Home Project: Rich Elegant Apartment in France With Dark Interior Design

Transitional Family Living Room Decorative Marble Pillar

Living in an elegant apartment that looks like a palace is a dream for most people. The combination of black and white in interior design gives the most attraction. This Modern French Apartment has an exemplary design that has combined the right elements of marble and tile. The wide spaciousness provides the much-needed grandeur of this apartment. It exudes confidence and royalty making this the best place to live a king size life. The white illumination works well with the marble design bringing pure joy. Designed by Olivier Berni Interior, this French apartment is the symbol of luxurious lifestyle with the dark interior design. Let’s explore all the aspects of various space interiors.


Entryway Black and white Transitional Decor
The portrait on the wall maximizes the carefully designed elements of this home apartment. The illumination on the ceiling intensifies the fantastic experience produced by the entrance way. The grey and white sofa adds an aesthetic element to the place while giving comfort to the visitor.

Entrance Black and White Tiles Floor
This entrance speaks volumes about what this apartment holds inside. It has a unique black and white Pattern Tiles Design. This entrance has white themed ceiling and walls with splashes of grey all over. The contrasting of this color is nicely utilized by black lamps and accessories that stand out at this entrance.

Living Room

Transitional Family Living Room Decorative Marble Pillar
The inmates definitely love this family room. It is filled with dark interior design at every nook and corners. The comfortable sofa is the main attraction here. Made with high ceiling and towering pillars this family room is enormous and full of space.

This apartment in France has a secret ingredient in its looks and gives a dash of something extra. This room is covered in marble on the walls and the pillars making this design very loveable. The contrast is added by the dark grey curtains that stand out from the overall design. The illumination done by multiple chandeliers make this family room a great place to stay in.

Royal Living Room Design
This living room has the ideal design inspirations from royalty. It has excellent comfortable furniture with different sizes and shapes. It has utilized its space in a better way keeping everything in order. This room has a lovely carpet spread the covers the entire floor.

Transitional Living Room
The dark interior design is decorated with a large, gigantic mirror that gives a grand feel to it. It receives sunshine from all sides illuminating the space naturally. The golden grey colors of the sofa interiors are the best combination of the living room design. This living room with a dark interior design is an ideal place to stay, and to have a lively conversation with your family.

Sofa Floor Lamp

Glass Coffee Table

Dining room

Marble Countertop Dining Table Center Chandelier

Royal Dining Room Wooden Floor
This dining table is the darling of this apartment. Its meticulous design together with its accessories is a sight to watch. This dining room has a sprawling marble dinner table that forms the central element of this room. Its beauty is intensified by a candlestick stand that makes the most of its design.

Dining Room Lighting Trends
The combination of metal and marble is one of the best designs, and this room proves the authenticity of it. These little things make a lot of meaning to this dining room. Chandeliers exemplify the ambiance on the ceiling giving it a nice finishing touch.


Simple Bedroom Lighting Design

Bedroom Vintage Mirror

Bedroom Headboard With Mirror Decoration
This bedroom is a dream comes true. It has textured carpet on the floor that has a nice feel. Grey colored cloth design and mirrors decorate its wall. It has a grey theme design with multiple shades that gives this bedroom an artistic experience. It is also decorated with yellow lamps adding a mystic environment to the whole place.

Bedroom Headboard Design
The pillow colors are in sync with the other design elements in this room and are a great sight to watch. This luxurious dark interior design is enhanced by a mirror on the other side of the bed with excellent illumination.

Transitional Master Bedroom Idea
The bedroom has a grand design and decorated with lots of bohemian designs. It has a dark theme with bed covers made of luxury cloth. The bed linens are of high quality and give a fantastic sleeping experience.

Modern Bedroom Floor Lamp

Bedroom Headboard Wire Lamp
This apartment in France is very spacious and have different elements combining together to give a holistic environment. It has a balcony that is attached to the bedroom and allows natural light to enter the room. The bed material has different finish giving it a different feel at different parts. It has a natural touch to it and plays songs to the heart. With fantastic wardrobe design, this bedroom has enough storage space for you.

Wardrobe Room

Wardrobe Dark Interior Design
This separate wardrobe room has enough storage space to hold a massive number of clothing and accessories neatly. It has shelves on both sides of the room and fills the entire space easily. This wardrobe has different types of shelves that are uniquely suited for coats, watches, etc. it is both ergonomically designed with fantastic lamp illuminating the room with yellow light.

Wardrobe Ceiling Lighting Design
The wardrobe interior is illuminated on the interior making it easy to find things even at nights. This apartment in France is convenient and aesthetic skillfully combining multiple elements amazingly. There is also a mirror on one side of the wardrobe that forms an essential component.


Black Kitchen Design
This kitchen has used the maximum space available to make it more functional. It has a large dining table with washbasin attached to it. This has a significant refrigerator at one end of the room giving it maximum space and order. It contains a high looking table with multiple drawers and hence keeping things and utensils in order, is not a problem.

This kitchen is an enrichment of the traditional design with modern utilities making it a highly functional design. This apartment in France consists of varied style elements that are installed with the highest possible accuracy. It has been placed at the right way maximizing the impact on daily living.

Blue Wall Vintage Frame
This kitchen wall is a contemporary Design with a Dark Blue Theme. It has taken advantage of the plain colored wall design with some spark of innovation. The critical thing to note in this design is the placement of portraits all over the wall in a specific fashion. This is one of the coolest designs and takes the kitchen experience to the maximum level.

It reflects the artistic sense of the designer and turns an otherwise ordinary wall into something more. This kitchen wall symbolizes the creative innovation that has gone into the design of this home apartment in France. This collection of modern art is a unique thing in itself.


Bar Wall Shelves
The plain blue design extends to the bar that is adjacent to the kitchen. This bar has different shades of blue on its wall and is augmented by the arrangement of the bar shelf. The liquor bottles and the wine glasses are arranged in such a way that the majestic feel of this bar is reinforced to a great extent.

Transitional Corridor
The look is amplified by the use of yellow lamps that gives an intoxicating experience. The bottles glow in the glory of the light and are an exacerbated scene. This Home project is a beautiful place to hang out with friends and talk about great adventures. This bar is an essential part of the overall apartment design.


Mirror Golden Frame
This house apartment has another family room that is more suitable for growing children in the home. It has a large mirror encompassing one side of the wall with lovely velvet sofa for the family members to relax on. It also has a small library attached to the wall, and the books are arranged in a superior fashion. The time spent in this Home project is highly qualitative.

Home Theatre

Transitional Home Theater
This home theatre is royalty redefined. It houses a big screen TV with high definition. Its walls are soundproof giving it a fantastic sound experience. The Home theatre has spacious frontal area making it suitable for a large number of people to stay and enjoy movies.

This Home project is designed to be less interfered with light rays and hence does not disturb the viewers with reflections and the like. This is a must-have for any luxury home apartment.


Marble Bathroom Wall Tiles
This bathroom design is based on marbles with bright white colors everywhere. The textured design gives a quirky sense to the bathroom elevating its aesthetics. Its elegant faucet design is uncompromising in every way and provides a great feel to the visitor. It is nicely arranged within the space giving an overwhelming feeling.

The washbasin and the taps are both functional and aesthetic standing out in the design. The marbles are appealing to the eye and enhance the decor significantly. This apartment in France blends seamlessly with the overall concept of the apartment. Mirrors with metal rims and other metallic elements are a fantastic design.

Anyone with a great taste in interior design would love this apartment in France. It has been designed with the utmost attention to detail giving the best finish. This house is a symbol of richness and luxury. The added light definitely increases the charm of this apartment giving it an uncompromising style.

It has a stunning entrance that shows the enhanced design qualities of the home. This design makes the most of its aesthetic elements making it a fantastic place to live in. Equipped with all the necessary stuff and luxury items this apartment is the perfect example of art meets engineering.

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