Home Project: Contemporary Home Design with Natural Elements

wood and metal contemporary home backyard

Contemporary design is all about letting go of the strict design rules and embracing a more relaxed, open and minimalistic approach to home design. It is defined by functionality, simplicity and subtle elegance. Natural and organic materials have also found their way into contemporary design style with the return of green living and the need to conserve earth’s natural resources. There is also a renewed interest in homeowners to find natural and sustainable building products. Including natural materials into a home exterior or interior can help you achieve a contemporary yet timeless design. This home project by Jaffa Group Design Build and K. Rocke Interior Designs achieves this goal in style. Located within a pristine and green area in Park City, Utah, this contemporary home blends in seamlessly with its beautiful surroundings using natural elements on the exterior of this home design.

The home exteriors incorporate a beautiful combination of stone, wood, and metal to easily blend in with their natural surroundings. The backyard also has dining and seating areas for an outdoor family time. This contemporary home design has an open floor plan where the kitchen, dining, and living areas share the same space. The master bedroom and the family room have a distinctly modern but comfortable feel. Moreover, all the guest bedrooms have attached bathrooms and are well-lit and spacious. Designed in bold colors, the kids’ bedroom has lots of space to play and have fun. The consistent use of wooden flooring and functional furnishings throughout the house gives it a natural and contemporary vibe.

Natural Elements in Exterior Design

wood and stone exterior design

natural elements home design
The exterior of this home project uses natural elements like wood and stone along with metal to create an exterior design that is modern and yet so in touch with nature.

contemporary home exterior design

glass and metal roofing
The stone base and dark wood paneling certainly make the exterior look as if it is a part of its natural surroundings. Light brown shaded stone walls, wooden panels, and the dark brown metal emphasize the natural state of the exteriors. It also helps in blending in with the surroundings.

contemporary home window design

natural exterior home design

metal bars chimney caps
Various plants and trees around the estate help enliven the place. In contrast, the glass work, aluminum sheet walls, metal support beams, and chimney caps add a modern touch to the design.

Contemporary Home Backyard with Rustic Appeal

wood and metal contemporary home backyard
The backyard of this home design definitely has a rustic charm. A seating area defined by a blue striped area rug also sports light blue chaise lounge and chairs.

wooden floors over stone base
The backyard is raised above the ground with wooden flooring and beams supported by a solid stone base. A metal railing running along the length of the backyard offers support as well as safety.

contemporary home outdoor dining space
The dining area holds a large wooden table surrounded by patterned chairs. The whole setting has a rustic country feel to it. The wall sconces, on the other hand, offer enough light and give the place a modern look. A glass door from the backyard leads to the open plan living room.

Open Plan Living Area

modern elements home project

white and wood contemporary home design
The Living area shares an open space with the kitchen and the dining area. The open floor plan makes the home design look larger and spacious. The house feels more accessible and lived in with this type of home design.

grey sofa living room
The grey sofa and chairs go really well with the grey area rug. The stunning glass tables give the room a contemporary home vibe. Additionally, the small side tables with modern table lamps enhance the modern look.

stunning living room fireplace
The fireplace built into a stone wall opposite the sofa has a rustic charm to it. It Keeps the Room Warm and Lively. It also gives a cozy and comfortable feeling to the place.

fireplace wood storage
The log compartments on both sides add visual interest to the place.

open plan contemporary home design

round area rug sitting
A seating area defined by a round area rug and modern design white chairs invites you to enjoy some private time with family or friends.

modern furniture sitting area
The large windows let in a lot of natural light. They also provide a great view of the outdoors while entertaining guests or enjoying some family time together. They also help in bringing the outdoors inside the home and enhance the contemporary vibe of the room.

Grey Dining Room

open floor plan dining area
The dining area is adjacent to the open kitchen. The modern grey dining chairs go perfectly well with the grey wood floors. The Dining table is polished wood top with a grey metal base. An assortment of small and big candles decorates the table.

Wood Tones Open Kitchen

wooden cabinets and marble countertops
The open plan kitchen is right next to the dining area and overlooks the living area as well. This place is the main hub of the family and is thus designed in warm and earthy colors. It follows the classic wood and white theme with white walls and countertops and wooden cabinetry. The kitchen has an L-shaped counter with white marble countertop. Kitchen stove and oven are integrated into the counter design and look like a part of it. A shiny metal range hood is placed above the stove to keep out the fumes of the stove.

wood tones kitchen counter and island
Peppertree Kitchen and Bath has done the Custom Kitchen Cabinetry with architectural grade rift-sawn white oak veneer. It has a wire-brushed texture with a custom stain and glaze.

wooden finish wall cabinets
The marble used for the countertop is also used as a backsplash for the counter.

marble island countertop
The kitchen also has an island with the same marble top and oak wood cabinetry on one side.

kitchen island grey barstools
The other side holds space for grey barstools that match the dining chairs perfectly.

laundry room storage shelf
Additionally, an open shelf storage area for kitchen essentials is in the back of the kitchen.

The Main Door and Basement Entry

main entry door design
The main entry door of this home project is made from wood and glass. It opens to a foyer with a black and white striped area rug and a small wooden bench to the side. A large mirror decorates one wall of the entry.

stairway besides entry door
A set of stairs next to the entry lead downstairs.

multiple windows hallway

white and wood hallway design
A hallway lies to the right of the entry door that leads to the laundry room and mudroom.

The Laundry Room and Back Entry

laundry room wooden storage
The laundry room has off-white floors and cabinetry. A counter with marble top runs along the length of the wall.

backdoor entry and mudroom
The back entry and mudroom is a stunning example of simple contemporary home entry room. A low wooden ledge runs along one side of the room. The closet for storing coats and shoes sits on the ledge. The other side of the room also has a low wooden bench running along the length of the wall. It provides a seating area to rest. The dark grey area rug certainly balances the ample light from the windows.

contemporary grey powder room
The room also has an attached powder room done in classic black and white. In contrast to the white walls, the vanity and backsplash are black marble and tiles. The wall art and industrial lamps bring visual interest to the room.

Bathroom with Separate Vanities

wood tones bathroom vanity
The large bathroom has separate vanities. The wood-framed wall mirror also goes well with the wooden vanity cabinets and cupboard. The wall sconces with accent lights and the colored marble counter certainly bring color to the room. The shower stall also has an interesting backdrop of patterned green tiles.

Earthy Shades Family Room

contemporary home family room
The stairs lead down to the family room which is done in neutral earthy colors. A brown area rug defines the seating area in the room. The sofa and armchairs are in earthy brown tones. In contrast, the lounge chairs are a soft white color. The side tables and table lamps along with the contemporary furnishings, give the room a modern feel. Also, the coffee tables and wall art bring visual interest to the room. The various colorful pillows certainly bring a splash of color to the neutral room.

contemporary family room fireplace
Furthermore, a fireplace opposite the sofa brings warmth and softness to the decor. A wall-mounted TV above the fireplace provides entertainment. All in all, this place is perfect for the family to spend some time together and have fun.

Bookshelf Patterned Master Bedroom and Bath

bookshelf wallpaper contemporary bedroom
The master bedroom is a study in contemporary home bedroom design. It is minimal, simple, functional and yet subtly elegant. The two large windows let in a lot of daylight. The wall opposite the windows has bookshelf pattern wallpaper, also in white, which reflects the light and makes the room look larger than it is. It is, indeed, a stunning backdrop to the large bed, with Chesterfield bed frame. The modern side tables hold ornamental table lamps which bring some style to the simple setting. Similarly, a small study area with an industrial lamp and Arne Jacobsen T-chair adds to the modern appeal of the room. The various books kept on the carpeted floor give the room a homey lived in feel.

black and white tiles bathroom
The master bathroom is a visual treat of classic patterns, contemporary colors, and understated opulence. The white and black patterned flooring adds a touch of class and sophistication to the simple room.

brown marble vanity wooden cabinets
The bathroom has two vanities separated by a small dressing table of sorts and a transparent chair. The whole vanity has black marble countertops over dark brown cabinetry. Wall recessed ceiling lights and hanging pendant lights keep the room well-lit.

white bathtub wood theme
A small alcove holds the bathtub. The wall of the alcove is also done in black with a glass section in the middle. Steel fixtures enhance the sleek and modern look of the room.

Bold Colors in Kids Bedroom

multicolored wall design kids bedroom
The kids’ bedroom is done in bold colors and minimalist design. The multi-colored accent wall brings color, pattern and visual interest to the room. It lifts the mood of the room. The bunk beds and corner bed are painted with a cheery red and white combination. The red checkered pillows further add to the cheerful mood of the room. A red pouf along with a set of small white table and small red chairs makes the room look inviting and colorful. The chest of drawers in the corner is white with the drawers painted with the same red paint.

wooden flooring black marble vanityThe bathroom also sports an accent wall with green patterned tiles. The vanity is large and has black marble countertops and cabinets below for storage.

Guest Bedroom with Fireplace

wall installed fireplace bedroom
The small fireplace installed in a black accent wall is definitely a point of attraction in this bedroom. But the main show stealers are the floor-to-ceiling windows that give a spectacular view of the surroundings. The large bed with white patterned headboard is pushed against the wall to make room for the modern chairs and side tables. The bedside tables recreate the pattern of the headboard. The stone wall brings texture while the red table lamps and wall art bring color and visual interest to the room.

shower stall and bathroom vanity
The bathroom is also simple in design with a white marble topped vanity and storage cupboards. The shower has Patterned Tile Design. Glass wall sconces give light and also bring style to the room.

Autumn Tree Wallpaper Guest Bedroom

autumn trees wallpaper bedroom
The autumn trees wallpaper design is definitely a focal point of the room. It brings visual interest to the room. It also forms a good backdrop for the white canopy bed in the room. The brown carpet and brown side table go well with the brown and white tones in the wallpaper. The brown chair and ottoman match the colors of the wallpaper and make the room look cozy and warm. The throw, pillow and table lamp also bring some color to the room. The light from the large windows highlights the neutral colors of the contemporary design.

contemporary home design guest bathroom
The bathroom also follows the same white and brown theme of the bedroom. It has a large wall mirror with wooden frame. Similarly, the vanity has wooden storage and brown marble countertop. The shower stall also has brown tiles for a backdrop. A glass partition separates it from the rest of the room. Hanging lights and wall art bring some style to the simple setting.

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