5 Most Stylish Way to Decor Mirror in Bathroom

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When considering the decoration, or redecoration, of your bathroom, the mirror is a piece that shouldn’t miss. Still, there are several types of mirrors you can use, depending on the final effect you want to create in the bathroom. Just take a look at the following decor mirrors, and see which one suits your needs best.

{ 1 } Frameless Mirror

Frameless Bathroom Mirror
Design By Lisa

beach style white bathroom
A frameless mirror can look very modern, especially if it has a particular shape or engraving on its surface. It is a more discreet appearance in the bathroom, looking like being embedded in the wall, due to the absence of the frame. So it doesn’t matter if you like to get a heart-shaped frameless mirror, because it won’t look awkward in the bathroom, as long as it fits with the assembly of decorations you already picked for your bathroom. It is all about making all the decoration elements merge together and creating a balanced general picture, one you will make you feel pleasant when walking inside.

{ 2 } Framed Mirror

transitional bathroom Framed Mirror

colorful framed wall mirrors bathroom
Colorful Wall Mirrors Bright Interior Design
A framed mirror can also bring a lot of effect to your bathroom. In fact, if you pick a mirror with a well-decorated frame, you could solve a lot of the bathroom decoration process by using only this item. Framed mirrors can be great decor mirrors, because they can bring a lot of details to a bathroom, helping you do more with less. With such a mirror, you won’t need to get a great number of other decorative items, because the frame will do all the work. Of course, it depends very much on how the frame is made, because simple frames might not have the same effect as a decorated frame.

{ 3 } Venetian Mirror

Stylish Framed Bathroom Mirror
Yamamar Design
If you want to take one step back in time, making your bathroom feel like a piece taken from a castle, the Venetian mirror may be exactly what you need. Such a mirror will give the impression of luxury, opulence, romanticism, due to its heavily decorated frame, which looks more like a piece of art than anything else. It is the detail you need if you want to make the entire enclosure have a distinct air, making you feel like descending into a time where princes and princesses still walk around, in chariots pulled by white horses. It is a very intriguing decor mirror.

4) Shadowbox Mirror

beach style powder bathroom Shadow box mirror
Mimi Snowden Design

modern bathroom Shadow box mirror

eclectic powder vintage bathroom
Rikki Snyder
The shadow box mirror is a mirror with a frame that is more noticeable than the traditional frame, because it is made to appear bigger than the mirror, like putting it inside a box. Again, the effect depends on the type of frame, as it can be simple, made out of materials having various colors, or it can be a decorated frame. Still, it is definitely a type of decor mirror that will capture all the attention, due to it’s out of the ordinary appearance. So if you want something special, but not too opulent, the shadow box mirror may just do the trick for you.

{ 5 } Fog-Free Mirror

Fog Free mirror contemporary bathroom
Michael Abrams
Probably the most disturbing aspect of a mirror is the fact that it gets foggy after you take a shower. So if you will want to see your face in it, you won’t be able to do so, until you remove the fog on its surface. Well, there are modern decor mirrors that are fog-free. They are specially made to resist the high moisture and temperature that is in the bathroom while having a shower or hot bath, so you can use it right on the spot, without the need to clean the mirror. It is a very practical and modern mirror, something you should think about when decorating your bathroom.

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