The Symbolic Meaning To Gift a Pen To Someone Special

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There are many reasons and occasions that call for giving someone an extra-special gift. The act of giving a gift is as old as the earth and not only common to humans. Animals give each other gifts all the time to show their appreciation. If you’ve ever owned a cat and come home to find a dead mouse or bird on the doorstep, you’ll know what we mean! But, as humans, our gift-giving skills are rather more refined, and there are now certain expectations surrounding the matter of what makes a suitable and appropriate gift.

Gift-Giving Milestones

We all reach and experience key moments in life where it is usual to be given a gift, whether it’s a gift recognizing an achievement or reaching a certain age. ‘Big’ birthdays, such as eighteen, twenty-one, thirty, forty, fifty and so on, are considered important occasions to be recognized with a special gift. Anniversaries are important too—wedding, engagement, even divorce anniversaries are recognised alongside birthdays. Particular achievements warrant the giving of a special gift, such as obtaining a license to drive, passing exams, gaining a qualification, landing a dream job, graduating college, getting a coveted promotion, moving house, having a baby. There are many moments worth celebrating, and what better way to honor these than by giving the classic gift of a perfect pen?

Pen Gift Ideas

Heavier Weight Ballpoint Pens

Heavier Weight Ballpoint Pens

If the person you’re gifting is someone who values reliability and substance, a ballpoint pen in either 100% stainless steel or stainless steel with carbon fiber finish would be the perfect choice. These sturdy, distinctive writing instruments combine premium materials and cutting edge design with fine craftsmanship to create a stunning,long-lasting pen.

If the recipient likes to ‘play’ with their gadgets, go for a pen that has some sort of ‘fidget’ factor, like a ‘bolt action’ mechanism. Make sure it has a secure lock with hard-wearing parts. The reassuring weight of stainless steel will allow the person you are gifting to have a  smooth, clean, precise glide, and it will make an attractive addition to their EDC essentials.

If the person you are gifting likes substance but with more of a design edge, look for a ballpoint pen with carbon fiber finish. Carbon fiber weave has a unique way of reflecting light. It is stronger than steel but weighs less than aluminium, and has a significant strength to weight ratio. 

Lighter Weight Ballpoint Pens

Lighter Weight Ballpoint Pens

Does your recipient have a slim wrist? Are they young, with less experience writing by hand? If so, a lighter weight ballpoint pen will be ideal. Look for a pen that is made from alightweight material, and that makes a statement while serving a purpose. Try a ballpoint pen in 100% aluminum. These pens are lightweight writing instruments with deceptive strength. Aluminum is used in the production of aircraft fuselages. If your gift recipient is an individualist, they will also appreciate its stylishly smooth and understated matte finish.

Another lightweight material is titanium. Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all known metals, making it as strong as steel but almost half the weight. It can hold at extreme temperatures and it can withstand corrosion. A titanium pen is beautifully light yet deceptively robust, which will add value to your EDC essentials without weighing you down.

The Perfect Pencil

The Perfect Pencil

If your recipient prefers pencils over pens, make sure you choose a pencil that has style and can stand the test of time. Pencil connoisseurs view this writing instrument as a tool to fuel creative thought. Look for a pencil with a classic stainless steel casing, ideally with SCHMIDT Technology for ease of lengthening the nib. If the recipient likes to ‘fidget’ there are mechanical pencils available that have fidget-friendly characteristics, such as bolt action mechanisms. And if the recipient values their EDC essentials, a stainless steel mechanical pencil, with its smooth, clean, precise glide and industrial feel, makes an attractive addition to their kit.

The Classic Fountain Pen

The classic fountain pen will never go out of style. Ideal for someone who works in a traditional, esteemed profession such as medicine or law will appreciate the timeless charm of a fountain pen. If, for your recipient, writing is an art form, a fountain pen is an obvious choice, and there are some beautiful styles available now using contemporary designs and materials. For a modern take on this classic piece, look for a fountain pen made from aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium. What’s particularly special about giving a fountain as a gift is they become highly personal, with the nib adapting to the user’s unique hand movements, molding itself over time to become a highly personal and valuable writing instrument.

Gifting someone a pen to celebrate an important milestone in their life is a really thoughtful thing to do. Pens are always useful and always valued. They often come in beautiful packaging, they can last a long time—a lifetime, even—and they are highly symbolic. The next time someone special to you deserves a milestone gift, make it a pen.

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