Gold Coins: A Great Investment Opportunity


Investors around the world are concerned as we move into the end of 2022 and many are moving their wealth into gold, seeing it as a reasonable safe bet that offers a decent return. Of course, no investor is going to place all their eggs into one basket and if you are thinking that gold should form a portion of your wealth, you have 3 choices: gold bullion, gold coins or gold jewellery. The latter is a poor choice for the investor, as wearing too much gold is not a good idea and jewellery can easily be misplaced.

Gold Coins

There are two main categories of gold coins – the standard 99.99% pure gold coins such as the American Eagle, which have a spot value; the other type is old collectable gold coins, where the value is not solely the yellow metal, rather they have a value to a collector based on rarity. A coin that was minted in very low numbers would be worth a lot today and collecting old gold coins is considered more of a hobby than a form of investment.

Online Solutions

If you would like to view the current spot price for a 1-ounce gold coin, gold bullion dealers Brisbane investors trust have websites that feature the information and keeps it updated real time. You can also check with dealers in your area if you are located outside Australia. All it takes is a quick online search, and you would be led to the leading dealer close to your location. 

Reputable gold bullion dealers stock many different kinds of gold coin. If you are planning to trade in gold, you need to forge an alliance with a reputable dealer, who can help you to set up a secure online trading connection to major markets. Indeed, gold coins can be delivered by courier to your home address, which is the best way to acquire gold bullion coins.

Gold As A Hedge Against Inflation

Gold has long been the commodity of choice when investors wish to hedge against inflation and we are currently seeing inflation on the rise, which is a sign to review your investment portfolio and put a portion of your wealth into gold coins.


Popular Gold Coins

The following are popular 1-ounce coins:

  • American Eagle
  • American Buffalo
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Brittanica
  • Australian Kangaroo

These are named bullion coins, as the value lies in the purity and weight of the gold, rather than the face value of the coin. These coins are 99.99% pure and the Troy ounce weight determines the price; bullion coins are minted in many weights, 1-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce and even one tenth-ounce. The 1-ounce coins are typically used for wealth storage and are easily stored in individual cases for protection.

Market Research

Prior to making any investment, it is important to know about the commodity and the market value, which can go up or down at any time. Google can take you to top investment analysts, where you can find out what the experts think about gold as a form of investment and whether or not you should acquire some gold.

Look at what the economic analysts are saying about the short-term future of the global economy and you’ll understand why gold investment makes sense, at least until inflation is under control.

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