5 Antique Pieces That Can Be Ideal Additions To Your Home


We all love fine antiques and many avid collectors adorn their homes with fine antique pieces; why not make good use of such fine furniture? Here are a few stunning antique furniture items that you could add to your home décor, which are also a good investment.

Antique Lighting – A pair of Victorian wall lamps might be just the thing to illuminate the lounge, or perhaps a small Victorian chandelier over the dining table. Of course, antique lighting comes in many forms and the online antique dealer is the person to contact when looking for antique lighting. They have a great search function on their website, which enables you to zone in on what you are searching for.

Grandfather Clock – What better item to have in your hallway than a grandfather clock? These majestic timepieces are obviously of great value. If you are prepared to invest in a grandfather clock, search online for the best antique grandfather clock through Google. That should take you to the website of a leading antique dealer. Of course, such a fine piece of engineering requires regular maintenance and the dealer can put you in touch with a local specialist, keeping your investment in good working order.


Antique Mirror – If you have a contemporary decor, why not add a large antique wall mirror, which would be perfect for the hallway? Measure up the hallway. Take a look at the online antique dealer’s website and see if they have anything that suits. There are stunning Edwardian mirrors hand-crafted in mahogany and such a piece is a very good long-term investment.

Chest Of Drawers – You could invest in a stunning period Victorian chest of drawers from a leading antique dealer. A fine mahogany chest of drawers would be perfect for the dining room to keep the cutlery and crockery, with some attractive ornaments. If you have an old look in your master bedroom, a mahogany chest of drawers goes well with a four-poster bed.

Four-Poster Bed – Why not treat yourself to the ultimate comfort for sleeping? A traditional four-poster bed with a white lace screen that draws around is the perfect feature for a period bedroom. While such a bed would be expensive, you certainly won’t need to change your bed at any time in the future, as the sturdy antique has been around for hundreds of years. If you have the space, you could invest in a stately king-size four-poster, complete with curtains and nets, for the ultimate sleeping experience.

The above are just a few ideas that you can consider; a contemporary setting with a few selected antiques is currently the trend in home decor. For the best selection of genuine antiques, search online for a reputable antique dealer and check out their catalogue.

Whether you’re looking for a feature grandfather clock, or a military chest, the online antique dealer has you covered. They will even give you complete care instructions, plus a little about the history of the piece, which is always nice to know.

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