25+ Color Ideas To Paint Your House By Dulux Paint

Living Room and Bedroom Color Ideas

Dulux is most prominent brand of its Decorative coatings business while the Performance Coatings business gives answers for some enterprises and segments including car, shopper hardware, power, avionics, shipping, and recreation make, development, oil and gas, water and wastewater, nourishment and refreshments, and so on. Colors are simply a way to tell your home stories to other ones. They are just a way to express your feelings and good vibes to anyone. The home is “the land never ends” which completed by paints and colors. In this article below we share more than 25 images, which give you some color ideas to paint your house.

Color Ideas By Dulux

{ 1 } Lexicon, Black & Domino

contemporary teahouse exterior Black and Domino Color
There are lots of color ideas to define house in a stunning way from the exterior as well as interior. But this Black House Exterior Design is sure to take your breath away and the combination of two opposite colors, one is dark chocolate and another one is creamy white. They define home in superbly way.

{ 2 } Angora Blue, Mystification & White on White

blue and white staircase color ideas
In the interior, an amazing combination of colors has been seen, such as a white painted house with a navy blue colored staircase. Navy blue color highlights the realness of home. And the white color glowing charm of the house.

{ 3 } White Exchange Half & Lexicon Half

brightness and charm entrance door white paint
The white color is the definition of brightness and charm, which always glow itself and glow other colors simultaneously. The doors and ceiling painted with white paint and rest of the area are painted with poison white or dull white making entrance awesome and lavishing.

{ 4 } Full Cover Hog & Full Cover Otto Boy

Outdoor Space Design With Fireplace
The open courtyard painted with full cover hog paint. The different thing is a fireplace, which is fully colored by dark chocolate paint. This scenario looking elegant.

{ 5 } Citrino, Rainforest Glow & Venus Flytrap

Kitchen Wall Paint Yellow Shades With Mix Match Stools and Marble CountertopThe wall is fully painted with yellow shades give superb texture and shine, and with brightness. Stools are also of the same color with white marble kitchen counter-top.

{ 6 } Handmade Linen Quarter & Natural White 

Living Room Colorful Carpet And Wall Color Ideas
The side wall of the interior is beautifully colored with spring color which exaggerates the charm. Ceiling with white color generates the amalgamation of colors in the interior.

{ 7 } Dune

Wooden Furniture Exterior Design
Exterior walls painted with dune color with nice wooden furniture showing living of house. And roof with dim grey making a home complete.

{ 8 } Natural White

Natural White Kitchen Color Ideas With Wooden Floor and Stools
The kitchen area shimmering with floral white paint and nice wooden texture on some portion of the home. The Same color is on stools edges. This all works for highlighting the essential parts.

{ 9 } Rodham & Natural White

Greenish Yellow Door Main Entrance of Home
The exterior walls of the home are adequately painted with natural white color. And the main gate is superbly painted with greenish yellow color and prominence the area of the gate.

{ 10 } Terrace White & Reef Resort

Wooden Floor Entrance Design
Fully ghost white exterior with wooden work entrance. And at far the shining slate grey painted the main door.

{ 11 } Lexicon, Surf Wash & Shimmer Quarter

Kids Room Paint Color Ideas
The lexicon paint on cupboards looks sparkly with shimmer quarter paint on window wall. The paint in a wooden stack is surf wash making clean the scenario.

{ 12 } Domino & Lexicon

Two Tone Bathroom Color Ideas With Pattern Tile on Flooring
The most dazzling thing about a home is bathroom looking sweet with partly painted with white lexicon in the bottom part, window part and rest of part is painted with chocolaty domino color.

{ 13 } Klavier

Front Porch Bench Ideas
The flooring part of the exterior is done with wooden color clavier paint. And rest of the white color make exterior awesome.

{ 14 } White on White

Chair In Corner of Living Room
The interior wall, the large oval circular shaped art is amazed in the texture of white color on rest of the area.

{ 15 } Limed White

Limed White Exterior Paint With Dark Chocolate Color on Roof and Door
The exterior of the home is amazingly painted with lime white color, which makes home royal and bright full. Stupendous part is dark chocolate color on a roof as well as on the door.

{ 16 } Namadji

Dark Exterior House Color Ideas
The outside portion of home is fully covered by dark namadji color, with splash white color on the ceiling.

{ 17 } Ceylonese & Namadji

Chocolate Bedroom Wall With Dark Chocolate Paint Small Table
The bedroom wall is entirely painted Ceylonese color which defines the stories of home. And a small vintage table of dark namadji color.

{ 18 } Whisper White

Awesome Bedroom Whisper White Color
The room is exclusively colored with whisper white looking utterly delighted. And awesome wooden work is done on a floor which fully matching with color.

{ 19 } Whisper White & White Duck

Living Room Door Designs and Color Ideas
The passage wall for a room is awesomely painted with white duck color and rest of the ceiling portion of home painted with whisper white color looking fabulous.

{ 20 } White Duck

Beach Style Outdoor Pool Design
The pool area is gorgeously painted with white duck color and some white lights hanging over there increase the grandness of pool area.

{ 21 } Miller Mood

beach style exterior design with white staircase
The exterior wall of an entrance is looking lavishing with miller mood color and white color ceiling, as well as entrance staircase, gives freshness to home.

{ 22 } White box & Happy Days

Beach Style Exterior Design
The roof portion and wall are painted with white box color gaining traditional looks. The open courtyard with pool area is shining much with pebbles on the floor and the most dashing thing is the blue colored table steals the heart.

{ 23 } Natural White & Marrakesh Red

Living Room Staircase With Beautiful Red Wall
The wall looking gorgeous in Marrakesh red color like main attraction portion interior of the home. Simultaneously the natural white ladders of the staircase are very much highlighting in shade of red color.

{ 24 } White on White

Open Bathroom Color Ideas and Design
The open bathroom area glowing with white color beautifully like heaven and light coffee colored flooring is entire suits it.

{ 25 } Stowe White

Contemporary Living with Dining Room Wall Stowe White Color
Dining area gives the desired look in a home with Stowe white color, with that it kills the darkness in the home. The bright color always feels warmth in beneath of souls.

{ 26 } Bunny Soft Quarter & Lilac Fluff

Bedroom Color For Girls with hanging two lamp
In a bedroom, behind of bed, there is an awesome different colored carpet which automatically increases the look of wall area and its texture. Having an Colorful Bedroom can ease your soul and give you a feeling of being relaxed and warm.

{ 27 } Oyster Linen

Exterior Wall Bricks Oyster Linen Color
The exterior walls are shining like a star with oyster linen paint of Dulux, there are many color ideas are available on Dulux just chose it and try it on your homes.

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