America’s 10 Most Amazing Place To Visit With Different Way

Americas 10 Most Amazing Place To Visit

TripAdvisor decided to select a few top-notch amazing places in the United States of America, which they encourage people to visit. These Landmarks were selected based on the ratings and the reviews they attract. The process of highlighting 10 most amazing place in the US took more than 12 months. Additionally, they also talked to a few people who have visited numerous place in the United States. Traveling will be hyped if you have a rough idea of the location and spots to visit when you reach your destination.

Spending time with friendly people is one of the fastest ways of rejuvenating your mind before returning back to the world of reality. Here, we are going to focus our attention on the friendly tourist destinations in the USA.

Well, TripAdvisor kept this in mind and that’s why they came up with a list of 10 most amazing place to visit with a different way. These places range from historical sites, splendid architectural designs, and memorial sites, among others. These sites will leave you amazed with their uniqueness and the cultural practices from the local inhabitants. The first step towards a successful trip is to efficiently prepare. This is in terms of finance and places to visit within a specific period. Therefore, start off by perusing through the listed below US landmarks. Thereafter, visit TripAdvisor’s mobile application for splendid offers to have an amazing time in the United States of America. Below are the top 10 most amazing Place to visit with different way worth checking out:

{ 10 } Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate
22m long & 11 m wide stainless steel sculpture for Millennium Park in Chicago Via Atelier One
Cloud Gate is a major US landmark as it is one of the few public arts across the Country. It is described as a stainless steel structure that looks like a bean. It is located in the Millennium Park in Chicago. People who have had the privilege to touch it, feel it, watch it or even take pictures next to it say they feel funny. This statement can be confirmed through numerous TripAdvisor reviews.

Chicago Greatest Hits Bicycle Tour

Chicago Greatest Hits Bicycle Tour
Washington, D.C. Day Bike Tour Via Fat Tire Tours
Consider joining this Bicycle tour and have a splendid time while checking out must-see sights in Chicago. You will be privileged to see the cloud gate, the lakefront, and the Buckingham Fountain. Above all, you will have a guide who will guide you through the paths and give advice on the serene environment for taking pictures while standing on this splendid landmark, among others.

Chicago Segway Tour

Chicago Segway Tour
Chicago Segway Tour Via City Segway Tours
Book a ticket today for only $70 and get the opportunity to view most of Chicago’s finest attractions within hours. The Chicago Segway tour must be accompanied by a guide, who makes the entire tour interesting by dishing out vital information about the Cloud gate and other tourist attraction sites.

Chicago Loop Food Walking Tour

Chicago Loop Food Walking Tour
Delmar Loop Food Tours Via Savor Saint Louis
As the name suggests, this tour is all about walking and having a quality time while enjoying the tourist attraction sites in this location. Consequently, you will get the chance to enjoy some delicious meals. This tour style is definitely worth checking out.

{ 9 } Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate
Travel to a whole new state of Mind Via Biltmore
Ever desired of visiting the largest privately owned house in the entire United States of America? If yes, prepare yourself for this magnificent journey. Biltmore estate was once the residence of George Washington Vanderbilt II. The Biltmore Estate is uniquely designed in that it houses a banquet hall and well maintained and trimmed gardens. Above all, this is a very quiet environment.

Self Guided Audio Tour with Lunch

Biltmore Estate Self Guided Audio Tour with Lunch
Self-Guided Visit of Biltmore House Via Biltmore
The Biltmore Estate will be more appealing if you take a tour through the massive mansion and the grounds. The Biltmore Estate self-guided audio tour and lunch gives you the opportunity to explore this famous landmark at your own pace. You simply need to pay $109 per person.

Biltmore Visit day Trip from Charlotte

Metalmorphosis Charlotte
Metalmorphosis Statue , Charlotte Via Alex G.
You can squeeze in a trip to Biltmore Estate from Charlotte for only $375. This package comes with transportation services, a self-guided tour through this marvelous US landmark and on-site wine tasting.

{ 8 } Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge, New York City Via Pinterest
The Brooklyn Bridge was ready for use in the year 1883. It is roughly 6,000 feet high. It managed to be included in the most spectacular landmarks because of its suspension and the ability to view New York. Above all, this is the bridge that links Brooklyn and Manhattan together. TripAdvisor reviewers who previously visited the Brooklyn Bridge encourage people to walk over this bridge if they desire a perfect view of the New York City.

Brooklyn Bridge guided walking tour

Brooklyn Bridge guided walking tour
24 Hours in DUMBO Brooklyn Via Getaway Mavens
Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is a rite of passage for anyone who visits New York for the first time. Well, the Brooklyn Bridge guided walking tour helps people make maximum use of every step they make. This tour enables you to understand the history behind this magnificent US landmark. You will also get the opportunity to understand how the Brooklyn Bridge influenced the growth of New York City. All this information will be offered to you for only $26 per person.

Brooklyn Bridge Bicycle Tour

Brooklyn Bridge Bicycle Tour
Guided bike tours in Brooklyn by Rolling Orange Bikes
The bicycle tour is considered the most active way of fully exploring New York City. You simply need to pay $30 to join in the bicycle tour. All the safety equipment will be provided before the commencement of this splendid tour. Apart from cycle across the Brooklyn Bridge, you will be given a guide to make it easy to navigate in between the streets of New York.

Manhattan Island Cruise for Below- Bridge Views

Manhattan Island Cruise for Below- Bridge Views
Circle Line Cruise Under the Brooklyn Bridge Via Circle Line
The third and the last option for you to have a perfect view of the Brooklyn Bridge is through sailing. You simply need to pay $43 to the Manhattan Island Cruise and view this landmark from beneath. In addition to these, you will also have the opportunity to view the statue of liberty.

{ 7 } Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Via Sarah
The Statue of Liberty cannot be left out in any list when it comes to naming spectacular landmarks in The United States of America worth checking out. This 151-foot high statue symbolizes the American freedom. The statue of liberty is given high rankings when compared to numerous US landmarks each year. In fact, there were numerous Trip Advisor reviews pleading them to include this statue among the ten most spectacular US landmarks worth checking out. This landmark looks perfect when checked out through driving or cruising. Anyone who checks out this magnificent structure leaves impressed and happy.

Afternoon Statue of Liberty Tour

Afternoon Statue of Liberty Tour
Carla Statue of Liberty Tour Via New York Tour 1 Blog
For only $57, you will acquire a ferry ticket, entrance fee to the statue of liberty and be given a guide. Guides will feed you with a lot of vital information, fun and historical events about the Statue of liberty you never thought or imagined. Additionally, they make the entire journey fun when compared to touring it on your own.

Priority Access Tour to Beat the Crowd

Priority Access Tour to Beat the Crowd
Early Access Statue of Liberty Tour with Statue Pedestal Access & Ellis Island Tour Via Take Walks
Numerous people travel from all over the globe and in the United States to view this superb landmark. Therefore, you might be required to queue for a few hours in order to view the symbol of the American freedom. Well, the priority access package gives you first priority when it comes to boarding the first ferry to Liberty Island. This ensures you arrive before other people. That’s not all; this package guarantees free ferry ticket and pedestal entrance. You simply have to pay $57.

{ 6 } Empire State Building

Empire State Building
Tallest in the world from 1931 to 1970 Via Wikipedia
Numerous people across the globe have heard about the famous Empire State Building. TripAdvisor named this building among its ten must-visit landmarks when in the United States of America for numerous reasons. First, it is an iconic structure in New York since it was built in 1931. The Empire State building is estimated to be 1200 feet high. Secondly, its magnificent design and art make it stand out from the surrounding buildings. The art and the architectural design of the Empire State building have scooped numerous awards. The 86th and the 102nd floors have been set aside for people to pay up and view the entire Manhattan.

Skip-The –Line Empire State Building Experience with Observatory Viewing

Empire State Building 102nd floor
Empire State Building 102nd Floor Via Daily Mail | Photo By Navid Baraty
This is a unique package for two main reasons. First, you no longer have to queue to have the opportunity to view over Manhattan. This package allows you to skip the line and be the next in admission on the 102nd floor. The 102nd floor is very different from the 86th in terms of the visibility length. Above all; you will be privileged to enjoy a three-course dinner inside the Empire State Building. Simply book your ticket at $149 per person.

Multi-Attraction NYC,A Day Sightseeing Tour

NYC Day Sightseeing Tour
NYC Day Sightseeing Tour Via Experience The Ride
Do you have limited time in New York City and would like to check out different sites, apart from the Empire State Building? If yes, consider the multi-attraction package. You will be able to see the beautiful Times Square, Harbor cruise of the Manhattan Skyline and the Rockefeller Center, among others in just a day. Grab your ticket today for only $84 and make maximum use of your minutes.

Empire State Building Sunrise Experience

Empire State Building Sunrise Experience
Overnight Experience in The Famous Skyscraper Via Huffington Post
For only $100, you will be able to secure the Sunrise Experience tour ticket. This package allows you to gain the first access before the Empire State Building is open to the public. This gives you the privilege and the opportunity to view the sunrise from the 86th floor upwards. Additionally, you can take as many photos as you desire as very few people have started occupying this magnificent landmark. Consequently, you can $125 for all the above activities plus breakfast.

{ 5 } USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial
World War II Valor in the Pacific Via National Park Service
TripAdvisor couldn’t omit this memorial site from the ten most spectacular US landmarks. This memorial site was built in tribute to all the soldiers who lost their lives in Pearl Harbor in 1941. Surprisingly, this memorial site is built on top of a sunken ship. The United States of America cannot ignore or forget what happened in Pearl Harbor. Numerous people travel from all over the globe to the USS Arizona memorial site to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers. Surprisingly, the unfortunate event of 1941 inspired a lot of movies and novels.

Deluxe Memorial & Historical City Tour

Arizona Historical City Tour
The City of Tucson, Southern Arizona Via Tucson Hispanic Chamber
Join the Deluxe Arizona memorial & Historical city tour to make maximum use of your visit to Arizona. This is splendid in that you will get the opportunity to view other historical sites, apart from the well known USS Arizona memorial. This historic city tour enables you to check out the Punchbowl National Cemetery, Iolani Palace, and the King Kamehameha statue. That’s not all; this tour is accompanied by a guide who gives detailed information about each site. You simply need to pay $47 per head to enjoy this city tour.

Go Oahu Card for all top Attractions

best things to do on oahu
80 Best Things To Do On Oahu Via Journey Era
The Go Oahu card allows you to visit all the top Oahu attraction sites at your own leisure. These sites range from the USS Arizona, the Honolulu Art Museum, and the Diamond Head Crater, among others. The Go Oahu Card is suitable for tourists who desire to visit all the tourist attraction sites, apart from the USS Arizona Memorial. A single Go Oahu Card goes for only $74.

{ 4 } Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Station, NYC
Numerous people rank the Grand Central Terminal as the best train terminal in the entire world. This is the reason it is being categorized among the outstanding US landmarks worth checking out. The Grand Central Terminal attracts a lot of tourists, despite being a busy commuter railroad. This is mostly because of its outstanding interior design and its architectural design. That’s not all; this train terminal has a magical ceiling, which is full of various mythical figures. It’s no surprise TripAdvisor reviewers massively voted for the Grand Central Terminal among the most spectacular US landmarks of all times and worth checking out.

Grand Central Indoor Food Tour

Grand Central Indoor Food Tour
Walk Through Food, Fun, And History In New York Via Tours Maps
A good and stylish travel must be accompanied by a good meal. Well; the architects of this great landmark in Manhattan, New York kept this in mind when designing this train terminal. As the name suggests, you simply have to pay $89 to go on a food tour. Afterward, you will have the privilege of tasting different kinds of meals and drinks. These meals range from sandwiches, coffee, and cakes, among others. All these will be done while enjoying the beautiful scenery of this magnificent train terminal.

Underground New York Subway History Tour

Underground New York Subway History Tour
Finding Beauty Underground Via Gotham Girl Chronicles
Ever desired to learn about the history of the Grand Central Terminal? If yes, this dream can become a reality for only $ 150. The private tour gives you the privilege of learning about all the aspects relating to the massive subway system. This tour takes roughly two hours. During this period, you will hear everything about the architectural design of this spectacular US landmark and be given the opportunity to ask questions. This tour comes to an end with an insight tour of the iconic Grand Central Terminal.

Self-Guided Audio Tour

Grand Central Self-Guided Audio Tour
Take a Self-Guided Audio Tour Through Grand Central Terminal Via Untapped Cities
Are you one of those who loves doing everything on your own? If yes, you should consider the self-guided audio tour of the Grand Central Terminal. Here, you will learn everything on your own pace. You can acquire a self-guided audio tour for only $9. Actually, this is the most pocket-friendly way of understanding everything about terminals without spending a lot of money.

{ 3 } Lincoln Statue

Lincoln Statue
Lincoln Memorial Via Wikipedia
There is no list about the US landmarks that doesn’t include the Lincoln Statue. It is a symbol of American values. People visit this statue in the National Mall to not only it but also read some inspiring texts from Lincoln’s previous public addresses. These speeches range from his inaugural address and the Gettysburg address. The location and the size of this location appeal the eyes. This is a comment from the travel on the TripAdvisor review segment. Lincoln statue is one of the landmarks; people are encouraged to visit while in the United States.

DC After Dark Tour

DC After Dark Tour
Washington DC After Dark Tour Via Angelic Luxury Coach
There are numerous reasons why the Lincoln statue is being listed among the top US landmarks worth checking out. One reason is that this statue lights up at night giving it a marvelous look. Simply pay $45 and get the opportunity to view this landmark at night. In addition to all these, this tour gives you the opportunity to view the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the White House, among others. The Dc after dark tour also gives you the opportunity to take photos in front of the famous US Capital Building. Lastly, the dark tour acts as a perfect background for taking photos behind this great landmark.

Washington Monuments Bike Tour

Washington Monuments Bike Tour
Bike and Roll DC Via Bike And Roll DC
As the name suggests, you should pay out $44 per head to join the bike tour and view The Lincoln Memorial and Washington, Dc in general. This is a fun activity as the ground has a flat layout and that you have guides who provide detailed information about different monuments. You should consider the bike tour for your visit to Washington, DC and moreover the Lincoln Statue.

{ 2 } Golden Gate Bridge

Aan Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Night Town View
Aan Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Night Town View Via Sarah Aaron Photography
Secondly, we have the Golden Gate Bridge. It connects Marin County and San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge was ranked among the top US landmarks as it stretches up to 4200 feet. This statement amazes a lot of people and is considered a stunning landmark globally. A view of this magnificent bridge makes you appreciate its unique architectural design. A visit to this site enables you to view both the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay. All these will be done either through bike tours or leisure walks. This spectacular US landmark has different viewing positions. Each position gives out a different view and design of this angle. Numerous people have positively confirmed this statement on TripAdvisor reviews.

Bike Tour across the Golden Gate Bridge

Bike Tour across the Golden Gate Bridge
One of the Favorite adventures in San Francisco is Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge Via A Side of Sweet
Looking and Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge are two different activities. You should make an effort of booking the 3 Hour bike ride tour from Sausalito to San Francisco through this magnificent bridge. This activity will be carried out with no traffic disturbance, no obstacles to bar you from efficiently enjoying your ride. That’s not all; there is a stopover in Sausalito for refreshment before paddling back to San Francisco. You simply have to pay $35 per person to have a splendid time in this great Landmark.

See The Bridge from the water on a Catamaran Cruise

Golden Gate Bridge Bay Cruise
Disney Wonder Comes to San Francisco Via The Silent I
Consider the Catamaran Cruise if you would like to view the Golden Gate Bridge at an angle very few people experiences. You simply need to pay $60 per head to board this cruise. Couples are encouraged to consider board the Catamaran Cruise, especially at night if they desire to see a romantic atmosphere as they go through the Golden Gate Bridge past Alcatraz.

{ 1 } Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island
U.S. National Historic Landmark Via Pinterest
Alcatraz Island is located on the offshore of the San Francisco Bay. This Island was previously used as a federal prison in between 1934-1963. Consequently, it housed infamous inmates who later escaped. These events and the island itself was the inspiration behind the Alcatraz films and novels. Honestly, speaking who wouldn’t want to visit a location that inspired the shooting of the best selling film? A visit to the Alcatraz Island while in San Francisco gives you the opportunity to personally check out the prison grounds and cells. Additionally, you will learn everything about this infamous prison and how the escape was carried out. That’s not all; this landmark also houses beautiful gardens. It is not a surprise Alcatraz topped the list of the most spectacular US landmarks.

Alcatraz Tour & Twilight Bay Cruise

Alcatraz Tour Twilight Bay Cruise
Alcatraz Cruises, San Francisco, USA Via Yo Go Yo
Well, the Alcatraz Cruise tickets are always in demand. Therefore, it is advisable to book your ticket a few months before your initial visit to San Francisco. The Alcatraz tour & twilight bay cruise ensures you have a knowledgeable and friendly guide who will make you view Alcatraz in a different angle. Additionally, the cruise bay allows you to see the romantic side of the San Francisco Bay. Lastly, one Alcatraz tour & Twilight Bay cruise ticket costs roughly $108 per head.

Alcatraz, Muir Woods & Sausalito 3-in -1 Tour

Alcatraz, Muir Woods Sausalito Tour
Muir Woods and Sausalito Tour Via Bike Rental San Francisco
Is time barring you from completely exploring San Francisco, immediately after Alcatraz? If yes, this package is for you. It enables you to visit Alcatraz, Sausalito and Muir Woods within a day. The booking price for this 3-in-1 tour package starts off at $ 124 for all the three places, including a ferry ride. This package enables you to comfortably travel through these top San Francisco attraction sites.

Beat The Crowds Early Access Alcatraz Tour

Early Access Alcatraz Tour
As the name suggests, this is a VIP offer for anyone who desires to view the iconic US landmark in style. You will be privileged to board the first ferry of the day to the magnificent Alcatraz Island. That’s not all; you will also board a cable car that allows you to glance at the Palace of Fine arts. This VIP service is available at only $192 per head.

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