30+ Scary Halloween Makeup That Look Terrible & Horrible

Horror Doll Scary Halloween makeup

Halloween is near and it is time for you to get dressed in the horrifying and scary Halloween makeup look. Halloween is all about creativity and your input. You have to be imaginative so you can mix some makeup ideas and bring a whole new thing. Masks often look fake and clumsy on the face. They do not look natural as well. Your costume and makeup should coordinate with each other. Otherwise, it’s just a normal day for you. You need some make to make your deathly looks natural throughout the day. Your artistic skills will help you to get the perfect scary Halloween makeup look of your choice and if you’re not good at these skills then you can ask someone to do it for you. Here are some scary Halloween makeup look ideas for you.

{ 1 } Skeleton Face

day of the dead makeup skeleton Halloween makeup
She Has Waited Too Long Photography By Pauline Darley & Makeup By Mademoiselle Mu
For this Skeleton Look, you can use your regular makeup or you can use face paints as well. It depends on your skin which suits you best. If you are using makeup then cover your face with white foundation/cream. Then design it with black eyeliner. You can cover your eyes with the black liner too and paint your button according to your choice. For lips pick a thin brush and draw lines giving the effect of a stitched mouth. When you go for dead man make-up, it means the hair too automatically because, without it, makeup would be a fail literally. This is very professional look made through the right mix of strokes and shadows. If you have like this in mind, be prepared to get it through a professional.

{ 2 } Black & White: Creepy Halloween Makeup Image

Black And White Creepy And Beautiful Halloween Makeup
Very Cool Image By Pinterest
There are various types of Halloween makeups and one of them is scary Halloween make up that actually is meant to frighten people. Try out this black and white creepy and beautiful Halloween makeup and see whether you really look scary or not.

{ 3 } Creepy/Scary Skull Makeup

Creepy Scary Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial
Tutorial By Diana Mastova
Ghost with red eyes, is this really frightening? Do this creepy scary skull Halloween makeup and see how scary you look! Follow the instructions given in this tutorial and get set go. This makeup will surely give you a memorable Halloween.

{ 4 } Skeleton Makeup For Guys

best ideas for guys men Halloween skeleton makeup
Hood part is so important in this look because that is making it look like a skull and otherwise it would not give this look. You may check out hundreds of pictures but do not just go for one complete look either mix some of them to get your own unique look.

{ 5 } Exposed Skull

Exposed Skull Halloween Makeup For Guys
Detailed Anatomy Paint By Battledress
Here you see scribbling, and if you do not get the look, you may add some scribbling in the previous look if you want. This way you have a very different look but of course do not mix two creatures into one.

{ 6 } Grim Reaper Makeup

Grim Reaper Makeup Tutorial For Halloween
Tutorial For Halloween By Shonagh Scott
This is really scary one and if you have a professional to do this, you may get this entire look as it is. No addition and no subtraction because that would create a loophole as if something is missing in the picture.

{ 7 } Horror Doll – A Scary Halloween Makeup

Horror Doll Scary Halloween makeup tutorial
Tutorial By Cindy Sold
Stitches, wounds, and blood every ghostly appearance must-have accessories. There is so much to work like hiding the brows, choosing right contacts, making fake blood, and defining the whole look through rough torn look.

{ 8 } Incredibly Creepy Doll Makeup

Scary Doll Halloween Makeup
Image By Pinterest
After those scariest Hollywood movies about doll figures, this would be the scariest look you can carry. The half torn look of the doll is mesmerizing to get. This doll has its forehead broken because you know might be someone wanted to get rid of her and that is near to impossible.

{ 9 } Creepy Doll

Creepy Doll halloween makeup
Tutorial By Hannah Leigh
Stitched lips of a doll with a disaster look. When you have doll look in your mind, you can just be casual for the Halloween day and rather have a creepy doll in your hand. And, that is it. The doll will do its part well.

{ 10 } Screaming Vampire

Best Cool Scary Screaming Vampire Halloween Makeup Looks
Best, Cool & Scary Screaming Vampire Looks Daemon DCLXVI
Scary Halloween makeup is all about painting face. For this makeup look, you need to make sure your face is all clean. Then apply some white cream/foundation on your face. Take some black eyeshadow and pack it in your eyes all over. Make it a sort of messy look. You do not have to make it perfect. Messy is your perfect. Also, add some to the hollows of your check for depression. Draw some red line underneath your eyes and add some fake fangs/teeth. For people like me, vampires are quite cool creatures. By cool, here I mean not scary and I give credits to all movies out there. Nowadays scary Halloween makeup is not about being scary but being trendy. So you may opt one like this.

{ 11 } Young Beautiful Stylish Gothic Woman

Creative Vampire Look Halloween Makeup
Vintage Hairdo & Bloody Mouth By Olga Ekaterincheva
Fake blood and pale look, that’s all you need to have a vampire look. These two fake moles and grey hairs could be optional. You could not get more accessories with a pale look however if you can carry it would obviously be a plus.

{ 12 } Ice Queen Creative Halloween Makeup

Ice Queen Creative Halloween Makeup
Pic By Tumblr
Have you ever seen icy Halloweens? It’s time for you to be one. Be the ice queen with this creative ice queen Halloween makeup. Your makeup artist will be able to give you that desired look. See how icy you look and grab a chance to become Ice Queen of the day.

{ 13 } Old Vampire

Old Vampire Horror Halloween Make Up
Photo By Pinterest
Yes, Vampires do age and, so you can get the look of an old age vampire finding virgin blood for survival. Well, that’s how these stories are. Sometimes horrible and spooky and in some ways grown a deep curiosity within us.

{ 14 } Secret Snake Girl

Snake Halloween makeup
Like A Snake Luci Koshkina
For this makeup look, wear a netmask and paint your eyes, nose and some parts of your face in green then giving the effect of scale draw on your nose, cheeks, and forehead. Take off the mask and take the mixture of pink and purple and color the rest as if your face is bruised. Make a line from your nose with red lipstick as if you are bleeding. Snake has a deep connection with those horrible stories that snakes can actually turn into a man and kill people. There is no particular type of snake but any snake which is seeking revenge from their once living human life.

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{ 15 } Turned Reptile

Snake Scary Halloween Makeup
Makeup By Ru Makeup
This looks like a wounded snake ready to turn into a snake women and get her revenge. Snakeskins are easily repaired and they do get a new skin over a period of time. You could also have an accessory of stone which is meant to be the protector of these creatures.

{ 16 } Best Halloween Witch Makeup

Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas
Perfect Makeup For Halloween By Mcostume
Just a scary Halloween makeup with no influence on any story or any historical creature, animal or a superhero fiction! Dead people do become a ghost and enter into an afterlife world and if you are influenced by this way, the picture is all your idea.

{ 17 } Terrifying Zombie

Terrifying Zombie Scary Halloween Makeup
Image Source By Click Click Bang
Halloween Zombie makeup is so mainstream. Most of the people want to look scary and zombie-like so they try to put on a zombie makeup. For me, zombies are more related to terror rather than horror. Ghosts do haunt you but to kill you not to make one out of them. And, more of it there is no reason for vampire kill you for blood and zombies kill you because that’s all they know.

{ 18 } Cool Halloween Makeup

Scary Halloween make up on Face
Candy MakeUup Artist
I can have a panic attack and hate at the same time if I see something like this. I will say no to this makeup but if you want to go over the top this time, choose this to have on your face. I can’t explain it but it’s some kind of monster looking women.

{ 19 } Scariest Zombie

creative zombie scary Halloween make up ideas
Zombie Makeup Design Red Eyed Demon
I have just got zombie bacteria and going to one soon, very soon. That’s how this girl is screaming at me with this picture. This is so real looking and if you are able to fake a wound and can see yourself in the mirror after that, go for it.

{ 20 } Sutured Half Face Zombie Makeup

sutured half face zombie makeup halloween
Half Face MakeupImgur
Some people get really creative even to make a zombie’s face. This half face zombie look is an example of it. Stitches are parting the face and skin cracks are really frightening. The other side of the face is plain and have normal makeup with a hint of pale looking.

{ 21 } Alice In Zombieland

Rotting Zombie alice in zombieland costume and makeup
Photography By Danarki
The costume is also torn and the wound is placed over there to get the real feel or to go over the top on Halloween day. Hairs are all over the face, like covering it to get hidden from sudden attacks on people.

{ 22 } Teeth Monster Faces of Fright Scary Halloween Makeup

Teeth Monster Faces of Fright Scary Halloween Makeup
Face Body ArtThe Painting Lady
Disgusting is the word and yes I would really get goosebumps just after seeing the picture. As per the day, this could be the fit but if you say me to have it on my face, I would never ever do that.

{ 23 } Scary Halloween Makeup

Scary Halloween Makeup
Last minute MAkeup By Bharatii MakeUp
An expression is important too because you cannot put a smiley smile on scary makeup. Either get a hate smile like this one in the picture. Look at those eyes calling you and waiting for you patiently. Ghosts have hell lot of patience.

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{ 24 } Nikki Shelley Uses Face Paint To Transform Herself For Scary Halloween

Scary Halloween Makeup For Guys
Transform Creepy Characters By Daily Mail
Guys makeup are no different on Halloween. This is a really scary picture and a great deal of monstrosity. To get the bigger picture of a mouth, the nose is not completely hidden but rather made a fake one above it with two small nostrils.

{ 25 } Two-Face Halloween Makeup Girl

Two-Face Halloween Makeup Girl
Madeyew Look
For me, Halloween makeup is black lipstick and white contacts with a pale kind of look. Getting wounds and stitches is something I am scared of. Though this one is somehow manageable if I had to do this anyhow.

{ 26 } Demon / Corpse Paint; Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Demon Corpse Paint, Halloween Makeup Tutorial
Makeup Tutorial By Siobhán McDonnell
Even the expressions are so demonish waiting patiently for the next big hunt. Demons usually do not hunt but make plans to acquire the world and slowly make everyone their slaves. They plan their born and get into the lives.

{ 27 } Freaky & Scary DIY Halloween Black Face Paint

Freaky And Scary DIY Halloween Black Face Paint Ideas
Black Face Paint By Emy Von Hell
Women who seek potential people to kill and lure them with different means and once they are in, kill them. They are been commanded to do so and do not do on their own. The command could be a human also.

{ 28 } Super Cool Halloween Makeup & Costume

horror halloween costumes women
Makeup & Costume By Reddit
Getting the costume is equally important as getting makeup, accessories, and hair done. You could also get a nail art done and that is which style long nails or black nails. Any would do but not pink like this one.

{ 29 } Creepy Girl With Ripped Mouth Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Creepy Girl With Ripped Mouth Halloween Makeup Tutorial
Halloween Makeup Tutorial By Taligill
Afterlife depicts the real-life mysterious things happened to one due to which they were killed or abandoned to death. They keep on getting the same look to take revenge from those people and do the same torture to them as well.

{ 30 } Closet Monster Makeup Done

Creepy Scariest Halloween Makeup Creative Ideas
Source By Pinterest
This is kind of old ghost which looks creepy. Ghosts get more and more powerful by the number of killings they do just like vampires need blood, ghosts need revenge. Human or other devil bodies call them and return a favor which leads to more power.

{ 31 } Creepy Doll Makeup

Pretty Creepy Porcelain Doll Makeup Costume
Apply foundation in a very good amount for a flawless smooth skin. Dolls have smooth skin so the foundation will give this effect. Then apply some concealer on your eyelids, under eyes and lips as well. Set it with translucent powder. Take some white eyeliner pencil and draw a thick liner underneath your waterline. This will make your eyes look bigger. Set it with white eyeshadow. With the help of black eyeliner draw a thin liner under the white shadow line. Apply usual eyeliner and join it with the lower line. Apply highlighter on your brow bone and some light color eyeshadow (pink or purple) into the crease of your eye. Put on some blush and dot it with your eyeliner. Apply lipstick in your desired shape.

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