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Contemporary design is defined by functionality, simplicity and subtle elegance. The word “contemporary” means “of the moment”. Contemporary design style reflects the currently prevalent preference. It is constantly evolving and growing. Dating back to the 1970s, this design style is unique because it embraces a range of elements from other styles like Modern, Traditional, Transitional, Art Deco and Futuristic design. Some interesting features that define contemporary design are neutral colors, sleek, clean lines and bold, colorful art. Chrome or nickel finishes, glass, ebony wood and other materials are used most in contemporary design.

Classic and geometric patterns and furniture with clean, sleek lines are right at home with this style. Another important aspect of this style is that it celebrates space and light. Contemporary designs have lots of open airy spaces. Windows and doors are mostly left bare to let in natural light. Industrial lamps and other lighting fixtures are used excessively to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Contemporary interiors are sleek and fresh because they focus on space, shape, and color. This style is equally appropriate for lofts, commercial areas or modern homes.

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