15 Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas For The Holidays

Christmas Tree Lights Kitchen Decor

With the Christmas fever catching up with us, its time to start thinking about what you want to do for Christmas decorations this year. Decorating the house for Christmas is often as hectic as it is fun. We pay enough attention to decorating our yards, front porch, front door, living rooms, and even the bedrooms. However, we often tend to ignore or forget the kitchen in this process. The kitchen is the heart of every home. A festive Christmas kitchen decor can lift the mood of the entire family and bring the festivities into your every meal. Hence, you should decorate the kitchen with just as much Christmas spirit and cheer if not more.

Although, Christmas kitchen decor is not quite as easy to achieve as the front door or porch. It is important to make sure the ornaments and materials used for the decorations do not clash with or cause problems in the kitchen while cooking. You can go for the tried and tested wreaths and garlands decoration for the kitchen. On the other hand, you can look at some ideas we have collected and try something different this year. Our collection of truly interesting Christmas kitchen decor ideas can inspire you to make your kitchen look ready to welcome the holidays!

{ 1 } Red Details Christmas Kitchen Decor

Red Details Christmas Kitchen Decor
Pops Of Christmas Red On Grey Kitchen by Fusionstudio/Shutterstock
The pops of bright red add a festive touch to the kitchen even without the wreaths and garlands. Red is the traditional color of Christmas. It always makes the decor look instantly more fun and Christmas-like. It is very easy to infuse pops of bright red color to your kitchen with very little effort. As shown in the image, a bright red checkered tablecloth or runner, some red ornaments, red utensils, kitchen accessories, and some well placed red candles can transform your kitchen into a bright and cheerful Christmas kitchen. Add in a wreath or some green garlands to infuse a fresh and natural touch to the atmosphere.

{ 2 } Vintage Christmas Kitchen Decoration

Vintage Christmas Kitchen Decoration
Welcoming And Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor by Design Dazzle
This kitchen is certainly a festive surprise for anyone who walks into it for the first time. Beautifully decorated with simple ornaments and classic colors, this kitchen is festive as well as simple. The pops of red and green in the white kitchen make it look even more festive than it already is. The evergreens and red berries wreath and garland bring Christmas cheer to the room. The gingerbread wreath is certainly the show-stealer. However, the inclusion of plaid ribbons, plaid covers for barstools, and plaid rug runners give the decoration a vintage look. Similarly, the goodies on the table along with the Christmas sign give the kitchen decor a vintage vibe.

{ 3 } Christmas Tree Lights Kitchen Decor

Christmas Tree Lights Kitchen Decor
Nordic Kitchen With Christmas Decoration by 2M Media/Shutterstock
This beautiful Christmas kitchen decor has a fully decorated Christmas tree in it. The kitchen windows also have hanging stars and snowflakes decorations. Traditional lanterns adorn the window sill while the dinner table has a mini house and tree cutouts as Christmas display. However, its the Christmas lights decorating almost every corner of the kitchen that gives it a truly festive and bright look.

{ 4 } Minimal Christmas Kitchen Decor

Minimal Christmas Kitchen Decor
Change Accessories to Change Your Kitchen Look by Citrine Living
Less can certainly mean more in some cases. Take this Christmas kitchen for example. A few wreaths on the kitchen windows and garland decorations on the cupboards and appliances bring the Christmas spirit to this kitchen. Pops of greenery on the counter and kitchen island along with the mini Christmas trees on the countertop further add to the Christmas festivities of this decor. That’s all it takes for this kitchen to look festive and Christmas-ready! Its the Perfect Christmas Decor Idea for Those Minimalists Who Love understated decorations.

{ 5 } Rose Gold Classic Christmas Decor

Rose Gold Classic Christmas Decor
Fresh And Green Christmas Decorations by A Thoughtful Place
This classic Christmas decoration looks fresh and festive because of the rose-gold color and greenery in the decor. Rose gold decorations look festive and sophisticated at the same time. The rose gold ornaments tied to the island barstools with evergreens and ribbons certainly do give the decor a festive touch. The wreath on the counter wall with a ribbon brings Christmas cheer to the decor. Adding evergreens and pine cones to the stunning pendants lights is also a festive touch with no extra hassle.

{ 6 } White Red Kitchen Decoration

White Red Kitchen Decoration
Christmas Kitchen by Home Stories A to Z
Red and white seem like the color theme for this Christmas kitchen decor. The white kitchen looks really festive with red decorations and details. The red snowflakes on the cupboards, red and white cutlery and tablecloths give the decor a traditional and festive look. Red plaid ribbons on the gifts further add to this look. The reindeer head showpieces adorned with red ribbons and jingle bells bring Christmas cheer into the decor. The small wreath on the wall further adds to the festive look of this decoration.

{ 7 } Kitchen Shelf Christmas Decoration

Kitchen Shelf Christmas Decoration
Winter Decorations for Christmas by The Turquoise Home
This rustic Christmas shelf decoration looks fresh and festive at the same time. The white wreath and flower arrangements bring Christmas spirit to the decor. The lightly flocked mini Christmas trees further add to the Christmas spirit. The mini wreath hanging from a plaid ribbon on the baskets on the top shelf adds a festive touch to the decor. Similarly, the evergreens and red berries arrangement along with the potted evergreen and the red poinsettias bring cheer and freshness to the decor. The plaid throw and pillow cover bring warmth and comfort to the decoration.

{ 8 } Simple Kitchen Christmas Decor

Simple Kitchen Christmas Decor
Cozy And Inviting Christmas Kitchen by Love Grows Wild
The simple decoration in this Christmas kitchen does not make it any less festive. In fact, the simplicity of the decor makes the arrangement shine even more. All this kitchen needs to look Christmas-ready is a few Mini Christmas Trees, an evergreen garland on the window frame, and wreaths with white ribbons on the velvet dining chairs. The simple hanging stars decoration on the window further adds to the festive appeal of this decor.

{ 9 } Kitchen Window Wreaths Decor

Kitchen Window Wreaths Decor
Holiday Home Tours via Becki Owens by Jean Stoffer Design
If you have a bright and airy kitchen with lots of windows, then you can go for a simple and effective wreaths approach like the decor in the image. Simply get some evergreen wreaths, pinecones, and some white ribbons. Firstly, tie the pinecones to the wreaths with some twine or thread. Now, Tie a ribbon on the wreaths and hang them from the kitchen windows. It is generally better to use faux evergreens to avoid dries leaves cluttering the counter in a few days,

{ 10 } Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor
Holiday House Walk via Jennifer Rizzo
This window Christmas display certainly makes the kitchen look very festive and merry. A wreath on the window frame and the red poinsettias by the Window Bring the Christmas Spirit to the Decor. The mini potted Christmas trees, toy reindeers, and Christmas ornaments on the window sill make for a festive window display. The golden ornaments garland on the window frame also adds a festive touch to the decor. The window decoration brings cheer and fun to the entire kitchen.

{ 11 } Cheerful Christmas Kitchen Decoration

Cheerful Christmas Kitchen Decoration
Holiday Home Tour 2014 via Golden Boys and Me
This Christmas kitchen decor is cheerful and merry. It invites a visitor to sit and admire the decorations. The candles and wreath decoration for the chandelier looks pretty and fresh. It brings to mind a crisp and fresh Christmas morning. The Christmas display on the open shelf above the counter further adds to the Christmas-like feel of the decor. The mini Christmas trees and ornaments along with the Santa and Elf figurines bring Christmas cheer to the decor. Little pops of red all over the kitchen further add to this look.

{ 12 } Kitchen Island Christmas Centerpiece

Kitchen Island Christmas Centerpiece
This kitchen island centerpiece is traditional and simple but has a wonderful effect on the atmosphere in the kitchen. It brings Christmas spirit into the kitchen without much decoration or hassle. A burlap table runner, a wicker tray, pinecones, two potted Christmas trees, and a traditional candle lantern makes this kitchen island look instantly festive and merry. The simple decoration uplifts the look of the entire kitchen with very little expense of money or time.

{ 13 } Simple Minimal Kitchen Window Decor

Simple Minimal Kitchen Window Decor
Winter Whites: The All-White Kitchen via Quartz Craft
This simple kitchen window decor is every minimalist’s dream come true. It uses minimal decoration to give a very festive and cheerful look. All it needs is an evergreen garland, a red and white beads garland, and some fairy lights. Yes, that’s all you need to replicate this look. As easy on the eyes as it is on the purse, this decor still manages to look very festive and ready for Christmas.

{ 14 } Whimsical Christmas Kitchen Decoration

Whimsical Christmas Kitchen Decoration
This whimsical Christmas decoration gets full points for being festive and fun. The placement of elves and Santa in the kitchen is a lovely idea. The hanging evergreens, red berries, candy cane elf figurine, and the various elves placed on the kitchen counter and shelf make the kitchen look like a Santa’s workshop. The stunning Christmas display gives the family as well as the visitors something to look at.

{ 15 } Rustic Christmas Kitchen Shelf Decor

Rustic Christmas Kitchen Shelf Decor
Cozy Christmas Home Tour by Cherished Bliss
This rustic kitchen shelf decoration is very festive and welcoming. Evergreens, pine cones, mini Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments, wooden reindeers, and a beautiful JOY sign make the shelf look like a woodland Christmas decoration. The Christmas display on the top shelf further adds to the woodland look of the decor. Pops of red, gold, and silver in between the wood and greenery brings festive Christmas spirit into the decor.

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