21 Vibrant Yet Serene Bedroom Design In Blue Hues

Soft Luxurious Traditional Blue Bedroom

When we are dealing with the chaos of the world every day, it is natural to crave a calm and soothing place to start and end the day. And the bedroom is a place that can become our personal space as well as an escape from the world. Decorating your bedroom to feel soothing and calm depends a lot on the colors and styles you choose. Current trends indicate that a serene bedroom design in blue hues is a very popular trend. If you too are a fan of the soothing blue shades, incorporating it in your bedroom is certainly worth considering.

Blue is a versatile color that truly deserves the popularity it enjoys. Some shades of blue have a very soothing effect while others are bright and cheerful. Lighter shades give a soft and simple look while darker shades have a sharp and mysterious quality. Blue can look regal and elegant in shades of navy and royal blue. At the same time, peppy shades like sky blue and turquoise go well with eclectic and bohemian decor. You can choose a shade of blue to complement another color or act as a base for your decor. If you’re wary of painting your walls blue, you can also incorporate the color in your decor through accents. It is also very easy to pair blue hues with other colors. Here are some inspiring bedroom designs in blue hues that can help you bring this color into your bedroom decor.

{ 1 } Soothing Bedroom Design In Blue Hues

Soothing Bedroom Design In Blue Hues
Soft Soothing Color Palette In Blue Bedroom By Serena And Lily

The winning combination of blue and white in this soft and elegant bedroom is very refreshing. The simple layering of blue shades gives the room a unified and seamless look. Mixing various shades of blue from dark blue and navy to light pastels gives the decor an ombre effect that is very appealing. A dark blue wallpaper on the wall behind the bed doubles as an accent wall that gives definition to the bed. The striped area rug and blue ceramic accessories further add layers of blue to the decor. A bright white headboard, bedsheets, and stylish wall sconces bring contrast and balance the blue shades. All in all, the blue-on-blue scheme of this bedroom gives it a calming and refreshing feel.

{ 2 } Glamorous Blue Master Bedroom Decor

Glamorous Blue Master Bedroom Decor
Luxurious Modern Bedroom In Rich Blue Tones By Barclay Butera Interiors

A darker shade of blue can bring mystery and oomph to any decor. Take this grand bedroom for example. The dark navy blue walls bring drama and mystery to the decor. Add to that the lengthy tufted headboard with mirror strips, and you have a grand looking accent wall. Paired with rich fabrics like silk and velvet in beige and white tones, this navy blue shade gives the room a luxurious look. The crystal chandelier and accent table lamps also bring style and elegance to the decor. This bedroom is certainly the definition of refined luxury!

{ 3 } Yellow Accents In Blue Bedroom

Yellow Accents In Blue Bedroom
Glamorous Farmhouse Style Bedroom With Yellow Accents By Dizing Interiors

The royal blue looks as royal on the walls as it sounds! Take this beautiful bedroom for example. The ceiling and the accent wall in royal blue work well with the white walls of the bedroom. The textured look of the grasscloth wallpaper behind the bed adds drama to the design. Similarly, the royal blue bedsheet, duvet, and pillow give an elegant look. However, too much of the same shade can sometimes overpower the room. The bright yellow accents in the tufted headboard and pillows bring a bright and sunny feel to the room. The sapphire pillows offer a nice break from the yellow and royal blue tones.

{ 4 } Modern Twin Bedroom In Blue Shades

Modern Twin Bedroom In Blue Shades
Many Shades of Blue in Modern Bedroom in Oyster Harbor Guest House By SLC Interiors

This bright beach style bedroom design is soft and inviting even with the use of darker shades. White ceiling, wall and window trim offer a contrast to the darker blue tones of the walls. White bed sheets, duvet cover, and pillows have a border trim that reflects the same shade of blue as the painted headboard. A striped area rug in two shade of blue reinforces the color in the design. They add depth to the decor and center the design. The patterned fabric used in the benches and window blinds has light shades of turquoise with dark blues which bring some brightness and cheer to the decor.

{ 5 } Tropical Colors Blue Bedroom Decor

Tropical Colors Blue Bedroom Decor
Colorful And Bright Bedroom By Gary McBournie Interiors | Photo By Brantley Photography

Blue as color can be as cheerful and bright as you want and still look good. A bright shade of blue can instantly lift the mood and bring fun to any decor. Pair it with equally cheerful colors to create a fun and light decor. This bedroom looks bright and cheerful due to the bright colors and simple design. The bright blue walls offer a nice base for the colorful decor. Tropical prints on the curtains, pillows, and ottoman give the room an exotic touch. The colorful striped headboard, bolster pillow, and bed treatment brings some pattern and color to the decor. Stylish accessories like the wall mirror and table lamp give elegance to the decor. This room certainly looks fresh and inviting due to the refreshing and soothing color scheme.

{ 6 } Light Soothing Beach Bedroom Decor

Light Soothing Beach Bedroom Decor
Soft Blue Tones in Modern Bedroom By House By Chez July Manouvrier | Photo By Soledad Ayupa

Another example of a blue and white bedroom design, this bedroom is a calm and soothing place. White walls with a dark strip of blue accent doubling as a headboard bring color and contrast to the design. The patterned bed sheet and covers in various shades of blue complement the light white decor. Blue accents in wall and table decor bring out the white tones of the design. Wall sconces and wall art gives the room an elegant and contemporary feel.

{ 7 } Oversize Headboard In White Bedroom

Oversize Headboard In White Bedroom
Full-Length Paneled Headboard in Seaholm Condo By SLIC Design | Photo By Lars Frazer

It is not necessary to color the walls in shades of blue in order to bring this color to your bedroom design. You can also introduce the color as an accent color or complementing color to other colors. This neutral bedroom with a blue headboard makes a big impact. A white and grey bedroom with a comfortable bed, grey nightstands, table lamps, and simple furnishings really needed a boost of color. The oversized paneled headboard completely covers the wall. Its royal blue color gives the room a colorful and vibrant feel. It also helps to bring out the bright wood tones of the bed.

{ 8 } Coastal Look In Contemporary Bedroom

Coastal Look In Contemporary Bedroom
Fresh Blues And Warm Browns in Coastal Bedroom By La Redoute

This contemporary bedroom has a fresh and coastal look that is very relaxing and chic. The wooden flooring, wooden bed with patterned headboard and modern style nightstand give the room a natural coastal look. The rattan style pendant light and wall mirror further enhance the beach look. Also, the bright blue accent wall, blue area rug, cozy comforter, pillows, and floor pillow bring warmth and comfort to the bedroom design. The woven basket and planter also reflect the beach style decor. Green plants give the decor a refreshing and lively feel.

{ 9 } Blue And Red Bedroom Decor

Blue And Red Bedroom Decor
Red Accents in Blue Eclectic Bedroom By Ritika Bhasin Design | Photo By Daniel Wang

The bold red accents in this bedroom design go well with the equally bold blue walls. The darker shade of blue acts as a nice base for the red and brown tones in the decor. Blue has a soothing and calming effect on the decor. It gives the room a relaxed and casual look. The white bedsheets and pillow shams with blue details and the love seat add to the soothing look. In contrast, the bright shades of red bring drama and excitement to the design. The stripes red headboard, red throw, and red and white table lamps bring color, contrast, and elegance to the design. The black lacquered nightstands give the decor a traditional touch. Contemporary wall art further adds to the elegance of the decor.

{ 10 } Patterned Accent Wall In Blue Bedroom

Patterned Accent Wall In Blue Bedroom
Floral Prints And Glamorous Velvet in Seminary Avenue By Jennifer Stoner Interiors | Photo By John Magor

This bedroom is certainly a study in layering patterns on patterns. It can also be a good example of layering blue on blue. A floral printed grasscloth by Phillip Jeffries forms a terrific backdrop to the glamorous velvet tufted bed. Complementary prints on the duvet cover, pillows, and curtains give a nice layered look without overpowering the room. The patterned area rug and dark blue walls center the bedroom design and give it a seamless look. The lacquered nightstand and stylish table lamps give the room a contemporary look.

{ 11 } White And Blue Bedroom Design

White And Blue Bedroom Design
Serene White And Soft Blue Color Scheme By In Two Design | Photo By Fine Photography

The classic combination of white and blue certainly looks and feels good. White is as soothing and calm as blue. Plus, it has an inherent lightness that perfectly complements the buoyancy of bright blue tones. This bedroom is a perfect example of this. The bright white walls, ceiling, curtains, bed, and headboard make the room look bright and airy. Blue accents in the tiled accent wall, shag rug, duvet cover, and pillows add a fresh, seamless feel to the decor. Also, the stylish chandelier and stunning French table lamp give elegance and style to the decor.

{ 12 } Small Alcove Bed in Blue

Small Alcove Bed in Blue
Small Space Bedroom Tucked In An Alcove In 32nd Alcove By Michael Donahue Builders

The white and blue color palette of this small space alcove bedroom gives the room a light, spacious, and airy feel. Dark blue alcove walls and bed contrast with the bright white walls, ceiling, window blinds, and curtains. The printed bed cover brings pattern and contrast to the decor. Moreover, the Moravian star pendant lamp lights up the room and brings a touch of style to the decor.

{ 13 } Grey And Blue Bedroom Decor

Grey And Blue Bedroom Decor
Elegant And Clean Contemporary Bedroom in The Standish By Atelier Armbruster

This contemporary white and grey bedroom gets a fresh look with a blue accent wall and pillow. The simple and elegant bedroom has a soft and soothing color palette of white, grey, and blue that is perfect for a bedroom. Blue and grey are naturally complementary colors. The combination works even better when using blue accents in a room color blocked in gray. The touch of blue in this grey decor brightens the room and gives it some life.

{ 14 } Victorian Bedroom Natural Colors

Victorian Bedroom Natural Colors
Natural Materials In Victorian Style Bedroom By New Avenue Homes

This simple victorian bedroom looks so naturally warm and inviting! The beautiful blue wall treatment acts as a base for the rest of the interiors. The wooden window and wall moldings, wooden bed, and antique chest give the room an old-world charm. The red oriental rug brings color, pattern, and warmth to the room. The blue accents in the table lamps and pillows bring a pop of color to the decor.

{ 15 } Brown and Blue Bedroom Decor

Brown and Blue Bedroom Decor
Bright And Sleek Bedroom in Gujarat, India By P&D Associates | Photo By PHX India

The blue accent detail in this bright brown bedroom looks modern and charming. The well-lit bedroom has wooden floors, a wooden bed, and even the wall behind the bed is in wood tones. Also, the wood paneling over the bed with a blue background and patterned front creates visual interest. The lacquered dark blue cabinetry adds another layer of blue accents to the decor. The blue throw, accent pillow, and headboard also reflect the blue scheme of the design. LED light strips and wall recessed lights illuminate the bedroom and give it a sleek look. White ceiling and ceiling fan, white bedsheet, and red pillows balance the blue accents and lighten the room.

{ 16 } Vibrant Colors Blue Bedroom Decor

Vibrant Colors Blue Bedroom Decor
Colorful Accents in Blue Bedroom By Taylor Jacobson Interiors | Photo By Amy Bartlam

Blue when paired with bright colors like orange, yellow, and green enlivens and brightens the decor. This blue bedroom also has colorful accents that liven up the room. The navy blue wall with white paneling can sometimes feel a bit intense. On top of it, the dark blue rug and pillows also add to the dark feel of the room. To lighten the decor and bring some fun and cheer introduce colorful accents like the orange patterned headboard, multicolored printed pillows, and artificial flowers. Gold accents in the wall sconces and ceiling light bring some elegance to the decor.

{ 17 } Colorful Contemporary Bedroom Decor

Colorful Contemporary Bedroom Decor
Fresh And Vibrant Bedroom Decor By Alan Mascord Design | Photo By Bob Greenspan

This beautiful eclectic bedroom is as cohesive as it is colorful! The mix of various patterns keeps the decor interesting. The blue walls give the room a soft and serene feel. They also form a base for the rest of the decor. The green accents in the ceiling, window treatments, curtains, pillows, and area rug give the room a refreshing and organic look. Antique chandeliers, ornate mirror, oriental rug, and colorful prints give the room an exotic and vibrant look.

{ 18 } Soft Luxurious Traditional Blue Bedroom

Soft Luxurious Traditional Blue Bedroom
Elegant And Grand Bedroom Design in The Jasper Hill By Donald A. Gardner Architects

Soft colored walls and dark accents give this bedroom a rich look. The stunning ceiling and walls are paintest a soft shade of blue that brings serenity and peace to the bedroom. The white trim on the walls and windows complements the headboard and fireplace mantel. Light blue duvet cover and pillows with dark blue border and bedsheets give the bed a luxurious look. The nightstands in a matching dark blue further enhance the layered theme of the decor. The white chandelier and ornate wall decor further add to the luxurious look of the decor. Moreover, the stunning views from the large bay windows nicely complement the glamorous interiors.

{ 19 } Blue Accents In Brown Bedroom

Blue Accents In Brown Bedroom
Earthy Walls And Sunny Sky Blue Bedroom Decor In Menlo Park 1 By Fannie Allen Design

The blue decor in this warm brown bedroom looks natural and relaxing. The Benjamin Moore #1062 Baked Cumin wall paint gives the room a natural earthy look. It’s a warm golden brown that’s rich but not overly deep and works well in such a sunny room. Similarly, the wood tones of the hardwood floors, daybed, and Haiku ceiling fan go well with the earthy and sunny look of the room. Blue accents in the Leontine Linens bedsheet, area rug, vintage rattan chaise, side table, chest, and curtains bring a cool serenity to the room. The blue details reflect the colors of the sky and also give a soothing touch to the warm decor. In contrast, the white accents in the sheer curtains and throw, and the red details in the curtains, pillow, and floor lamp bring a pop of color to the decor.

{ 20 } Rustic Bedroom Design In Blue Hues

Rustic Bedroom Design In Blue Hues
Rustic Basement Bedroom With Blue And Grey Decor By RDM Architects | Photo By Bob Greenspan

Natural materials like wood and stone give the room a rustic country charm. Stone walls act as an accent wall and give character to the decor. The wooden furnishings further enhance the rustic look of the bedroom. The grey bedsheet and duvet bring a calm serenity to the design. The blue-grey lounge chair, nightstand, ceiling light, study table, and table lamp give the room a modern look. However, the patterned, hand-tufted navy area rug certainly draws the eye and becomes the main focus of the decor. The blue accent LED and blue details of the wall art further add to the soft, soothing look of the decor.

{ 21 } Modern Style Bedroom In Bright Blue

Modern Style Bedroom In Bright Blue
Glamorous Elegant Bedroom Design In Blue By Stafford Interior Design | Photo By Nichole Kennelly

Beige walls, white trim, and light comfy carpet form the basis of this soft and tranquil bedroom. Neutral colors give the room a bright and airy feel. The royal blue accents liven up the place and add some character to the decor. The gorgeous duvet with matching pillows, blue curtains, and ottomans with velvet upholstery and nailhead trim add blue color to the design. Modern style table lamps and side table give the room a contemporary touch.

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