privacy (with a view) and work as a great alternative for curtains. You can get them in different colors/shades like golden, silver, or even rainbow shades.

Modern Furniture

A fashionista’s living room calls for modern furniture, and fortunately, there are several styles in this genre. You can go minimalist furniture style with the combination of Scandinavian contemporary and arts and crafts furniture motifs for your living room.

Another alternative is retro furniture that combines colors from pop culture to give a fanciful look. If not that, you can go for mid-century modern and relaxed modern that features clean lines, subtle curves, and sleek silhouettes, for the chic living room you want.

Oh, Rugs! 

For rugs, you can try out trendy products with warm, authentic, and natural designs to place on the floor of your living room. You can choose subtle textiles that add a comfortable yet modern look to the area.

Instead of silk-oriented rugs, you should go for cotton, fur, and wool rugs, as they are perfect for heavy traffic spaces like the living room. You can also try out nylon and polypropylene rug materials as they are durable for use. 


To sum up, that’s how you decorate a fashionable living room for yourself! Besides these tips, you can add showpieces, table lamps, candles, and vases to make the ambiance more unique. Now that you know the secret tips try them now and enjoy a modern living room for yourself. 

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