5 Tips for Designing your Room on a Budget

Designing your Room1

Your bedroom is the space where you go, after a long and tiring day, to relax and unwind. But if you haven’t been able to spruce up your space for some time, then you would definitely need some wholesale home décor, to fit your budget. If your room is looking dull and boring to you, or whatever the reason might be, here are some quick and easy tips that can help you re-decorate your room on a budget. Let’s dig in. 

1. Change the Layout

This is the easiest and most cost effective way to change your room’s outlook, while spending almost nothing. Just a little energy and time is all you need to switch up the way it looks. Move things around and change the location of your furniture to give it an entirely new appearance. You can also get rid of some furniture pieces and accessories that you don’t need. It will declutter your space and make it look much more minimal and clean. 

Designing your Room2

2. Invest in some lighting

The market is filled with amazing lighting decor. You can easily get budget friendly light decor in the supermarket these days. And as the right lighting is the key to a beautiful room, you can spruce up the environment easily. You can change the lampshades or invest in fairy lights. It all depends on the final outlook that you are looking for. Wall mounted lights are trending a lot and they aren’t too expensive either. 

3. Paint it New

New paint can be a breath of fresh air for the room and well, it is quite cheap too. If you are good at painting and you have some good amount of time to invest in doing so, on your own then you can paint your room new. You can choose a neutral colour paint and create a completely new vibe. For instance, grey and earthy tones are trending alot lately and will add a very minimal vibe to your room. 

4. Play around with the Floor

Just like when you change your bedsheets, the outlook of your room changes drastically; try adding a small rug to your floor as well. Now carpets are available in different types and budgets too. They can be extremely expensive but you can always buy smaller ones or a type that isn’t too costly. A thick shag can also be a good addition to your room. Rugs can really pull your room together, making it look very luxurious and beautiful. 

Designing your Room3

5. Add Wall Decor

Wall decor plays a huge role in changing the outlook of the room. It redesigns it perfectly. The market is filled with amazing wall decor paintings and you can get them in bulk too. Wholesale wall decor is a great choice to make if you want to buy a lot of paintings and want to choose the same frame style as well. Black and white frames are really trending and they look pretty aesthetic as well. Add a hint of gold to the wall paintings and they enhance your bedroom walls perfectly. 


Redesigning or decorating your space on a budget is not a hard task these days. With just a little effort and every little bit of cash; you can manage to make your space look aesthetically pleasing. Try the above mentioned tips and decorate your house on a budget, without stressing out. 

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