Check Out These 25 Stunning Christmas Candles Decoration Ideas

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Candles are a symbol of light and bring a warm glow to their surroundings. They bring light and joy to any space and decor. Hence, Christmas and many other festivals often involve candle decorations. Candles fill their surroundings with the spirit of joy that is essential to any festival irrespective of time, space and culture. The tradition of Christmas candles decoration stands for purity and choosing the right path to follow in life. The use of candles in Christmas decorations is prevalent from the middle ages, where a large candle represented the star of Bethlehem. Similarly, lighting a candle also signifies the birth of Jesus, also called ‘The Light of the World’ by Christians. In Christmas, candles decoration brings that auspicious atmosphere with their passionate glow. Christmas candles decoration is a prevalent tradition due to its warmth and spiritual effect on the surroundings.

Candle decorations are always a favorite during the holiday season. Christmas candles decoration is a beautiful addition of light that gives a charming hue to your holiday decor. Christmas candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can use candles in a variety of ways to illuminate your house. They can add to the beauty of the fireplace, the windows, or the staircase. You can also decorate the Christmas tree with candles for a traditional look. Take a look at these amazingly festive Christmas candles decoration ideas that can help you bring a unique ambiance and light to your holiday decorations.

{ 1 } Natural Elements Christmas Candles Decoration

Natural Elements Christmas Candles Decoration
This natural candle decoration looks very pretty and traditional. Plus, it is also really easy to make! You will need a large candle, plaid ribbons, holly leaves branches and red berry branches. Firstly, tie the red berries to the candles in the middle with the help of the ribbons. Now, place the candles wherever you want to keep them as decoration. Then, place a branch full of holly leaves around each candle. That’s it! Your natural decor candles are ready to shine!

{ 2 } Rustic Candles Christmas Centerpiece

Rustic Candles Christmas Centerpiece
This amazing rustic candles centerpiece lifts the atmosphere of the room. It brings a natural charm and a warm glow to the rest of the decor. To get this look you will need a log of wood, some wooden stars, pinecones, cinnamon stick bundles, orange or lime slices, thyme, red berries, and of course candles. Start with placing the log on the table in the center. Firstly, place the candles on the log of wood beside each other. Now, add in the rest of the decor elements as per your liking. Fresh thyme and berries give the decor a fresh and natural look. Orange slices and cinnamon stick bundles give a fresh aroma to your interiors. All in all, this centerpiece brings fragrance, light, and holiday charm to your decor.

{ 3 } Fireplace Mantel Candles Decoration

Fireplace Mantel Candles Decoration
Fresh Greens And Earthy Brown Tones In Christmas Decor By Craftberry Bush
A beautifully green and rustic candles centerpiece is a beautiful and elegant Christmas decoration for the fireplace mantel. All you need is some candles (LED candles will also do), pine cones, Christmas balls, and fir leaves. Firstly, take a wooden tray or platter and place it on the mantel in the middle. Start with placing the candles horizontally in a linear arrangement inside the tray. Now, add the fir leaves on all sides around the candles. Decorate with pinecones and Christmas ornaments. This elegant and simple centerpiece looks truly stunning at night with the warm glow of the fire and the lighted candles among all the greenery.

{ 4 } Christmas Chandelier Rustic Candle Decor

Christmas Chandelier Rustic Candle Decor
Who doesn’t want a beautiful chandelier lighting up their dining tables at night? But for those of us who do not have these chandeliers, this Christmas candles decoration can make for a great substitute. And more than that, it brings a warm and homey feeling to the decoration. All you need for this chandelier is some pinecones, one twigs and berry wreath, red and white ribbons, and four candles. Firstly, hang the pinecones from the wreath in a circular arrangement. Secondly, tie the red ribbon to the wreaths top on four sides. Join these ribbons together to make a sort of holder for the chandelier. Hang it over the dining table and add four candles to the top part. This wreath chandelier is quite easy to make and looks pretty amazing too!

{ 5 } Rustic Glam Candles Centerpiece

Rustic Glam Candles Centerpiece
This centerpiece is rustic as well as glamorous. The beautiful arrangement sitting on a wooden log is certainly the perfect Christmas decoration if you’re going for a rustic or farmhouse style. You will need a wooden log, pine leaves, thyme, balsam fir leaves, mini wooden Christmas tree, golden candles, golden deer, shiny Christmas ornaments, little snowflake ornaments, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and pine cones. Just arrange the elements on the log any which way you like. Also, try to make it look like a wooden forest scene. The fresh greenery and wooden accents give this decor a natural and rustic charm.

{ 6 } Modern Table Christmas Candles Setting

Modern Table Christmas Candles Setting
Traditional Christmas Table Setting With Candles By Shaiith/Shutterstock
A small Christmas tree, lighted candles, red ribbons, and Christmas ornaments among the table setting sounds like a perfectly traditional Christmas table setting, doesn’t it? It is, and yet this table setting is also a very Modern Christmas Arrangement. The Christmas tree is an artificial mini tree, shiny Christmas balls are the ornaments, and candles are of various colors, shapes, and sizes. Hence, this modern candles decoration on a traditional table setting is truly the best of both decor styles.

{ 7 } Floating Candles Christmas Jar Decor

Floating Candles Christmas Jar Decor
Jar decorations are a new and creative way to decorate the house during Christmas. It’s a great Christmas DIY project to take up in the holidays and also great for short time decorations. This particular jar candles decoration is very simple. All you need is some clear glass jars of any shape (preferably round), holly branches with berries on them, and tealight candles. The process is simple. Just fill up three-fourths of the jars with water. Put the holly and berry branches in the water. Then, add the tealight candle in the water. The candle will float above the water. Just light the candles for a beautiful and bright Christmas table or window decoration.

{ 8 } Christmas Terrace Decor With Candles

Christmas Terrace Decor With Candles
A brightly lit up terrace is just the perfect setting for a fun night with the family and friends. Candle lanterns certainly bring that light to this stunning terrace decor. They also bring a warm and cozy feel to the decoration. Traditional lanterns also give the setting a festive look. Rattan lampshade brings a rustic charm to the decoration. Fresh air, cozy seating arrangements and warmth from the candles certainly make this decor a truly welcoming and festive sight.

{ 9 } Coastal Fireplace Candles Decoration

Coastal Fireplace Candles Decoration
Coastal Colors and warm Candles Mantel Decoration By Setting of Four
The fresh blue and soft brown tones of this decor along with the warm glow of the candles reminds us of a beautiful sunrise on a sandy beach, doesn’t it? Driftwood spheres and starfish certainly add a touch of coastal decor. Similarly, the colorful candles and votives and their lights bring a pop of coastal colors to the decoration.

{ 10 } Pinecone Candles Christmas Centerpiece

Pinecone Candles Christmas Centerpiece
Even though they look exactly like real pinecones, they really aren’t! These pinecone candles made entirely out of beeswax are safe and pretty for decoration. These candles give a rustic charm to the decorations and also bring light and warmth on cold wintry nights.

{ 11 } Front Porch Candle Lanterns Decor

Front Porch Candle Lanterns Decor
This Christmas candles decoration also involves pine cones and candles, although not pinecone shaped candles! This DIY decoration is very simple and effective. All you need is some traditional metal lanterns in all sizes, prelit candles, and silver pine cones. Now, simply fill up the lanterns with candles and pine cones around the candles. Place these lanterns on your front porch. They certainly brighten up your front porch and give a festive touch to your curb appeal.

{ 12 } Garden Christmas Candles Decoration

Garden Christmas Candles Decoration
This Christmas candles decoration makes this setup look like a magical garden straight out of a fairytale! To get this look you will need a beautiful garden in your backyard or front! However, you can also recreate this look in your balcony garden or any small space! On a serious note, you will need any lighting arrangement you have, the more the merrier. Firstly, wrap the string lights to a tree or plant. Also, hang the hanging lanterns from the ceiling, or from tree branches as shown here. Now, place the lanterns and candles around your seating arrangements in any way you like. The brightly lit lanterns, string lights, and the warm glow of candles give this decoration a whimsical fantasyland appeal.

{ 13 } Christmas Dining Room Table Centerpiece

Christmas Dining Room Table Centerpiece
A luxurious dinner setting with a warm and intimate festive atmosphere is something we are all looking for in our Christmas decorations. This beautifully decorated dining room is festive, luxurious and intimate, all at the same time! The stunning wreath and small trees on the cupboard look fabulous. The red ribbons on the chair look festive. The greenery and red beads garland on the dinner table bring a traditional Christmas touch. The beautiful candles centerpiece and table decor make the atmosphere looks warm and cozy. It gives the decor a unique ambiance and an intimate appeal.

{ 14 } Christmas DIY Snowy Mason Jar

Christmas DIY Snowy Mason Jar
DIY Faux Snow-Covered Mason Jar Luminaries By A Pumpkin and a Princess
These snowy candle jars are perfect for decorating your mantle, dining table or front porch. Firstly, cover the jars in some faux snow and glitter using glue. Now, decorate the jars with a piece of faux greenery with tiny berries and a twine bow. Then add a battery-operated tea light inside. They glow prettily at night and look beautiful on a Christmas mantel or window.

{ 15 } Vintage Candles Centerpiece

Vintage Candles Centerpiece
This vintage Christmas candles decoration is rustic and yet very chic. the antique candle holders bring an elegance and style to the decoration. However, the wooden logs, twig lights, and red berries give the decoration a rustic charm and fresh look. The light and warmth of the candles make the decor look inviting and festive.

{ 16 } Scandinavian Candles Window Decoration

Scandinavian Candles Window Decoration
For Those Who Love Minimalist Decorations, this is a great way to make your windows look festive and holiday ready! Moreover, a long-standing Christmas tradition is to place candles on the windows. You will need a couple of small Christmas trees (frosted preferably for a wintry effect), and candles of all sizes. Firstly, place the trees on the window sill. Now, take an ornamental tray and place four or five candles on them. Also, place a few green leaves and some leftover Christmas ornaments near the tray. That’s all you need to do to get this elegant and festive look for your windows!

{ 17 } Bohemian Candles Fireplace Decoration

Bohemian Candles Fireplace Decoration
Christmas decoration is how we express our love for the Lord, our dear ones, and their presence in our life. Similarly, the Bohemian decor is an expression of our self and our personality. The bohemian decor is vibrant, colorful, and bright. That’s why we think it is a fitting style to incorporate in Christmas decorations. Colorful candles have always been a big part of bohemian decor style. They bring light and visual interest when used for Christmas Mantel Decorations. Also, it gives a warm, vibrant, and intimate touch to the rest of the decor.

{ 18 } Hanging Candle Lanterns Christmas Decoration

Hanging Candle Lanterns Christmas Decoration
Little tealight candles in clear glass hanging terrariums is a uniquely modern way of incorporating candles in Christmas decor. All you need to get this look is some tealight candles, string, and clear glass hanging terrariums. Firstly, hang the terrariums where you want to decorate them. Now, place the tealight candles inside the terrarium. Authentic candles will burn out and might blacken the terrarium. Hence, it is preferable to use LED tealight candles. These mini lanterns look so pretty and sophisticated in any decoration.

{ 19 } LED Candles Christmas Tree Decor

LED Candles Christmas Tree Decor
Decorating a Christmas tree with candles is a long-standing tradition in Christmas decorations. In earlier times people used candles to decorate the Christmas trees and the rest of the home. They are the most used and the most traditional of all Christmas decor ornaments. However, placing real candles on a tree is always a risk. Therefore, these days, using LED candles for tree ornaments and other Christmas decorations is a prevalent trend. These candles are easily available in the markets and can bathe your Christmas tree with a warm glow. This classic holiday decor brings back the magic of candlelit trees, along with the safety and convenience of LED technology.

{ 20 } Christmas Lanterns Candles Centerpiece

Christmas Lanterns Candles Centerpiece
This simple and elegant Christmas centerpiece is also very traditional. It has almost all the traditional Christmas decor elements. All you need is a traditional lantern with candles, the mini Christmas tree, plaid cloth and ribbon, shiny Christmas ornaments, green leaves, and some berries. Just, place the plaid cloth in a rattan tray and place them all on it in a decorative manner. The candles give the decor a soft glow and warmth. They also go well with the fresh greenery and make for a great centerpiece.

{ 21 } Glamorous Outdoor Window Decor

Glamorous Outdoor Window Decor
Frosted Window With Christmas Candles Decoration By Sofiaworld/Shutterstock
A warm glowing candle on a snowy window certainly gives a warm and cozy feeling to any home decor. Decorate your outside window with warm candles, pinecones, wooden stars, and Christmas ‘NOEL’ sign for this beautifully festive look. Wrap one of the letters in fairy lights, use twigs or grapevine wreath instead of ‘O’, and place wooden stars and pinecones in front of it. Fairy lights and candles bring light and warmth to the decoration. They also give the simple decoration a festive touch.

{ 22 } Candle Lanterns Christmas Tablescape

Candle Lanterns Christmas Tablescape
The fresh and green look of this Christmas tablescape is perfect for the festive meals of Christmas holidays. It lifts the mood of the entire room and brings in the holiday spirit. The rustic decor elements like evergreens, pine cones, and candle lanterns bring a traditional charm to the decorations. Also, candlelight gives the table a warm and cozy feel and makes the decor look even more festive.

{ 23 } Balcony Candles Decor For Christmas

Balcony Candles Decor For Christmas
Impressive Candle Decorations For A Balcony Retreat by IKEA
Having a small balcony doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impact. And even if it’s cooler outside, you can still enjoy a warm Christmas night on your small balcony with this festive decoration. Cozy seating, warm throws, and a beautiful Christmas candles decoration can turn your small balcony into a stunning outdoor paradise! Decorating your balcony with lanterns and candles gives it a dreamy look and whimsical appeal. But more than that, it manages to bring warmth and light to a cold Christmas night!

{ 24 } Front Yard Christmas Candles Decoration

Front Yard Christmas Candles Decoration
This arrangement of candle-filled buckets ringing an evergreen tree for a luminous display reminds one of a circle of carolers! To get this look you will need, buckets (preferably of the same color), cylinder-shape glass globes, and candles. If you don’t have enough buckets of the same color, spray-paint them. Firstly, fill the buckets with snow (or sand) and insert the glass globes in them to keep the wind from blowing out the candles. Now, place the candles inside the globes and place them around your outdoor tree. A variety of bucket, candle, and globe sizes gives the decor a quirky quality. This decoration is again pretty traditional and brings warmth and light to your front or backyard decor.

{ 25 } Staircase Candles Decor For Christmas

Staircase Candles Decor For Christmas
These glamorous Christmas tree and stairs decor look even more festive with the candles decoration. A tealight candle in a clear glass jar gives the effect of a lantern. Placing them on the stairs surrounded with three other tealight candles not only illuminates the staircase but also gives the decor a festive and traditional look. It also fills up the need for wall sconces or lights on the staircase. Moreover, it also gives the staircase a dreamy and whimsical appeal. This decor is perfect if you’re looking for an elegant and festive way to Make your Stairs Holiday Ready!

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