Top 10 Best Himalayan Trekking Routes Travel With Nature

Best Himalayan Trekking Routes

The Himalayans provide incredible tracks for anyone that enjoys spending time out in nature. What is best about the Himalayan trekking routes is that you can see various wonders of nature at every step. From ground zero and until you reach the highest peak, the environment will be layered, like a cake, each level providing something worthy of your attention. Also, the tracks have levels of difficulty, to serve both the experienced and the inexperienced in such wild expeditions. The Himalaya treks are a goal for the ones that are accustomed to trekking because this corner of the world is unique. For the ones that just discovered this way of exploring the world, it is worth taking the trip and the effort of going on a trekking route from start to end, because such an experience will offer unforgettable memories.

If you want to have a travelling experience you will never forget, experiencing both challenges and amazing moments, you have to mark Himalaya on your places to visit. In fact, it should be one of the places you must visit in your lifetime because it is simply breathtaking. Of course, if you are looking to find luxurious hotels and 5-star spas, this is not the place for you. But, if you like to have your mind blown by natural wonders, if you like the feeling of being on top of the world, you definitely need to try out the Himalayan trekking tours. It will be just you, the amazing nature, and the person that will lead you through this untamed wilderness. You can opt for going together with larger groups or, if you want a more intimate expedition, opt for smaller groups. Although, in the end, it doesn’t really matter how you get to explore the Himalayans, as long as you are there. You will be thankful for making such a decision because this is a place where you can finally reconnect with your inner self and with your roots.

Another amazing aspect of the Himalayans is the large number of trekking routes to choose from. If you will look at them, trying to make a decision concerning the one to experience, you may feel confused. This is why we put together a list with top 10 best Himalayans trekking routes that will make your travelling experience one carved from a dream. Thus, reading the list below, hopefully, you will find the route that suits you best. Take a close look at each of them and see which one stirs your interest and excitement the most. Also, do have in mind that Himalaya trekking December means fewer tourists in the area and quieter treks, but you should be equipped to face rather low temperatures. And, if you are wondering about the Himalayan trekking tours cost, you should know that is quite affordable.

10 Best Himalayan Trekking Routes

{ 10 } Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Pin Parvati Pass TrekCrossing a Raging Stream at Odi Thach, Picture Credit: Karan Sandhu Image Via Wander The Himalayas

Pin Parvati PassCrossing The Pin River Image Via India Hikes

This 11-day trek is beautiful but can be difficult to persons that are not accustomed to trekking or do not have a proper physical training. The best period to enjoy this trek is from the month of July and until September. This way you will enjoy green valleys and all the beauty that comes along. Still, do be prepared to heavy snowfalls and cold temperatures at high altitude, because the higher you will go the more the environment around you will change. But, all the views you will get and the experience of roaming free through the Himalayans is worth the effort.

{ 9 } Snowman Trek Bhutan

snow leopards on the Snowman TrekTaktsang Palphug Monastery in Paro Valley Image Via Telegraph

yak and lake at snowman trekYak And Lake at Snowman Trek Image Via Bhutan Travel Adventures

Are you an adventurous spirit I search for the challenge of your life? The Snowman trek in Bhutan is considered to be the most challenging treks in the entire world. It takes 25 days to complete it, having 11 passes at high altitudes, of which 4 will exceed the altitude of 5000m, so you will need to be fit for such a journey. The weather that is unpredictable and the fact that you will have to face solitude will probably some of the hardest things to deal with while on this trek. You will need to have proper training before starting it and a suitable physical condition, plus the proper equipment.

{ 8 } Solang Valley on Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund TrekBeas Kund Trek Image Via

This is another trek from the Himalayan trekking routes that is recommended for beginners, due to its low difficulty level and gorgeous sites. If you enjoy seeing flora, fauna, and beautiful meadows in a rocky mountainous environment, this route was made for you. While walking on this route, all you need to do is feast your eyes with the wonders of nature and charge your soul with the positive energy of the environment. Because it is on the Indian side of the Himalayans, it has a spiritual charge as well, being connected to old Indian legends.

{ 7 } Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek

Deo Tibba Base Camp TrekDeo Tibba Base Camp Trek Image Via Himalayan Challenges

Deo Tibba Base Camp

If you wish to enjoy your time trekking in the Himalayans, this is a route you should take. It takes about a week and it will take you through the most beautiful places. You will enjoy seeing green pastures, the Chandertal Lake will see the Deo Tibba peak from a distance, and the huge glaciers that surround it. The best part is that you don’t have to be a trekker to handle this route, just to have the right type of equipment. So it is a moderate trek that can be enjoyed by almost anyone who has the will to spend time in the outdoors.

{ 6 } Kolahoi Glacier Trekking

Kolahoi Glacier Tarsar Marsar TrekKolahoi Glacier-Tarsar/Marsar Trek Image Via Aqua Terra

Horses Going Up Lidder ValleyLidder Valley and Kolahoi Glacier Trek Image Via Himalayan Wonders

Taking this trek will offer you some of the most spectacular mountainous views of the Himalayans. This is part of an experience in the Kashmir area, a region that is compared, in beauty, with the mountains of Switzerland. It is probably one of the shortest treks in the Himalayans, lasting just 3 days. But even so, you will feel refreshed and mesmerized by the beauty of this region. You will be surrounded by snowy peaks everywhere you will look and, now and then, a small green meadow appears, filled with mountain flowers if you come here in the right period.

{ 5 } Frozen River Trek in Ladakh

Frozen River Trek in LadakhPorter (Tea Maker) and His Cave Image Via Partha Chowdhury

Himalayan Chadar TrekHimalayan Chadar Trek Image Via Adventures 365

Would you like to know what it feels like to walk on a river? Well, you will have the chance to walk on a frozen river, at least, if you take this trek around the end of January or beginning of February. It can be quite challenging, if the river is not completely frozen in some parts and because the temperatures drop around -20 degrees Celsius, or more in some cases, at night. But it will certainly be something you will never forget. It will be like living in a world of ice and stone for a while, which is simply a surreal experience.

{ 4 } Gomukh Tapovan Trek

Gomukh Tapovan TrekGomukh Tapovan Trek Image Via India Pilgrim Tours

Gaumukh Tapovan TrekA Journey to the Source of River Ganga Image Via India Hikes

The Gomukh trek goes through the valley of a glacier, so this means that it is going to be a spectacular trek. Being on top of a glacier is a feeling that you cannot describe and cannot imagine how it feels unless you are there. You will also be near the place that is the source of the River Ganges, one of the most important rivers in India, the country’s life-giver. Many people come here because the place has a particular peace, serenity, and calmness, many people wishing to enjoy such aspects once more, together with the stunning views.

{ 3 } Markha Valley Trek Adventure Nation

Markha Valley TrekItinerary of Seven Days, Markha Valley Trek Via Travel Sauro

Markha Valley Trek Adventure NationMost Famous Treks of Ladakh Region Image Via Pinterest

If we are to look at the most popular Himalayan trekking routes, this is probably the most popular, at least on the Indian side of the Himalayans. It is a journey that can take somewhere between 6 and 8 days, depending on the goals you set. You can easily reach the Stok Kangri peak on this trek. Still, one of the Himalayan trekking tips would be to be careful at your acclimatization because of this, as you will rapidly reach an altitude of 6,153 m, so you will need to be prepared. Other than that, it is a wonderful trek.

{ 2 } Annapurna Base Camp Poon Hill Trek

Poon Hill at sunrisePoon Hill at Sunrise Image Via Matt Zimmerman

Hiking the Sunrise Poon Hill Trek Near Pokhara in NepalHiking the Sunrise Poon Hill Trek Near Pokhara in Nepal Image Via Cheapest Destinations Blog

It is another trek of the numerous Himalayan trekking routes that were chosen for you to enjoy the area, and not to make a lot of physical effort or to be a great challenge. The trail has a lot of tea houses on the way, where you can rest, have a cup of hot tea, or even find a comfortable place to stay overnight. If you don’t have too much time at your disposal, this trek can be covered in 4 or 5 days. But, if you have a few more days to spare, you can enjoy more amazing places on this route.

{ 1 } Everest Advanced Base Camp Trek Tibet

everest and rongbuk monasteryEverest And Rongbuk Monastery Image Via Himalayan Wonders

12 Days Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour12 Days Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour Image Via Tibet Discovery

It is a trek that will show you some of the most beautiful part of the Himalayans, without having a high level of difficulty. It will take 11 days to complete the trek, but you will have the chance to see the highest peaks of the area, a stunning view of the Khumbu Glacier, and many other breathtaking views. It is a trek that is made for the people that do not wish to conquer the peak, but to enjoy the unique wilderness and beauty of the area. The end of this trek will be at the Everest Base Camp, a sign that your journey was completed.

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