25 Best Christmas Wreaths Decoration Ideas To Follow This Season

Living Room Wreath Decor

Christmas wreaths are an important part of the Christmas decorations. Some people believe that initially ancient Greeks and Romans hung wreaths on doors to symbolize victory. In Christianity too, the wreath has a significant meaning. The use of evergreens to construct Christmas wreaths represents everlasting life brought through Jesus while the circular shape of the wreath represents God and eternity for it has no beginning and no end. Christmas wreaths decoration is traditional as well as easy. Also, it enhances the festive spirit of Christmas.

Traditionally, making a wreath requires tying evergreens and red berries together in a circle. However, there’s a wide variety of different and unique wreaths available in the market today. Nowadays, along with evergreens and berries, wreaths are made out of a lot of other materials. These include burlap, pine cones, ribbons, deco mesh, decorative ornaments, bells, twigs, fruits and leaves of different types. You can make a wreath out of anything really, even corks and felt paper as long as it looks good! Wreath decorations are also no longer limited to front doors and windows. You can use wreaths in a number of different ways to decorate your house from inside as well as outside. We have made a list of some of the best Christmas wreath decorations that you can do in your own home to make it look more festive and interesting.

{ 1 } Traditional Front Door Wreaths

Traditional Front Door Wreath
The best and easiest way of hanging wreaths on the front door is to go traditional. Christmas wreaths of evergreens and red berries will definitely give your front door a festive but natural look. For those of you who prefer their decor natural or understated or both, this is indeed the best option. Combine this wreath with a simple garland of evergreens draped along the door frame, and some fairy lights to give your front door a simple and welcoming uplift.

{ 2 } Fancy Decorative Wreaths

Fancy Decorative Wreath
For those of you who want fun and flair in your decorations, this style is the perfect option. This fancy wreath of evergreens, red magnolias, red and white berries, green deco mesh, and shiny green ribbons lifts the look of the front door. It also brings color, shine and festive cheer in the decorations. You can also get this look for your front door with minimum effort. You can buy a fancy wreath similar to this from the market and combine it with an equally fancy garland to drape across the door frame. Add in some fairy lights if you wish and see you front door shine!

{ 3 } Windows Christmas Wreaths Decoration

Windows Christmas Wreaths Decoration
Using wreaths for window decorations is very easy but at the same time, it is also very elegant and beautiful. All you have to do is tie a ribbon to your wreath and hang it from the top of the window. Add a bow from the same ribbon to the top part of the wreath to make it look more festive. Wrap some fairy lights to the wreaths or buy some pre-lit wreaths to further increase the festive spirit. You can also use some garlands, ribbons or Christmas ornaments and decorate the window sill too. If possible add in some nice curtains to the windows and hang fairy lights to them. This will enhance the look of the windows tenfold and bring festive cheer to your room with little effort.

{ 4 } Wreath Trio Front Door Decoration

Wreath Trio Front Door Decoration
Welcoming The Holiday Season With This Front Porch From Hi Sugarplum
A wreath on the front door does add festive cheer to the Christmas decorations. So, if you want to increase the festive feel threefold, what do you do? It’s simple. You triple the wreaths!! Jokes aside, a wreath trio does look more beautiful and cheerful than a single wreath. It is also easy to make on your own. Pair it up with a simple ribbon and you will have a classic and elegant front door decoration this holidays.

{ 5 } Front Porch Wreath Decor

Front Porch Wreath Decor
Decorating your front porch with Christmas wreaths is simple, elegant, cheap and easy. Even if you have some themed decorations planned, wreaths look good with almost everything. You can hang the wreaths on the front door and on the outer side of all the windows on the porch. This looks elegant and simple and also emphasizes the holiday spirit. Add in some golden accent lights and you will have a simple and yet festive front porch.

{ 6 } Unique Wreath Snowman Christmas Decor

Unique Wreath Snowman Christmas Decor
This decor is certainly unique and different. To make a wreath snowman you first need a hat, a long ribbon or scarf, and a stick long enough to hold the three wreaths together, one over the other. One of the wreaths is large, the second a little smaller, and the last one is even smaller than the second. Now, place the stick in your front yard. Now tie the three wreaths to the stick, keeping the biggest one at the bottom and the smallest one on the top. Place the hat on the smallest wreath and tie the scarf or ribbon around the place where the smallest and middle wreaths meet as shown in the above picture. This decoration will look best in your front yard although you can also do it inside the house.

{ 7 } Fireplace Mantel Wreath Decor

Fireplace Mantel Wreath Decor
Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decor in Farmhouse in 12th And White
The fireplace mantel is another good place for wreath decorations. A wreath above the fireplace mantel look elegant and prominently displayed. The decoration here is simple and minimal. The wreath above the mantel is also simply made of evergreens and pine cones. Accompanied by two vases of white magnolias on both sides, the wreath gives the fireplace a rustic charm. A small garland of the same materials draped over the mantel further adds to the minimal look. The white socks hanging from the mantel and the wrapped gifts beside the fireplace reinforce the holiday feel of the decor.

{ 8 } Candy Cane Wreath Decor

Candy Cane Wreath Decor
Bring Holiday Cheer To Your Home With DIY Wreaths From Mom Dot
This wreath made of Candy Canes is Unique as Well as Creative. It is also easy enough to make. You can also attempt this as a group project with the kids; they will love it. The cheerful colors of the candy cane wreath will also add color and festive cheer to your decorations. You can use these wreaths as tree ornaments or you can also use them separately to decorate the house. Add in some faux frost, accent lights, and red and white colored Christmas decorations and you can well have a candy land in your home or in your front yard!!

{ 9 } Floral Wreath Design

Floral Christmas Wreath Decoration
Organic And Seasonal Christmas Decor Via The French Bouquet Blog
This natural Christmas wreath and garland are simple but festive. The organic evergreens and various flowers in itself are pretty simple and plain. However, placed together in this formation with the colorful flowers prominently displayed makes them look very festive and merry. The various colorful flowers also give the decorations a fresh and cheerful look. The stone wall works as a perfect backdrop and reinforces the natural and organic look of the decor. The seasonal flowers also reinforce the holiday season cheer.

{ 10 } Living Room Wreath Decor

Living Room Wreath Decor
As mentioned earlier, you can use wreaths to decorate any part of your house. This subtle living room decoration is certainly a nice example. The living room already has a small, fancy Decorated Christmas Tree on the chest of drawers. The wreaths on the windows simply enhance the decoration. Hang a wreath on each window and add a ribbon bow to the bottom of the wreath. This makes the room look busy, cheerful and more inviting.

{ 11 } Dreamcatcher Snowman Wreath Decor

Dreamcatcher Snowman Wreath Decor
Dreamcatcher Boho Snowman Wreath By DIY Network
This Christmas wreaths front door decoration is eclectic and truly unique. The boho dream catcher snowman decor is decked up with embellishments. It gives the decorations a bohemian touch and helps display a creative and visually compelling decoration. Displayed on your front door, this snowman is welcoming and interesting. It can work as a great conversation starter when entertaining people. You can also take this up as a holiday project for the kids as it is pretty easy to make. The decorations can differ according to your taste and style. So hurry up and make your front door a visual treat with this stunning decor idea.

{ 12 } Christmas Wreath With Berries

Christmas Wreath With Berries
A Traditional Homemade Holiday in Susan Harper’s Home in At Home Arkansas | Photo by Rett Peek
The ample garland of magnolia draped along the doorframe is a beautiful contrast to the red berries wreath on the front door. The leaves are also added to the red berries wreath making it look like a giant and beautiful flower hanging on the front door. The whole look has a rustic charm. The traditional wreath and garland decoration is simple yet effective. It looks grand and elegantly festive because of its simplicity. Tiny fairy lights draped across the garland give the decor a whimsical appeal.

{ 13 } Creative DIY Christmas Wreath

Creative DIY Christmas Wreath
Creative Winter Wreath For Christmas by DIY Inspired
This beautiful and creative wreath is certainly very easy to make and a truly welcoming sight for the front door. The beautiful basket wreath full of silver feathers and green leaves looks like a small garden on your doorstep! You can make this wreath at home too. All you need is a hanging basket, burlap ribbon, white feathers, artificial succulents, artificial floral pieces, and pinecones. You can also add in anything else that you may wish to put in the basket. Now, hang the basket on your front door and simply arrange all the materials in a way that looks best. Then tie the burlap ribbon around the basket in a knot and fold back the edges. Your winter garden basket wreath is ready!

{ 14 } Kitchen Christmas Wreaths Decor

Kitchen Christmas Wreaths Decor
Greenery And Plaid Christmas Kitchen Decor by Design Dazzle
The kitchen is the heart of every home. However, it’s rather tricky to make it welcoming and festive for the holidays. Decorating a kitchen involves taking a lot of care in what materials you use, and how you use them. This dazzling kitchen looks festive as well as welcoming without much effort. Plaid stool covers and runners add some pattern and style to the decoration. Plaid looks really classy and cozy at the same time. The plaid ribbons in red and white give the decoration a festive look. The small wreath on the window adds festive cheer to the decor. Although, the real star of this decoration is the gingerbread man wreath above the counter with the plaid ribbon. It looks really pretty and gives the kitchen a warm and welcoming feel.

{ 15 } Christmas Wreaths With Succulents

Christmas Wreaths With Succulents
Making wreaths out of different types of materials has become a popular practice in the holiday season. A succulent wreath is also a good choice for front door this holidays. Succulents come in varied colors and textures. They are also long-lasting and look very beautiful. Succulent wreaths can be made at home or bought from the market. There is also an option of using artificial succulents which look equally pretty and natural but can be reused in the next holidays too. Add in a bow or tie a satin ribbon to a succulent wreath and you won’t need any more embellishments to get this simple and elegant look.

{ 16 } Vintage Christmas Wreath Design

Vintage Christmas Wreath Design
This vintage wreath decoration brings style and elegance to the decoration. The wreath is pretty simple to make but looks really beautiful. The grapevines in the wreath give the decor a natural appeal. The pine leaves, artificial flowers, and berries make the wreath look festive and colorful. It is stylish, pretty, cheap, and easily reusable. This wreath goes perfectly well with the frosty winter decorations.

{ 17 } Unique Square Wreath Design

Unique Square Wreath Design
This unique wreath decor breaks away from the traditional circular wreaths and tries a new square design. The square wreath looks elegant and pretty and just as festive as the circular one. Adding small berries to the wreath corners is a creative touch. the green bow ribbon in the bottom of the wreath and the hanging pine cones further add to the natural creative look of the wreath.

{ 18 } Wheat And Feather Wreath DIY

Wheat And Feather Wreath DIY
Simple and Easy Christmas Decoration by The Happier Homemaker
For a minimalistic and simple front door decoration, this wheat and feathers wreath is the perfect option. The wreath is ridiculously easy to make as shown in the tutorials. It requires minimum time, effort, and money. If it proves hard to find the pheasant feathers, you can certainly use any other feathers you have easily available. This simple wreath makes a strong statement and gives the front door a festive look.

{ 19 } Elegant Bedroom Christmas Wreaths Decor

Elegant Bedroom Christmas Wreaths Decor
Warm and Cozy Bedroom Christmas Decoration by Inspiration For Moms
This warm and cozy Bedroom Looks Ready to Welcome the Holidays! The traditional small wreaths above the bed give the room a rustic farmhouse look. This type of decoration is perfect for those who want a minimal, understated, or natural look for the holidays. The evergreen wreaths hanging on the wall art above the bed with a ribbon look sophisticated and simple. They also add some natural warmth to the decoration. Hanging wreaths in the bedroom bring festive cheer in the room and help in making the celebrations more fun and lasting.

{ 20 } Frosty Winter Wreath Design

Frosty Winter Wreath Design
This frosty winter wreath looks perfectly at home with the cozy winter Christmas decorations around it. This simple and elegant wreath gives character to the elegant decorations. It is also easy to make. All you need to do is add some dried yellow pine leaves to it and wrap some burlap or golden ribbon around the wreath. Your winter wreath is ready to use!

{ 21 } Jingle Bells Fireplace Wreath Decor

Jingle Bells Fireplace Wreath Decor
Traditional and Warm Christmas Decor by Sonya Hamilton Designs
This warm and cozy Christmas decoration is pretty traditional. The jingle bells added to the wreath made of leftover fabric makes it even more traditional. The wreath made of leftover fabric is in itself very pretty. Adding jingle bells to the wreath makes it more decorative and festive. It further adds to the festivities of the holidays and can go really well with almost any type of decoration. So, go ahead and spruce up your Christmas decor with this simple and easy festive wreaths.

{ 22 } Staircase Wreath Christmas Decor

Staircase Wreath Christmas Decor
Interesting and Different Christmas Decoration by A Thoughtful Place
Using wreaths for staircase decoration is a very easy and elegant idea. You can use really simple wreaths made only of evergreens or you can spruce it up by adding other embellishments or jingle bells. Now, all you have to do is get some pretty ribbons and tie these wreaths to the balustrade at regular intervals. This makes the staircase look really festive without overdoing the decorations. This easy and Simple Christmas Decoration is Certainly Very Elegant and Minimalistic.

{ 23 } Dining Room Wreath Decor

Dining Room Christmas Wreath Decor
Festive Dining Room Christmas Decoration by Driven By Decor
This pretty dining room decor has a rustic charm to it. beautiful mini wreaths are tied to the dining chairs by red ribbons. The bows added to these ribbons make it look really pretty. The evergreen leaves decoration on the chandelier also makes it look like a big wreath hanging over the dining table. It gives the decor an organic and natural appeal. The pine cone centerpiece on the table further enhances the natural look of the decoration.

{ 24 } Deco Mesh Decorative Wreath

Deco Mesh Decorative Wreath
If you are a fan of fancy and glamorous decorations, this is your design. Using deco mesh for making wreaths is, in my opinion, the best and cheapest option for a fancy decoration. Deco mesh wreaths are easy to make and look really glamorous and pretty. All you need is a grapevine or twig wreath over which you can tie the deco mesh. Spruce it up as you wish and add shiny ribbons or jingle bells or anything else that pleases you with the deco mesh. Combine this wreath with a garland of deco mesh and shiny ribbons to further add to the festive look of the decoration.

{ 25 } Wreaths On Ribbon Design

Wreath On Ribbon Design
This simple wreath design is elegant, cheap and very easy to do. All you have to do is buy two or three wreaths and some good ribbons. Now, hang the ribbon from the top of the front door. Tie in the wreaths on the ribbon one by one and let them hang on the ribbon. This places the wreaths on exactly on the ribbon. The wreaths give the decorations a natural look while the ribbon adds some festive cheer to it. Also, add in some fairy lights to uplift the decoration and make it look even more festive.

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