Different Ways To Use Pastel Color For Interior Design

Pastel Color For Interior Design3

Are you planning to transform your house into a sanctuary of tranquility and peace with prestigious renovation ideas? If yes, introducing muted and modern pastels might create a perfect balance in your home décor. Let’s not forget, despite the beautiful appeal of bright and bold colors, there’s something that soft and lighter colored shades attract homeowners. That might be a reason why pastel has become a dominant color trend this year.

From dusky pinks to frosted blues, pastels have made it possible to add a touch of simplicity and calmness to your rooms. When combined with bolder accessories, these hues benefit you in plenty. Want to renovate your rooms to grab the center-stage attention? Then, here’s introducing some fascinating ways to incorporate pastel colors for your interior designing ideas.

#1 An Amalgamation of Pastel and Bright Hues

Adding a touch of bolds into your décor full of pastels will give an appealing design. For this reason, you can add softer hues to your brighter decors. Perhaps a wall of muted grey can get combined with bold red or blue. It looks intriguing when combined with colorful textiles and lighter colored pillows.

But you must ensure that the design creates a balance beautifully. Select similar colors for your accessories in that particular room. The design might look appealing for bedrooms, kids’ rooms, or even study rooms.

#2 Soft-Toned Bedroom

Rejuvenation is something that you must experience in your bedroom. After all, it’s that place where you need to wake up with motivation for the day. And it’s also that hub where you will have to go off to sleep after a tiring day. So, the setup needs to be attractively relaxing. Think of refreshing ideas, and pastel shades dominate other choices.

Thus, it is better to choose soft-toned hues. Take muted pink, frosted blue, or mint green colors, for example! You can also add some feminine & soft appeal. Just add some white furnishings, elements & accessories.

Pastel Color For Interior Design2

#3 Get A Dreamy Purple Design…

And to do so, you need to ditch that typical pink color! You can add Lavender or even the lighter shades of Purple. It works amazingly for creating a dreamy look, particularly when combined with hues having woody tones or white.

Don’t add everything purple because it may not be sensitive to your eyes. What you can do is just accentuate the look with a great mixing. You can trust this style because it will definitely add an appealing touch to your girl’s bedroom.

#4 Kitchen Design in Pastels

Do you want to reconstruct a Nordic vibe in the dining setup or kitchen area? You can perhaps consider some pastel bowls, mugs, plates, and even kettles. You will get a wide range of colors, starting from beige, rose quartz, and even blue.

Enhance the tableware setup into a sophisticated and chic display. It would be better to think of something more appealing other than settling for simple ones. On this note, the cheery feel with subtle patterns and prints may look amazing.

#5 Transforming Your Home Office Into Pastels

If you want to create a soft-toned home office, recreate it with a white or lighter shaded base accompanied by beautiful pastel accessories. But ensure that the paper clips, binders, pictures, and lamps have a single style, i.e., pastels! This kind of setup is perfect for video conferences and meetings with clientele.

#6 Love for Sage

Sage happens to be soft and fresh that offers an ideal alternative to traditional white decors. As a matter of fact, this color adds brightness to a regular room having white walls. You can incorporate a sage upholstered sofa in the drawing-room and coordinate with the nature-centric soft furnishing elements. Besides adding glorious appeal, it fills your room with a personality and creates a sophisticated look. 

#7 Get Clean and Classy with Blues

The most fundamental aspect of going classic and clean with your pastel interior designs is incorporating a hue of pastel-shaded blue. Blue stands as the sign of elegance and freshness. And you will be able to select blue as an accent color for your décor. You can also ring out a dramatic design with the patterns and textures in black or white or both. In addition, you can implement great artwork & soft furnishings with some quirky floral textures and prints.

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#8 Bigger Designs are Always Better

Are you planning to implement an all-white interior? Well, then it would be best to add the bounce in your setting by focusing on the interesting furniture having modern and nature-centric elements.

So, you can fairly manage to add a couch in a pink hue. In case the style is modern and chic, a pink sofa might be best for the drawing-room. What you can do is try keeping some cushions in the same colors. But if you want to create a dramatic look, combining the soft shade with bright cushion shades might give a balanced look.

#9 A Blue-Centric Bedroom

When it’s about decorating your prince’s room, don’t you think the color blue says it all? In fact, blue just seems to be a boy’s room! And this color goes around with everything (almost). A pastel blue shade blends well with different textures and patterns. You just need to choose the right color of blue and spread it all around the room. Never forget to get lighter shades because an airy shade will make the space look welcoming, warmer, and bigger.

Summing Up

Besides the aforementioned trends, what still remains the most inexpensive way to introduce pastel shades is through fresh floral elements. Talk about floral elements, and there’s no alternative to fresh flowers! So, grab a wonderful opportunity to fill bud vases with sprigs of lilac, pale rosebuds, and more. In this manner, you can bring nature’s elements into your home décor and set newer standards. Hopefully, now you can choose the right pastel colors for interior design!

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