Home Exterior Design Home Remodeling: Elegant White Interior With The Graceful Exterior

Home Remodeling: Elegant White Interior With The Graceful Exterior

In a home, little things matter a lot. That’s why having a good interior design can give a beautiful distinction to your home. Taking extra care while selecting the design qualities of your home enables you to showcase your sense of luxury and taste while also giving a pleasurable living experience. There are various home decor ideas depending on the size of the room and the styles vary from formal to contemporary designs.

A good interior design provides for natural sunlight and illuminates the room properly. You can re-imagine your guest room as an oasis with beautiful flowers and corner gardens. Transform an average room into something full of tranquility and grandeur with the simple yet elegant white home decor ideas. Find amenity filled sofas, shelves that fit your budget and your room size.

This 1915 Dutch Colonial in Winchester, MA United States. Cummings Architects did this beautiful project along with Realm Interiors (For Interiors designs work), Windhill Builders (for the construction work) and Joyelle West Photography (for the Photography) in 2016 and total cost of this project USD 5,00,001 – USD 7,50,000.

Front Porch Design

Front Porch Design

The porch is the place where you and your guests relax and warm up to chatting. How about having nice little easy chairs with a small flower garden on the sides. Sounds lovely, isn’t it! While designing your porch, take cues from nature’s beauty. Decorate the place with bright sunflower plants and you would never need an artificial light to illuminate the mood of your home. The texture of the wooden front blends flawlessly with your furniture and you can lose yourself in the awe-inspiring colors of the front porch design

White Kitchen Interior

White Kitchen Interior

Charm American Traditional Kitchen

Open Kitchen With Living Room
If you want to remodel your kitchen cabinet into something fresh, modern and updated with the contemporary style, go for the classic and never aging white kitchen interior. Contrast white colored walls and table drawers with black water taps and ovens to give a surprising edge to your design & also pair it up with black and gold covered chandeliers.

Bar in Kitchen

Bar in Kitchen
Want to spice things up in the kitchen a little bit? How about having a minibar right in the kitchen? You can romance your dear one with a bottle of champagne while also cooking. Sounds nice, isn’t? You can have a combination of coffee bar and liquor bar with a bar in kitchen design. It fits right in your drawer space and custom made to fit liquor bottles. This design can amp up the style of your kitchen. For a whole new look added with a dash of freshness, having drawer handles with a metallic finish with subtle colors would do the trick.

Traditional Family Living Room

Traditional Family Living Room
Living rooms are the places where you spend nice time with your family and the ideal place for watching TV together, having social gatherings and can also be used as dining space from time to time. This design reflects harmonious design without trying too hard. This family living room design is elegant and perfect and cozy for your luxury needs. You can try textured design for sofas for quirkiness. You can add subtlety by having light grey colors also. Its archetypical design is the excellent choice for your living room design.

Bright Decorative Shelves

White Wood Decorative Shelves
Do you want to clean your messy home in a jiffy and keep it that way forever? Get yourself a decorative shelf. They are ideal choices for decluttering and organizing your prized possessions such as books, art collections etc. Showcasing these special things can increase the visual impact of your room. Bright colored decorative shelves fit nicely with your room’s aesthetics and add more space to a congested place. You can add accessories to your shelf to give it an authentic appeal. You can add dimensions to space by layering the items on the shelf.

Mid-Sized Dark Entryway Interior

Mid Sized Dark Entryway Interior

Small Space Entryway Seating
Enthrall them with modern entryway decorated with red carpets with attractive designs. Use dark colored woodwork for maximum impact. An ideal entryway should have space for keeping boots, a hanger for coats, and a small drawer for towels in case your guests are drenched in rain. Combine that with textured tiles, you will have an intoxicating entryway that is sure to sweep your guests off their feet.

Kitchen Pantry Design

Sliding Door Pantry

Kitchen Pantry Design
A modern kitchen is incomplete without a pantry. Having a separate room for storing your food items is a good choice. There are great kitchen pantry designs which enable you to use the space to maximum efficiency while also having your eatable items organized in shelves. This design has open space, clean and you can keep bread in nice little baskets. You can add or delete shelves as per your requirement. You can dress up the pantry walls with bead boards. Its sliding doors are easy to use.

Plant Decor on Mantel

Plant Decor on Mantel
Are you a nature buff who wants to do your part in being eco-friendly? Then you should definitely consider decorating your fireplace with natural plants. The fireplace decorated with dark wood mantel has enough space on the top to have nice plants. Fill up your home space with nice pleasing greenery. This design allows you to have a small outdoor in your indoor areas. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, they also play a role in keeping the indoor air clean.

Home Office Design near Staircase

Home Office Design Near Staircase
Don’t have enough space for a separate home office room? No worries! You can even turn any space including the one near your staircase into a mini home office. It has the added advantage of having natural sunlight and open air. It is a perfect solution for getting your brain cranking up and creativity flowing. The drawers are large enough to store your daily office needs. Your work output is only as good as an organized and proper home office desk in which you can get the things you need right when you want them. You can work for long with peace of mind with this design.

Beautiful Small Entrance Rug

Beautiful Small Entrance Rug
Top up your entryway with beautiful rugs. Rugs do not only have to be functional, they can also be masterpieces of artwork. You can explore options like traditional design, folklore designs etc. it adds elegance to your doorway and will definitely impress your guest. So much effort and craft goes into designing a rug, you might as well flaunt it.

Washroom Wooden Cabinet

Washroom Wooden Cabinet
Adding a wooden cabinet to your bathroom is a simple yet marvelous way to uplift your bathroom mood. It can improve the look of the space drastically. Wood in combination with white walls and gold plated handles are a turn on anytime. This design can change the space from drab to fab with ease and has an inspiring finish and quality.

Backyard Sitting Area

Backyard Sitting Area
Backyards always remind of the countryside. Try going for this Best Backyard Landscaping Idea, where you have coir chairs, and sofas to keep true to the country spirit. This design plays songs to the heart. Topping this up with a small floral garden is the perfect recipe for digital detoxification. This design is perfect for your evening relaxations.

Eclectic Storage and Closets Designs

Eclectic Storage and Closets Designs

Walk in Wardrobe Rug
This closet design is perfect for storage of your clothes. It has a combination of shelf and hanging spaces. Arrangement and usage of the clothes become easy with this design. It has multiple drawers with shelves with short heights and long heights for you to keep clothes as per your convenience. This design keeps everything in order.


In an ideal home, your guests would lose their hearts. Right home decor enables you to have an amazing home that everyone envy, that everyone would want to live in forever. For uncompromising you need high quality, value for money and unprecedented levels of craftsmanship. There are various designs available with Cummings Architects that can spark your creativity and create the perfect home that you would love forever. After all, a home is a place you will spend your rest of your lives in. Don’t shy away from testing new design ideas, explore as many options as possible and build your home in the way you have always wanted. Pay a visit to the Cummings Architects now to get a world class luxury home experience.

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