16 Anti-aging Foods That Rejuvenate Your Skin From Within

anti aging foods

“Age is just a number” is a very famous saying when it comes to age. But it is your skin and body that tells about your age. Aging starts from the day you are born, and the first sign is noted when you turn 30. And yes, it can be biologically delayed if we treat it from inside. We all want to look young and graceful always. But for this, we have to stick like glue to certain eating habits. We even have to include certain anti-aging foods in our diet, which are not very hard to find. As we say, once you start, it will automatically become a part of your life and diet.

In this fast running life, the truth is that we don’t have time for ourselves. The increasing pressure and stress act as an agent that speeds up the aging process. Though there are many beauty products available in the market as well as several medical treatments, still they just dig a hole in your pocket and don’t make you young from the inside. In this article, let us discuss some foods or as we can say anti-aging food that rejuvenates our skin from within:

{ 1 } Revitalizing Green Tea

Revitalizing Green Tea
Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks which are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. It has a powerful effect on our body as it contains a large amount of catching called EGCG. They are natural antioxidants which prevent cell damage, and they reduce the formation of free radicals in our body which are responsible for aging and all sort of diseases. Green tea also improves brain function, fat loss and lowers the risk of cancer but you should always try to choose a good quality green tea as lower quality brands contain harmful minerals which can harm your health.

{ 2 } Nuts Are Anti-aging Foods

Nuts Are Anti-aging Foods
Earlier nuts were believed to have a bad effect on our body but now days not only doctors, nutritionist, as well as many other health-related sites, have given us the proof on how nuts are super beneficial for us. They provide vital nutrients and protein, good fat, and also work as an antioxidant, which helps to control free radicals that cause aging. They even help in lowering the cholesterol level, some nuts contain a high amount of calcium which prevents heart disease, and some nuts promote a healthy heart and strong bones which is good for your skin and hair too.

{ 3 } Papaya Rejuvenates The Skin

Papaya Rejuvenates The Skin
Healthy eating habits like eating a papaya daily can lower the process of aging and thus making you look younger more than you are, it contains vitamin C, vitamin E and antioxidants like beta carotene which prevent damage by free radicals and keeps wrinkle away. Papaya not only helps in reducing aging, but it also lowers your cholesterol, boosts your immunity, improves digestion, and prevents cancer.

{ 4 } Pomegranate Seeds For Skin

Pomegranate Seeds For Skin
Pomegranate has polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants and give them this red color. If you compare it with other fruits, it has a higher number of antioxidants than anyone else, even green tea has 3 times lesser antioxidants than pomegranate seeds. These powerful antioxidants remove free radicals and protect the cell from damage. Pomegranate juice helps in prevention of cancer, heart disease and is also very helpful in controlling your blood pressure.

{ 5 } Sweet Potatoes For Healthy Skin

Sweet Potatoes For Healthy Skin
Sweet potatoes if consumed well gives you a double value of vitamin A not only this they have around 52% of vitamin C which is important for wound healing and tissue repair not only this they also have a very high level of antioxidants which prevent free radical change which is responsible for aging in our body.

{ 6 } Broccoli As Anti-aging Foods

Broccoli As Anti-aging Foods
Broccoli is labeled as a superfood as it provides health benefits. It is rich in fiber and protein and contains a high amount of iron, calcium, potassium along with vitamin A, vitamin C, and E. Broccoli pills, when treated on mice and worms, make them fit as they grow old. Broccoli has chemicals called indoles, which help in mobility and keep us young during our old days instead of becoming weak and fragile and can again resist aging.

{ 7 } Blueberries Nourish The Skin

Blueberries Nourish The Skin
Blueberries are sweet, nutritious and very popular; they are low in calorie but very rich in fiber and vitamin. Blueberries have the highest level of antioxidants among all fruits and vegetables, they have a group of flavonoids they prevent cell damage which is responsible for aging and other diseases such as cancer, and they act as a most beneficial agent for our body.

{ 8 } Olives As Anti-aging Foods

Olives As Anti-aging Foods
If you are looking to maintain a young savage and stave off wrinkles and age marks, then olives have to be in your diet. The main reason for this is olives are rich in antioxidants including Vitamin E, phytosterols and polyphenols they protect the skin from premature aging and also protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and maintain skin smoothness. Hydroxytyrosol a compound which is found in olives helps the skin from damage caused by free radicals. Olives are not only good for skin, but they also prevent cancer and improve heart and bone health.

{ 9 } Watercress Hydrates The Skin

Watercress Hydrates The Skin
This green leaf is a great source of calcium, potassium, and manganese and vitamin A, C, K, B1, and B2. They act as an internal antiseptic and increase the circulation of minerals to the cell resulting in enhanced oxygenation of the skin and the antioxidants neutralize the free radicals preventing our skin from wrinkles and fine lines.

{ 10 } Sesame Seeds For Nourishment

Sesame Seeds For Nourishment
Black sesame seeds, especially the black one, have anti-aging properties. They prevent the formation of pigment and fine lines. Also protect the skin from ultraviolet rays as they are rich in vitamin E. This seed keeps your skin vibrant and young, if you daily massage your skin with moisturizer having sesame oil in it, then you will undoubtedly have youthful shine on your face. Sesame oil is being used for babies also to protect their delicate skin from rashes, and it also helps them sleep better.

{ 11 } Dark Chocolate Is Good For Skin

Dark Chocolate Is Good For Skin
Exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays can increase the pace of aging. However, eating or drinking dark chocolate can protect your skin from the rays. Cocoa beans from which the chocolate is made have a high rate of antioxidants than any other food and thus preventing the skin from inflammation which is caused by the rays. Dark chocolate increases circulation and improves its ability to retain moisture, reduces fine lines as well as wrinkles, making you look younger always.

{ 12 } Pineapple As Anti-aging Foods

Pineapple As Anti-aging Foods
Pineapples can be amazing for your skin and its necessary to add them to your daily routine. They have Vitamin A, C, B6, folate, and minerals like potassium, calcium, and copper. It is loaded with antioxidants and hydroxy acid which fights skin-damaging free radicals and slow down the aging process. There are many DIY face packs using pineapple for your youthful skin.

{ 13 } Cucumber Hydrates And Detoxifies

Cucumber Hydrates And Detoxifies
One can get a high amount of caffeic acid and vitamin C in cucumber. Thanks to its high water level, which keeps your skin well hydrated. When applied to the skin, it helps fend off wrinkles and sun damage. It is a perfect hydrating and soothing blend for your skin.

{ 14 } Avocado For Clear Skin

Avocado For Clear Skin
Avocado is a high source of healthy fats. They keep our heart healthy, lower the cholesterol level and contain fiber and protein. Simply put, they are the best anti-aging food. They reduce inflammation, water to hydrate and promote softness and prevent wrinkles. And, they work best when eaten. However, you can also use them topically as a face mask mixed with something else.

{ 15 } Spinach In Anti-aging Foods

Spinach In Anti-aging Foods
Spinach plays a vital role in supplying vitamin K to our body; they improve bone density. They contain minerals called polyphenols which keep your skin glowing and young. Spinach soaks up the harmful lights before the damage is done. To add an extra kick we can top it with any other anti-aging fruit or vegetable. A cup of spinach is one and a half more than what you require for your daily nourishment.

{ 16 } Greek Yogurt Is Healthy

Greek Yogurt Is Healthy
Greek Yogurt contains double the amount of protein than normal yogurt. It also has vitamin B and C that helps in maintaining strong bones which is a super anti-aging bonus. It also contains probiotics and is rich in calcium, minerals, and vitamins.

We have discussed the most common anti-aging foods in this article, which are readily available in the market. Along with proper diet, there are many other factors to follow like regular exercise, good sleep, regular skincare regime, etc. It is less of what you put on your body and more of what you put in your body. So the basic mantra to stay youthful always is to stay safe, eat healthily, and sleep well.

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