5 Items You Need to Bring an Asian Vibe to Your House

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While decorating your house, you need to add some unique elements to make it stand out. You can turn to different cultures for inspiration and take a look at home decor tips that will breathe freshness into your home. 

Asian culture is known for its beautiful decorations and some of the items they use are a must-have. However, there is a large list of Asian items you can choose from and it can get overwhelming for you to look at all of them.

Therefore, we’ve created a short list of things you need for bringing an Asian feel to your humble abode. These decor items are either commonly used or manufactured in the eastern part of the world.

Let’s get started!

1. Kenji Plushies

Kenji plushies have grown in popularity over the years and it’s clear to see why. These toys have the most adorable expressions and they’re quite easy to cuddle with! They also bring a cute look to your house and you can place them on the top of your shelves together. 

They bring a comfortable look to your home and are also known to relieve stress, keeping you happy. Kenji’s come in form of animals, especially ones that are popular in Japan. You’re bound to find something that suits you the best.

2. A Stylish Shoe Rack

Whenever you’re entering an Asian household, it’s common practice to keep your shoes outside. It’s because people don’t prefer to have dirt accumulate in their houses. 

As a result, many houses have a shoe rack placed near the doorstep. 

If you’re someone that prefers to keep their house clean, then we recommend getting a stylish shoe rack for your place. It brings a good look to your living room and your guests will have a place to keep their shoes secure.

3. Household Slippers

If you’re looking to replicate an Asian household, it’s essential to get some slippers you can use to walk around in your home. They are comfortable to use and also help to keep your floor clean. 

This practice is common, especially in Korean households, where you will find a wide range of slippers in all sizes. They’re carefully arranged whenever guests are about to arrive for them to wear. 

You can get a wide range of slippers with different designs, for you and your guests and have fun trying them out. They will also come in handy to keep your feet warm during cold winters. 

Asian Vibe

4. Ornamental Wind Bell

These bells are a go-to in an Asian household and bring in soothing chimes whenever wind gushes past your house. It’s a must-have if you prefer bringing more serenity to your home. 

If you’re planning to purchase one for yourself, make sure that it isn’t too large. It’ll cause problems, especially if you’re trying to place them inside your house. Otherwise, you can keep them near the main entrance, to welcome others into your humble abode. 

It’s should be noted that these ornamental wind bells should be used as decorations, and not as a replacement for a house bell.

5. Paper Lanterns and Candles

Your Asian house decorations wouldn’t be complete without lighting your home. Lights play a critical role in Asian culture, and they shouldn’t be ignored at your place. The good news about this is that illuminating your place should cost you a lot of money. 

We recommend using paper lanterns and candles to light up your house if you’re on a tight budget. On the other hand, you can place lights on sculptures like chandeliers to make your house shine brightly. 

Having lighting on sculptures brings more life to your living room and gets you closer to your dream Asian house. 

To Sum Up

Bringing Asian decorations to your household is a good idea, despite of whether you hail from the region or not. You will find that these modern decorations are quite useful for indoor events like a family get-together or a house party with your best friends.

The possibilities of Asian-style decorations are endless, and we hope these tips help you get an idea of what you want. Don’t forget to use your creativity, and you will be in awe on how it can bring more aesthetic and culture to your place. 

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