10 Greatest Historical Walls That Changed The World

great wall of china

These are the list of 10 Greatest Historical Walls that changed the world.

{ 10 } Berlin Wall, Germany

This popular wall has many different names like the Wall of Shame, Anti-Fascist Protection Wall, and Berlin Wall. It was built surrounding West Berlin set it apart from East Germany. The walls have such long history involving the separation between two regions in the country. However, it fell in 1989, united all people in the country.

Berlin Wall Germany

berlin wall urban art

{ 9 } Cartagena, Colombia

This is the iconic landscape of Colombia. Cartagena is used to be provided as a shipping route for emeralds, gold, and other jewellery to the Spain. The historical city was once the place for African slaves distribution to America. Now it is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site you will regret to miss.

Cartagena Colombia

{ 8 } Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Tasmania

Walls of Jerusalem is one of the most remarkable Historical Walls in the world. These have been used by Jewish for doing their custom over centuries. The wailing wall is routine religious activity. This sacred place can be visited anytime.

Walls of Jerusalem National Park Tasmania

{ 7 } Avila, Spain

Avila is the part of Old Castile located in the South. It is the part of the masterpiece as known as Teresa of Avila, the Roman Catholic Mystic. This is the 2nd largest defensive walls in the world. The incredible nine-gates allowing folks to enter and exit the town.

Ávila Spain

City Walls of Avila Spain

Fortress In Avila Spain wallpaper

{ 6 } Hadrian’s Wall, England

Hadrian’s Wall is one of the most important relics on earth. And it has been listed in both National and World Heritage site.

Hadrian’s Wall England

{ 5 } King Offa’s Dyke, Welsh and England

King Offa built this dyke to keep Welsh invaders out of Mercia Kingdom. In the present time, it is a challenging 182 miles hiking path which offers the hikers and regular travellers the most beautiful views in the British land.

Offa’s Dyke England Wales

{ 4 } Essaouira, Morocco

This town is surrounded by 18th century fortified walls. Though it is located in Morocco, this marvellous landscape was definitely designed by Frenchman.

Essaouira Morocco

{ 3 } Québec City, Canada

Quebec City is one of the most popular places in the world. Of course, its existence has a big role in relation to the tourism objects in the country. Now the winding streets and alleys of this area are filled with museums, art galleries, retail shops, restaurants, clubs, etc.

Québec City Canada

{ 2 } Aurelian Walls, Rome, Italy

Aurelian Walls are the important parts of Castle Saint Angelo in Rome of Italy. Now, these have become one of the tourist destinations in a local place.

Aurelian Walls Rome Italy

{ 1 } Great Wall, China

This remarkable landscape was built for the protection of the country. No one can beat the remarkable giant wall like in China. It, of course, changes the world in term of a tourism destination. There are a lot of things to do, see and experience there.

great wall of china

Great Wall China

The Great Wall of China at Jinshanling

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