20 Creative Cables Decorating Ideas Without Hiding

dining room cables wall art

The hard truth is this, everyone hates to see messy and unorganized cables. So what you can do about them? Well, if you get creative and are not afraid to experiment, you can take care of this problem without a hitch. Yes, you can hide the electronic cable by doing some things. To help you get starting, following we are providing you with some clever Cables Decorating ideas that will turn the unpleasant cable into pieces of art. Use whatever you want, beads, fabrics, knits and crochet designs for enriching the interior decoration colour scheme with accentuating room décor. You can do all this while hiding the electric cables.

By following these simple yet clever ideas, you can recycle whatever you find while making art. Personalize your home without spending a penny. Now cover the cords while following these craft ideas to follow modern interior decorating. It’s time to cover the electric wires and extension cord with yarns and fabrics.

Even if all your cables are tucked up tightly in one place but still they are a mess all of the time. This is the time to be creative and show up something like this. Of course, you will put things over it so it does not look isolated and ‘what is this’ kind of stuff.
cable drawings above fireplace

Moreover, you can decorate these with beads or even with buttons to create something fabulously stylish. The flexible cord covers make an interesting designing idea as they allow you to customize your interior without making you break into your bank account. Yes, we are only providing you with creative but cost-effective decoration ideas.

As the cables remain something inescapable, you are just trading them something pleasurable for the eye. The fact is, you will hardly find something about your needs in the market when it comes to Cables Decorating. So, it’s time to get your hands dirty and be creative. To help you get starting, we are providing you with the following ideas for how to cover the cables while making some art pieces with cord cable itself. By all means, indulge yourself with these following tacky ideas!

Creative Cables Decorating Ideas

Another fixture in the picture which is colorful and actually working. I call it a fixture because we think a lot of these cables while dusting or especially when you want your place spic and span. That’s when they pop up making us self-doubtful of our cleanliness expert.
colorful pendant light fixture

These white walls cannot carry anything so easily so you must be a little creative. You know only ‘little’. You do not have to draw something out of it. It should look like it’s a cable but put in a way that looks good on the wall. That’s the idea. Here we have few DIY ideas to achieve with wallpaper.
white walls black cords design

Rather hiding the cables behind some appliance or something just show it on the top of the wall like a prized possession. This is my mess and I know it. That could be a good idea if you own the house otherwise not.
white walls black cords design 01

So, you cannot put anything above it like if you are thinking to put wooden boxes or maybe a bookshelf or hide it a little bit, well that could be a good idea. Because there would be a time when you have to slide the cable a little bit, so you should leave that space as well.
Wall Decorating Ideas

You have a transport business, do not waste your time on artists, colorful paintings just made this cable art which looks amazing. Yeah, you can color it of course just in case if you want. I like it this way only.
vw transporter

This is a fantastic idea. It looks like physics resistance drawings so, on the wall, it is the cleanest way to put cables and not hiding behind the television sets. If you are thinking only photo effects is making it look good, then no because it is just cables and nothing else.
tv PlayStation hanging wall

Playstation cables are a real mess even you get a wireless one, only remote does not have it otherwise rest is all cables and just that. You don’t have to do much and just make straight lines from your set to PlayStation and it will be done.
playstation cables

The Pretty one! And not just leaves, you can put anything that would suit the décor and ambience of your space. Here there are 4 leaves and one sparrow which is best suited for a short cable at the bottom of the wall.
organize cable on wall

lot of black cables wall art

Like we have bookshelves, we can have cable shelf as well and this is how you make it. You can even put more cables depending on the height and it would hide the cables just like that. You can make your own with different designs.
Ideas To Hide The Wires

Ideas To Decorate The Wires

You can make these kinds of ideas in a permanent cable setting. Like that of previous ones, you could re-arrange the furniture and then in need of moving cables as well but, not this one and if it does that would be a complete renovation.
Ideas To Cables Decorating

This is typically in stores or some kind of public places where there are multiple sockets and so are multiple and huge cables mess. You could simply make something out of it and make it look like a part of the place.
Ideas To Cables Decorating on wall

You just have to hang it some here and some there and that’s it. The basic idea is when you hide it, it comes out showing and destroying the picture and on the other hand, when you show it off like this, beauty comes out of it.
Ideas To Cables Decorating 01

People usually try to hide them under curtains and on the high ceiling where nobody sees it but this one is a serious goal. It is a simply made structure out of cables and plus is not looking bad at all.
high ceiling shopping magazine cables design

Above the shelf cable drawing- that’s what I have named it and it looks super amazing or you could mix the idea of above leaves and sparrow fittings. This is how you mix and match and come up with your own idea of making something different.
grey wall cable draw

More and more loopholes and I am not going to fix them at all. Because let it be, they look fantastic anyhow and when they come in different colors, I like to show it off to everyone around my home. A perfect way to live!
dining room cables wall art

That’s how you teach your kid these little things. Why don’t you make your home an education timeline? Lol! That’s something over the top and maybe a little difficult but some of you technical people may like it and thus included here in the list.
Creative Ideas To Cables Decorating

cords wall art

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