32 Interesting Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Christmas is a festival of joy and merriment. It’s the time to express our love and affection for our loved ones; the festival of happy tidings and good cheer. It’s also the season of festivities and decorations! Christmas is celebrated all over the world with a lot of enthusiasm. The Christmas celebrations become a lot more festive by decorating a Christmas tree. Christmas tree decoration can also be a lot of fun. It can also become a way for the family to bond and spend some time together. You can involve children in these Christmas Decorations and teach them a little about the festival too. It can also become a way for you to display your creativity.

Usually, Christmas tree decoration includes flowers, garlands, ribbons, lights, etc. Various toys and ornaments, colorful balls and Christmas shapes are put to hang on the tree and in your house. The most common colors used in the decorations are snow white, pine green, red, blue, golden and silver.

{ 1 } Copper Snowflakes Lights

copper snowflake lights tree decoration
Copper Light in Christmas Tree Decoration via Pinterest
The latest trend in Christmas tree decorations is the use of the copper snowflakes. These snowflakes have a battery operated light inside them which gives them a soft glow. They look wonderful when hung from a Christmas tree giving off a faint light. They can be used in almost any theme but are most effective in a cold or winter theme. You can also use them in a classic or traditional Christmas tree decoration.

{ 2 } Plaid Ribbons

plaid ribbons Christmas tree decoration
Buffalo Check Plaid Christmas Tree by Weekend Craft
Plaid is one of the increasingly popular Christmas decorations due to its amazing ability to go well with anything and everything! You can decorate the Christmas trees using ribbons of plaid. You can also use plaid on your mantel and wreaths to create a harmonious look. Red and green are the most popular combination but you can use any color in plaid according to your theme and decor.

{ 3 } Metal Tree Ring

metal tree collar Christmas decoration
Simple DIY Galvanized Metal Tree Collar by Diy Network
Instead of using a tree skirt, why not go for something that covers the bottom of the tree completely. The metal tree ring covers the bottom of the tree and keeps it from getting dirty or messy. You can decorate this type of ring to give the whole tree a different look. The tree ring also allows more space and systematic arrangement of the gifts and other stuff around the tree.

{ 4 } Paper Candles and Tassels Tree

paper candle and tassel tree decoration
Simple and Elegant Tree Decoration From The House That Lars Built | Photography by Clara Sumsion Jones
Another Idea for Christmas Tree Decorations in Livingroom includes paper candles and tassels. Candles are a beautiful way to decorate trees. It is used less often to avoid the risk of starting a fire. But instead of using real candles and risking a fire, you can use faux paper candles to decorate. You can use a variety of colored candles along with tassels of different colors to decorate the tree. Hang tassels and candles all over the tree and use plaid ribbons or paper ribbons around the tree to give it a festive look.

{ 5 } LED Fairy Lights

LED fairy lights in christmas trees
Colorful Vintage Inspired Christmas Tree by Mod Podge Rocks
This Christmas, instead of using large bulbs or twinkle light, try the LED fairy lights. They are small, easily manageable, give less light and look wonderful on tree decoration. There are many colors available in fairy lights. They do not blink constantly but provide a steady and controlled light enough to illuminate the tree.

{ 6 } DIY Ornaments

DIY Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas
No need to get upset if you can’t go to shops to get your Christmas tree ornaments. You can make your own DIY ornaments and decorate the tree. This Christmas, various types of DIY ornaments are popular. You can make any type of ornament using any material like paper, cardboard, wires, twigs, etc. Using wires and twigs, you can make a variety of Christmas shapes. Color them with different colors and tie cords around them. You can tie these DIY ornaments to the tree without wasting a lot of money on ornamenting the tree. You can also cut out shapes from paper or cardboard and use it similarly.

{ 7 } Globe Lights

globe lights christmas decoration
Cute and Crooked Christmas Tree Decoration by Modern Jane
Globe lights are round shaped bulb lights that can also look beautiful as a tree decoration. These lights often function like a fixture. Once screwed into a socket, they become the decorative element. Globe lights are easy to use and easily accessible too. They can be large as well as small. Globe lights look beautiful and if used for decorating the Christmas tree, they can transform the whole look from regular to thrilling

{ 8 } Pinecone Tree Decor

pinecone tree christmas decoration
Natural Layered Christmas Tree Decoration by Love Grows Wild – Liz Fourez
Another one of the most commonly used decor items is pinecone. And yet, they look spectacular on a tree and are really great decor elements. You can cover the pinecones in faux snow and hang them from the tree or you can also make a tree top of pinecones. That will certainly add a natural look to your tree.

{ 9 } Pastel Color Palette

pastel color palette christmas tree
Contemporary and Neutral Colors by Jillian Harris Western Living
As far as colors go, pastels are in this Christmas. Pastels have been the trend in all things this year and the same is true for Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. Pastel colors are softer and you can contrast them with darker hues or pair them with similar shades to give a monochrome effect.

{ 10 } Faux Flowers

faux flowers christmas tree decorations
Pretty Magnolias in Floral Christmas Tree by Delia Creates
Using faux flowers for decoration is a tried and tested idea. But instead of going for a lot of small flowers, go for larger and fewer flowers placed strategically across the tree for maximum effect. This gives volume and color to the tree decorations. Generally, large flowers like magnolia are chosen as they are big as well as beautiful. You can pair them up with candy canes or other ornamental decorations.

{ 11 } Giant Snowflakes and Blue Ornaments

giant snowflakes and blue ornaments
Blue is the color of this season. To use this color theme for your tree decoration, all you need to do is buy your ornaments in blue color. Use a blue ribbon and blue flowers to wrap around the tree. You can pair this up with giant blue faux snowflakes to symbolize winter and snow. Large faux snowflakes will attract the eye and make the tree more visually interesting.

{ 12 } Dainty Woodlands Animals Decoration

dainty woodlands animals decoration
Warm and Woody Christmas Tree Decorations By The Inspired Room
Another way to decorate the Christmas tree is the use of woodlands animal ornaments. The animals like deer, reindeer, owls, etc. have some significance to the festival. You can place these animals at various intervals in between the ribbons and tassels. When paired with simple pinecone decorations and brown ribbons, these animal ornaments can give a decidedly woodland like feel to the decorations.

{ 13 } 3D Stars and Colorful Baubles

3d gold stars and colorful baubles
Gold Star Tree Topper Christmas Tree by Cuckoo 4 Design
Stars and baubles are mostly the standard decor elements these days. But if the stars are 3D, it gives a truly remarkable look. 3D stars whether silver or gold, uplift the decoration and make the tree look more festive and decorated.

{ 14 } Red and White Frosted Christmas Tree

red and white frosted christmas tree
Wintry and Snowy Atmosphere by Style Me Pretty
Nowadays, making a frosted Christmas tree is not that difficult what with faux frost being easily available. Red is the most commonly used Christmas color while white denotes the wintry and snowy atmosphere. Cover the entire tree in faux frost so that it looks like it snowed all over the body. Use red ornaments and decorations. The red and white theme is a classic theme that never gets old.

{ 15 } Jewel Tones for Festive Christmas

jewel-toned christmas tree decorations
Jewel Tone Christmas Tree Decorations by Dimples and Tangles
Decorating in jewel tones gives the tree a definitely festive look. Gold, silver, brown, red, green, etc. colors are considered the jewel tones. They have a shine to them and are thus perfect for decorations. Jewel-toned baubles and ribbons and other decorations can give a definitely festive look to the tree.

{ 16 } Gold and Silver Beaded Garlands

gold and silver beaded garlands
Shiny Beaded garlands For Festive Christmas Tree via Pinterest
Garlands of gold and silver beads decorated all along the Christmas tree definitely gives a look of celebration and festivity. Gold and silver have a shine to them which enhances the feeling of joy and brings light and cheer to the decorations. Along with using gold and silver baubles to hang from trees, you can add these beaded garlands too. Drape them all across the tree and see how the tree shines!

{ 17 } Old Quilts as Tree Skirts

cozy quilt as christmas tree skirt
Cozy and Warm Christmas Tree by Design Sponge
Christmas tree skirts are festive decorations used beneath the Christmas tree to cover the ground immediately around the tree stand. Christmas tree skirts not only protect your floor, but they also add festive cheer to your home. The tree skirt is used primarily to hide the tree stand and add interest to the bottom of the tree. If you have any old quilts that you do not use anymore but cannot seem to throw away either, you can use them as tree skirts to give the decorations a cozy and homely feel.

{ 18 } Wood Garland and Clay Ornaments

wooden garlands and clay ornaments tree
Simple and Natural Christmas Tree Decoration by The Merry Thought
Wood garlands draped across the tree and clay ornaments hanging on the trees definitely give it a natural look. If you want to display a woodlands theme or anything similar to nature, these decorations are the best. They are organic and would not be harmful in any way. Plus they can be painted in different colors to give a festive look.

{ 19 } Silver Star Garland

silver star garland tree decorations
a Garland of Silver Stars via Pinterest
A garland of stars draped all around the tree is enough decoration that if you do not add any more ornaments, it would still look festive. Make the garland of silver stars and add some glittering baubles and shiny ribbons and you will have a cheerful and festive Christmas tree.

{ 20 } Scented Ornaments

scented ornaments christmas tree decoration
Fresh and Pleasant Christmas Tree Decoration by Lights and Decor
Another great way of making the tree decorations distinctly festive is using scented ornaments. Scented ornaments, as the name suggests, have a pleasing aroma and can make the whole place smell wonderful and fresh. Scented candles are the easiest way to decorate the tree. Eucalyptus, fresh pine, cinnamon, orange, rosemary, lavender, etc. can be used to give a natural aroma to the room.

{ 21 } Traditional Christmas Tree Decoration

traditional christmas tree decorations
Lush Hues in Felt Christmas Tree Decoration by Good Housekeeping | Photo by Michael Partenio
The most traditional way of decorating a Christmas tree is to use gold and silver ornaments with lots of red and green colors. Gold and silver baubles, balls, and other decorative items add a shine and festive look to the tree. The candy colors make it appealing and give the tree a traditional look. They also bring cheer to the decorations.

{ 22 } Snowflakes and Silver Ornaments

snowflakes and silver ornaments
A Snowy White Christmas Tree Decoration by The Tomkat Studio
If you like to keep things simple, you can go for a white Christmas tree theme. Decorate your tree with silver ornaments like silver-colored glittering balls and baubles, silver stars, silver-colored ribbons or silver beaded garlands draped all across the tree. Hang snowflakes of different sizes all over the tree. Also, get a giant snowflake as a tree-topper. This will give you a monochrome but shiny and cheerful looking Christmas tree.

{ 23 } Desert Theme Ornaments

desert theme christmas tree decorations
Unique Desert Themed Christmas Tree via Pinterest
Looking for something unique? Try this desert-themed Christmas tree decoration. Forget red and green, this theme allows you to go neutral and bring pastels in your decorations. Whimsical tepee ornaments and sunset-colored gift wraps can infuse your home with uniquely festive style. You can try iconic tree trimmings like cactus and dream catcher baubles, tumbleweed garlands and small desert-themed Christmas ball terrariums. These beautiful ornaments will bring cheer to the room and fill it up with holiday charm.

{ 24 } Coastal Theme Christmas Tree

coastal theme christmas tree decoration
An Elegant Christmas By The Seaside by Seahorse and Stripes
A coastal Christmas theme can be very interesting and fun. A lot of tree trimmings like seashells, mermaids, starfish, natural and artificial shells, seahorse, sand beach tree, other sea animals and fishes, sand dollars, etc are available in the shops with a wide variety. You can also use coastal colored baubles and glittering balls in sea blue, white, peach and turquoise colors. Colorful ribbons and silver beaded garlands can also be used as decorations to give a coastal feel.

{ 25 } Camping Theme Christmas Tree

camping theme christmas tree
Walk in The Woods Christmas Tree Decoration by Ashley Hackshaw
You can also have a unique camping themed decoration. Camping decoration ornaments are available in the market, but if you want you can make your own DIY ornaments at home too. Camping theme will include tree trimmings like a campfire, mini s’mores, hiking trail signs, compass boxes, bedrolls, etc. You can also add wooden garlands and green ribbons for a unique look.

{ 26 } Display Holiday Cheer on Your Tree

display holiday cheer on tree
Another unique way to make your Christmas tree memorable is decorating it with past memories. Put up your old Christmas cards and photographs all across the tree at regular intervals. Drape gold or silver beaded garlands around the tree or drape twinkling lights around the tree. Make sure to set the lights in such a way that they highlight the cards or photos that you’ve hung on the tree.

{ 27 } Bottlebrush Tree

bottlebrush tree ornaments decorations
DIY Snowglobe Christmas Tree Ornaments by 2 Bees in a Pod
Bottlebrush tree decorations have been a part of Christmas decorations for a long time now. The bottlebrush plant Looks Like a Small Christmas Tree itself. You can decorate small bottlebrush trees with baubles and glitter and keep it on the floor around your Christmas tree for added effect. Another way of using bottlebrush is to make bottlebrush ornaments and hang them on the tree along with other decorative items.

{ 28 } Wooden Reindeers and Red Berries

wooden reindeers and red berries tree
Elegant And Rustic Winter Woodland Christmas Tree Decorations By LIA Griffith.com
A different and interesting way to try traditional decorations would be to decorate your tree with some red berries and reindeers. Decorate your tree with gold stars and red and gold colored balls. Tie some red berries together and hang them on the tree at regular intervals as well. You can also use some faux berries from shops in the market. Now, add in a few wooden reindeers to the tree a little far away from each other. Finish off this decoration with a large wooden reindeer head as a tree topper. This classic tree decoration is traditional as well as unique.

{ 29 } Stars and Angels Decoration

stars and angels christmas tree
Toasted Champagne Gold Tinsel Tree Decorated by Jennifer Perkins From Treetopia
Go classic this Christmas with the age-old formula of stars and angels; it never gets old! Go for gold stars and silver angel ornaments. You can use angel wings for the decoration too. Add in some gold beaded garlands and fairy lights and see the charming tree bring cheer to your room.

{ 30 } Japanese Lantern Ornaments

japanese lantern christmas tree decorations
Beautiful Lanterns For A Japanese Christmas by Tamiand Kevin
Japanese lanterns look beautiful when hung from your Christmas tree. These lovely lanterns will add color and shine to your tree. They come in all colors and bring a certain cheer to the room when hung from the trees. Use lanterns of different sizes and shapes to bring a little variety to your decorations.

{ 31 } Cotton Ball Snow Tree Decoration

cotton ball Christmas tree decorations
Snowy, Wintry, and Fresh Christmas Tree Decoration by Home Remedies
Add some wintry freshness to your room with a snowy white Christmas tree! You don’t need to spend a lot of money on the decorative items for this look. All you need is some cotton, a needle, and thread. Start by making small balls out of the cotton you have. Now, string those balls together in a garland with a needle and thread. Make long garlands and drape it artfully on your tree. Also, make some bigger cotton balls and put it on the trees to resemble snowfall. You can add in some silver or white baubles or stars for further decoration.

{ 32 } Paper Snowflakes Tree Decor

paper snowflake christmas tree decorations
Twinkling Paper Snowflakes Tree Decoration by Martha Stewart
Decorate a baby-friendly tree by using paper ornaments. Paper snowflakes look beautiful and make the tree look clean and attractive. They are also lightweight and soft to touch. Hence, the chances of children, especially babies getting hurt accidentally by pulling them are very slim. Snowflakes decoration also has a charm to it as it reminds of the freshness of snowy winter mornings.

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